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Wesley Snipes / Wesley Snipes /

( Actor)

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Biography Wesley Snipes / Wesley Snipes /
Eslea Snipes was born July 31, 1962 in g. Orlando, Florida, USA. He spent his childhood in New York, in the South Bronx. Streets with their brutality and lawlessness are not enticed Snipes - he decided pretty early for a, . that most of all it attracts the scene - he entered the College of Fine Arts (High School for the Performing Arts), . which was rightly considered one of the best students,
. However, when his parents had to move back to Orlando, studies had to be throw.

Continuing his studies already in Florida, Snipes joined in street theater troupe Struttin 'Street Stuff, entertained passers-by with their performances. After college, Wesley went back to New York, where he continued his education at a state university. In parallel, he worked part time, taking part in various theatrical productions and filming in commercials

. At one of the plays, fate smiled Snipes and his chosen to participate in football strip Goldie Hawn 'wild cats' / Wildcats /

. After several migratory roles in the 'Golden Street' / Streets of Gold, . 1987 / and 'critically endangered' / Critical Condition / Snipes flashed in a completely unexpected incarnation - he played a major role, . if I may say so, . the clip of Michael Jackson 'Bad', . directed by Martin Scorsese himself,
. His power has not gone unnoticed - the director Spike Lee has invited Snipes as the lead role in the film "Mo 'Better Blues' /' Mo 'Better Blues' /, which tells the story of several musician friends. In addition, approximately in the same year, Snipes distinguished himself in another sport tape, this time baseball, - 'Major League' / Major League /

1991 was very successful for the actor. Snipes has played the ruthless drug kingpin Nino Brown in the film New Jack City, and also played in 'Jungle Fever,' / 'Jungle Fever' / Spike Lee. Films The Waterdance and White Men Can't Jump to consolidate this small but successful. Portfolio actor was already sufficient to ensure that the studio began to take it in a preferred tape, suggesting normal fees. Thus, the door was opened to the world of Action for the actor's film 'The Passenger N57' / Passenger 57 /, where Snipes has demonstrated the presence of muscles and flashed fighting skills

. With the growing popularity of the actor, . it began to put in a couple of more famous stars - in 1993 he played with Sean Connery in 'Rising Sun' / Rising Sun /, . company was Sylvester Stallone in 'Demolition Man' and, . after 3 years, . Robert De Niro in 'Addicted',

Throughout all these years, Snipes tried to look for myself, not only paced action movies, but more dramatic role. In 1997, he played with Nastassja Kinski in a melodrama 'Rendezvous one night' / One Night Stand /, and for this role was given an award at the Venice Film Festival.

Having played with Tommy Lee Jones in "Servant of the Law '/ US. Marshals /, . Snipes turned to the image, . with which his name is synonymous in recent years - the hunt for vamirami in the adaptation of Marvel Comics brought him enormous popularity - the first Blade assembled in the global box office of over 130 million dollars, . after which the production was launched two further,

In 1998 Snipes was awarded a star on the Hollywood Alley of Glory

. However, with the exception of Blade, . last tape Snipes can not boast of successful fate at the box office - 'The Art of War' / Art Of War / flop, . gathering of all 40 million dollars with a budget of 60 million, . 'Not negotiable' / Undisputed / also started not very well - fees amounted to about 15 million with a budget of 20 million,
. U.S.

. A 'Blade', at each entrance to the screens of collecting good cash, seems to exhaust itself - the third film, completing the trilogy, released on screens in 2004, has not met expectations of fans - blame it for the most part became the new director, David C
. Goyer, who wrote the script for the first two tapes and replaced in the director's chair Guillermo Del Toro. Goyer is not very well shift gears and made a grim Action, Kojima was the first film, tape-mockery, to watch that no malicious faces impossible.
In 2005, screens out as many as three films with Snipes (Chaos, 7 Seconds and John Doe), but to say now what extent will these projects and see whether their Russia's audience is very difficult.

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Wesley Snipes / Wesley Snipes /, photo, biography
Wesley Snipes / Wesley Snipes /, photo, biography Wesley Snipes / Wesley Snipes /  Actor, photo, biography
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