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Mordjukova Nonna V.

( Actress)

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Biography Mordjukova Nonna V.
photo Mordjukova Nonna V.
Nonna (Noyabrina) V. was born Nov. 25, 1925 in the village Konstantinovskaya Donetsk region (Ukraine). Father - Mordyuk Victor K.. Mother - Mordjukova Irina Petrovna. Son - Tikhonov, Vladimir V..

Nonna childhood years were in the Kuban region - in the village, where her mother worked as chairman of the kolkhoz. In 1946 Nonna Mordjukova entered the Acting Department of State Institute of Cinematography in a workshop in. Bibikova and O. Pyzhova. Mentors saw in her a heroine of Greek tragedies and types of scale of Anna Karenina, although the Mordjukova feel confident on stage in a quilted jacket and boots. Already in his student days for an actress was secured Role 'simple Russian woman'.

His first Movie parts, which immediately brought her a formal recognition and national love, H. Mordjukova played, while still at the 2-year student in the film by Sergei Gerasimov's 'Young Guard' (1948, Mordjukova - the heroine of the Underground Krasnodon Uliana Gromova). In this role, bringing together high-hard romantic with reliable facts and biographies, chernokosaya beauty of Cossack was still somewhat constrained, which nevertheless did not prevent her from moving emotion play in the tragical scenes of the film.

In 1950 Mordjukova graduated from university and was admitted to the theater-studio movie actor. Invite the movies did not always: the directors have continued to see a young actress marry Ulyana Gromov. Films in that time the shot is not so much, and the great role, accounting for only dream. So notable event was performed Mordyukova bit part kolkhoz Nastia Ogorodnikova in the film 'The Return of Vasili Bortnikov' (1952). Young actress was so truthful and convincing in this way that in. Pudovkin wanted to give her the main role. Replacement did not take place, but the cinema was opened last actress Mordjukova - directors have to trust her starring roles.

Luck H. Mordyukova began work in the film 'Alien relatives' (1955, directed by M. Schweitzer), where it is with high confidence folk intonations and rural habits played Steshov Ryashkinu. Heroine passed through a long and painful rebirth, breaking for the love of her husband because of her dark family covetous. The severity and pain of this young actress showed the way with tremendous force. The film, which became the second half of 1950's landmark, was the same in the fate of Nonna Victorovna.

In a number of roles, including incidental but memorable, bright, capacious, was determined and dramatic theme Nonna Mordyukova - the theme simple and strong woman with a difficult life. His work is inspired by the playwright B. Metalnikov, written especially for her "simple story" (directed by S. Egorov). Here Mordjukova performed one of his best roles - a young widow Sasha Potapov, on whose shoulders lay the burden of the presidency unexpectedly in lagging farm. The actress played the drama and hardships of the 'Shining Path' from the simple to the collective farm chairmen, the bitterness of hopeless love, and - the transfiguration of the soul, finding dignity.

In work on the role Mordjukova relied on the impressions of childhood, and especially on the experience and biography of his own mother. Then already become apparent that the cinema has found a truly popular actress - in their roots, the life experience, both in spirit and outlook. The very habits and become Nonna Mordyukova, South Russian, expressive facial features, a strong chest voice is also quite consistent with notions of a woman of the people. Moreover, they formed these ideas, making Mordjukova actress-symbol, a sign of authenticity, national property.

Great acting achievement Nonna Mordyukova and became Donja Trubnikov in the film 'The President' (1964, directed by A. Saltykov). For story Donja was perfect negative character: individual farmer's wife, rough, noisy speculator, to top it all - had a child from the fascist-occupier. This actress filed with her characteristic psychological conviction, only by degrees - look, tone - outlining the background image, the drama and the bitterness of fate Donin. Such a complex understanding of the nature generally tend Mordyukova, whose dramatic roles are always deeper than a simple, though accurate sketch of a certain social type.

But in comedy it is incredibly accurately and clearly grasp precisely social types, whether it is monumental, mrachnogolosaya Belotelova merchant's wife in 'Marriage Bal'zaminova' (1964, directed by K. Warrior) or the tenacious, predatory PRISTYAZHNYUK clerk in the movie 'Thirty Three' (1965, directed by Mr.. Danelia). Her zhekovskaya activist Ivy from 'Diamond hands' (1969, directed by L. Gaidai) became angry satire on the well-known type of intrusive ladies campaigner.

Interesting work H. Mordyukova in the movie 'The Commissioner' (1967, directed by A. Askoldov), where the actress suddenly appeared in a very ambiguous way women Commissioner Vavilova, almost lost in the years of the Civil War, their feminine essence and regain it in motherhood. Directed by actress subtly utilize its paradoxical combination of uncommon strength and soft femininity.

Symbolically, the image was generalizing Fedosya Ugryumova in the popular drama 'Russian field' (1971, directed by H. Moskalenko), where Mordjukova costarred with his son, Vladimir Tikhonov. The tragic collision of the untimely death of his son a few years returned to reality. The film was a great success with the audience and showed him a sample of the national cinema - like the picture of 'No Return' (1973, directed by Dr.. Saltykov), in which the actress played a simple country woman Antonina Kashirin, deserted by her husband for her daughter. Both films cemented Nonna Mordyukova right to speak on behalf of Russian women on their inescapable plight, unwavering strength and dignity. This was confirmed by a small but significant role of soldier's wife Natalya in the film 'They Fought for Their Country' (1974, directed by P. Bondarchuk), played in a brilliant duet with in. Shukshin.

Late 1970 saw the decisive turn in the creative biography NV. Mordyukova. Victor Merezhko offered her an unexpected dramatic material to abruptly change Role. In the film 'quagmire' (1977, directed by Mr.. Chuhray) Mordjukova played the role of the mother, whose blind love pushing tyrannical son to desert, and then to the death. Acting theme Nonna Mordyukova here literally inverted for the first time that organic actress with all the obviously playing the role.

But the second attempt in. Merezhko expand the boundaries Role Mordyukova a brilliant success. In the scandal, ambulance to the court of Maria Konovalova of 'Rodney' H. Mikhalkov (1981) did not immediately recognize familiar and yet new Mordjukova. The actress played on the verge of the grotesque. Her neurasthenic temperament, metal teeth, loud laughter and shouting zapoloshny perplexed, irritated. But for the actions of this village aunt, . awkwardly invading the city life, . in her very funny and sadly do not coincide with the life of the viewer gradually differentiates deep drama of loss of communication, . separation from the roots of all, . whom she is trying to connect to the heartless world city,
. It was necessary precisely Mordjukova with her acting luggage, with naturalness and natural, more evident in conflict with modernity. Not for nothing after the 'Rodney' invited her only occasional, episodic roles: the directors called the actress 'come and bring' something in his paintings, where it was not the real scenario of the material

. Therefore, in the post-Soviet People's Artist of Russia, having gone to the theater, and almost without removing lived encounters with the audience, wrote a book of memoirs 'Do not cry, Cossack' and predstavitelstvovala at festivals, in exercise of its presence 'us time'
. Even picture 'Mama' (1999, directed by Dr.. Evstigneev), specially set 'on Mordjukova', only emphasized the dissonance of contemporary actresses movies - offered dramatic material is not allowed to turn her outstanding talent. Another attempt to do something contrary to the main topic Mordyukova (the role of mother has killed his sons) again failed to bring good luck - which, of course, does not detract from its credibility and value as one of the greatest actresses of our time

. Nona V. Mordjukova - People's Artist of USSR (1974), . Laureate of the State (Stalin) Prize of the USSR (1949, . Uliana Gromova for his role in the film 'Young Guard'), . State Prize of the RSFSR behalf brothers Vassiliev (1973), . Award 'Kinotavr' in the category 'President's Council Award for creative career' (1996),
. Awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'II (2005) and III degree (2000),' Honor ', other distinguishing signs. Included in the top ten of the best actresses of XX century (1992, Encyclopedia 'Who's Who', London).

Evening on July 6 in the Central Clinical Hospital on the 83 th year of life, died People's Artist of the USSR Nonna Mordjukova. According to her sister, "it happened at 10 o'clock in the evening in a Moscow hospital". "A few hours earlier we had talked on the phone, she said she feels good," - said his sister actress. She recalled that N. Mordjukova suffered from various diseases, the most serious of which was diabetes. "Nonna very wretched, but until his last moments continued to rehearse, to invent the role and dreamed, as though she could still play: it is simply lived cinema", - said his sister actress.


His rare name it is entirely owed mother. As family legend, his mother met a good woman who struck her with his story about how she met with Lenin. And the woman named Nona. When the family Mordjukova first child (this was our heroine), the mother went to the Village Council to register a child. Asked to name Nonna. However, the registrar looked into his book and there is no such name found. Then she advised the mother to call the girl Noyabrinoy (the yard was just November). 'Then he folded the first syllable of the last and will you Nona' - said the registrar. Mother and received. Family Mordjukova had many children: after it is born into the light of five children (two brothers and three sisters).

Nonna Mordjukova was the oldest child in the family, and on her shoulders bear a lot of trouble. According to her: 'was very small, and already in the field of hard work, looking after the cattle, the heavy buckets of water dragged. And then the brothers but the youngest sister came - one after another. And I have them on decayed zakorkah and ponyanchila abundance, and mucus ponavytirala '.

Unlike his father, his mother Mordjukova remembers with affection: "My mother loved me not because I was small and pretty, but for the fact that I knew her most of all, it was like a quiet guardian. I think my mother was looking for a blood ally in all cases and the rising saw this just me '.

However, below there are some lines about the same person: 'I still had in my life when I hated my mother. And her gout in his left leg, and the fact that she knows a lot helluva lot, and that it is better for all. All her best, and she was all paunchy and paunchy. And I nursed! "

Her mother Nonna Mordyukova was a beautiful voice and she sang a Russian folk songs and ballads. Do not fall behind in this respect from the mother and her eldest daughter. However, even with 12 years of age she began to dream is not about music but about the cinema '.

'The role of Volodya Osmuhina (in the film' Young Guard ') played a 19-year-old Vyacheslav Tikhonov, the first husband of the heroine of our story.

Before Tikhonov Mordjukova met with students of the same VGIK Petya. The very thought of it as this: 'I was' twisted я─п╬п╪п╟п╫я┤п╦п╨ 'with a kid'.

'That's after an unsuccessful novel Mordjukova and fell in love Vyacheslav Tikhonov (born in Pavlovsky Posad, Moscow region). According to her: 'he said to me just have no interest, and I, enchanted by its beauty, the pressure of their own, their desire whirled his head:'

In 1948, Mordyukova and Tikhonov was born a boy, who was named Volodya. In the same year on the screens released film 'Young Guard', and a year later almost all of its members were awarded the Stalin Prize '.

Just two years after this little episode, the same S. Egorov invited Mordjukova the main role in his new picture 'The Straight Story'. Indeed, otherwise it could not be, as screenwriter B. Metalnikov wrote the main role is in H. Mordjukova. The film was a huge success with spectators, who all love this wonderful actress. During the shooting of the film actress suddenly fascinated by one of its partners in the picture - Vasili Shukshin. The very thought of it as this: 'I well remember it, a beginner, young, single, free, draw, and for all'.

'It was hard for me to. Vasya was with all the same, but I wanted him to often happens with me. And, without stopping, watching his every gesture, caught on his every word. And, if it be completely candid, I do not want to part with him ever. Thank God, the role of Vasja was small, and he did not spend long in the expedition. Acute, painful moment for me was safely. How hard it is sometimes us women, when a husband and a son, and you hammer knocks the memory of someone else: '

The last words of the actress has given us the uneasy relationship that had developed in her family at a time. The 60-ies of their marriage with Tikhonov retained only the outer well-being and was ready to crumble at any moment. And so it happened. And it served as an impetus to the death of the mother Mordyukova. On the second day after the funeral of 'star' couple, after 13 years of marriage, filed for divorce. Why did this happen? Itself Nonna Mordjukova on this subject candidly admitted: 'How many remember our marriage - always heavily in debt, from paycheck to paycheck barely got along. Yes, and lived with the child in the hallway, through our people went wrong ten years - back and forth, back and forth: No, seriously, without payment, we lived. When a divorce - and do not have to share it:

A friend of a friend, we do not fit. It's like two different planets with beings on the same living space suddenly emerged: I come from the Kuban, where they speak and laugh loudly, and he was quiet, clean, beautiful pavloposadsky boy: I did not like him that I was visible, bright. When the guests walked in, he always said: 'Nonna, I implore you, do not sing ditties'. He is popular rhymes all my singing called - even romances: I still hurt for life stayed with me - never, razochka he did on his birthday did not congratulate. Sometimes, the sun had already sat down, and I am waiting for something to remember: Do not wait: And myself but very loved in his youth - his every finger, every line:

I have long realized that he had me actively, tragically not need. But the child has already appeared, and we began to live the Christian tradition. Or rather, not live and suffer - not to his home did not want, nor do I: A variance was ashamed. At the same time others have been, otherwise all these things are looked. Yes, even my mother: will be in Moscow from the Kuban, I cry out loud: Oh, Mummy, I can not want a divorce: She burst into tears in response to and read: do not throw, docha, and then stay for a lifetime, one. My mother experienced, sagacious man was she the woman's instinct, knew that honesty and stability in my husband does not take. He does not drink, did not look around - I think that has not changed and I've never. However, as I said to him. But my mother died - we have two days after her funeral, and parted. I suspect that he sighed with relief when he married again - this time on his woman: '

'Husbands I do not come across. Beautiful were like gods, but some infantile, Unsuccessful. One five years of our lives typewriter on one page was filled up, the other almost every day, repeating the refrain: 'You just think, you're famous actress'. I calmed them, I blew the dust off them, I lepila them in his imagination, gives the non-existent virtues, until one day the veil from our eyes not to fall:

. It is, of course, the bridegroom was not lights out, but more patsanva near steep - 15-20 years younger than me
. I'm straight nights of them struggled, but this man never met. And me a lot because it was not necessary, just something and wanted to get a closer was, but so family burden on their shoulders took '.

In Nonna Mordyukova had a lot of romance novels, and occurred among them, and loud. For example, by Sergei Gerasimov Apollinarievich. As legend has it they have gone so far that had to intervene CPSU. Gerasimov was summoned to the Old Square and urgently asked to stop outrage. 'After all, you married and honored man! - Testified director. - Are not you ashamed In short, persuaded.

Strong, cohesive of fair sex in general is difficult to arrange his personal life. I have to swallow a man who understands that all this power - only apparent and that this woman needed and tenderness, and warmth ... Nonna Mordjukova really looking for lifelong understanding and support. Sometimes she said that she was tired of hearing that she was strong. Yes it is soft and pliable like wax! Only reliable man's hand is not met.

Son, Volodya, meanwhile, successfully graduated from the Theater School. Screen Tikhonov, Jr., looked strong and handsome young man, he played only positive heroes. But life was different. In 18 years Volodya addicted to drugs when his mother four months, was shot in the film 'The Commissioner'.

- Back - he was in the hospital - recalled Nonna Mordjukova. - Rushed there. He was cheerful and apologetic. Confessed that Sasha Berloga brought beer and 'wheel' (tablets) ... Fervently assured me that this will not happen again. I believe. I wanted to believe - and believe it ...

But again. And even the two married and having children were unable to pull Volodya of drug and alcohol Pool. Natural son of the great actors broke 42 years.

Outside it was warm in April 1990. But the life of this strong woman has lost all meaning. Nonna Mordjukova buried her only son. It closed in the apartment where she lived with him the last six years. "Hello!" - Suddenly she heard a familiar voice restrained. It was the father of her dead son - Vyacheslav Tikhonov. She said: 'Hello! I buried him. And you did not come ... ' She covered her face with her hands and wept.

Several years ago, Vlad Listyev in the "Subject" very cautiously asked Nonnu Mordjukova: "If I had not lost a child, I would have never dared to ask you this question ... But as you have experienced the pain of the loss Volodya? "-" The pain is still in the heart sverbit. As if it count drove. The pain does not resolve.

In the same tragic in 1990 on a compilation concert in Cherepovets actress met the young singer Julian. "Nonna V. was then in terrible stress. And I became her second son, all his mother's love, she moved on me. I realized this enormous responsibility ". The singer was then a student at Institute of Cinematography and lived in a hostel. Entire administration of the "dormitory" stood at attention when Mordjukova called Julian. She upbraided the commandant: "If you offend him, I'll come, we shall understand". Then she would call to the tube of his ward and asked one question: "Tell me, . what you eat today? "If he had that day have not eaten anything - a small student stipend for the week ended, . - Actress strictly speaking: "So, . I zharyu chicken, . come on, come quickly ",

50 years after parting, Tikhonov throughout the country on television congratulated Nonnu Victorovna the 80 th anniversary and asked for her forgiveness. Nona V. forgiven. In the film, Renata Litvinova, "No death for me," the actress confessed that longs for Tikhonov ...

. Filmography

. Young Guard - Uliana Gromova (1948)
. The Return of Vasili Bortnikov (1952)
. Kalinovaya Grove (1953)
. Alien kin (1955)
. Ekaterina Voronina (1957)
. Volunteers (1958)

. It all starts with the road (1959)
. Father's House (1959)
. Gloomy morning (1959)
. The Straight Story (1960)
. The secretary (1960)
. Pavlukha (1962)
. Marriage Bal'zaminova (1964)
. President (1964)
. Thirty-three (1965)
. War and Peace (1965-1967)
. Uncle's Dream (1966)
. Commissioner (1967)
. The Diamond Arm (1968)
. Crane (1968)
. Gori, gori, moya zvezda (1969)
. The Ballad of Bering and his friends (1970)
. The case of Polynin (1970)
. Young (1971)
. Russian Field (1971)
. Point of No Return (1973)
. Two days of anxiety (1973)
. Leo Gurych Sinichkin (1974)
. They fought for their homeland (1975)
. Family Ivanov (1975)
. Incognito from St. Petersburg (1977)
. Bog (1977)
. Faithfully (1979)
. Rodnia (1981)
. Railway Station for Two (1982)
. Etude for Dominoes with a grand piano (1982)
. From paycheck to paycheck (1986)
. Loan to the marriage (1987)
. Forbidden Zone (1988)
. Running Target (1991)
. Luna Park (1992)
. Shirley-Myrli (1995)
. Mama (1999)
. No death for me (2002)


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