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Stanley Kubrick (Kubrick Stanley)

( Director)

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Biography Stanley Kubrick (Kubrick Stanley)
photo Stanley Kubrick (Kubrick Stanley)
(p. 26. 07. 1928)
Children's fascination with photography has led to 17 years in the ranks of Kubrick's professional photographers and staff magazine 'Onion'. In 1950, Kubrick leaves the magazine to fulfill the dream of childhood and to withdraw its first - a documentary - a film 'The day of battle' (Day Of The Fight, 1951). In 1953, his debut feature film 'Fear and desire' (Fear And Desire), removed for the firm CSC on money borrowed from friends. In 1954, together with producer James B. Harris has organized its own industrial film company and a year later released a low-budget movie 'Killer's Kiss', where he again served as a producer, writer, cinematographer and editor.
. Crime drama 'Murder' (The Killing, 1956), Kubrick's first job, where he was not constrained by budget, first attracted the attention of critics
. His next film, . anti-war drama 'Glory Road' (Paths Of Glory, . 1957) was an event due to the sharpness and sarcasm, . what re-established court of soldiers, . accused of disrupting the French offensive in the First World War, . and led to a de facto ban on display of paintings in Europe,
. Within two years, Kubrick had no work, and in 1960 was forced to finish up E. Mann monumental film 'Spartacus' (Spartacus) for scenario D. Fast. Despite the success at the box office, . high professional level of production and not characteristic of the majority of 'super-giants' depth of psychological characteristics, . In 1961, Kubrick moved to England, . to avoid conflicts with Hollywood 'an establishment' and the studio system, . irritated his independence and desire to be the author of his works in the full sense of the word.,
. In 1962, the director delivers a screening of the acclaimed novel In
. Nabokov's 'Lolita' (Lolita). Inevitable due to censorship adjustment image of the protagonist softened accents and intonations of Nabokov, and the critic, accused the first of cynicism talking about Kubrick's penchant for 'black humor'. As shown by the next movie directed by 'Dr. Strangelove, or How I stopped Worrying and Love the bomb' (Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb, 1964) would be correct to speak of the tragic vision of the world dictated by an appeal to tragifarce as the most adequate modern reality genre. Political satire in the form of 'black comedy', . 'Dr. Strangelove' mocked bigotry and stupidity 'hawks' on both sides of the Iron Curtain, . does not exaggerating the real danger of the course on 'containment' and show the nuclear apocalypse as the natural outcome of that stupid ekstsentriady, . which addressed the policy of the great powers.,
. Next picture Kubrick, a grandiose fantasy epic 'A Space Odyssey, 2001' (2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968, in A
. Clark) won the award 'Oscar' for the use of special effects and trick photography and became a standard science-fiction film. Bring the beauty and power of the image of the world, . revealed to man era EVA, . and technology, . created by him and throws him a challenge, . does not relieve the prosecution in the duality ideas pictures, . asserted the supremacy of reason and space limits of human knowledge and capabilities.,
. The most significant work of Kubrick's 'Clockwork Orange' (A Clockwork Orange, 1971, by E
. Burgess) sums up the author's reflections on modern civilization, human morality and social prospects of society. Unbelievable in its absurd cruelty 'Odyssey' young sadistic Alex can combine in a film style 'black' comedy and drama, making a hero of the executioner in the victim and vice versa. Tragic vision persistence of evil inherent in man, . which becomes more and more freedom within the technically highly, . but spiritually degenerate society, . and pessimistic attitude to the prospects of violent destruction of evil by the new technologies predetermined charge of cynicism and even fascism, . but the hopelessness of the situation, . which are a hero, . and society is motivated flawlessly.,
. In the 70 years of Kubrick is drawn to the genre film adaptation ( 'Barry Lyndon', Barry Lyndon, 1975, to have
. Thackeray) and horror films ( 'The Shining', The Shining, 1980, on C. King), seeking more and more plastic in the image of perfection man's inner world and unconscious. 'Full Metal Jacket' (Full Metal Jacket, 1987) The theme of the Vietnam War and condemnation of militarism. After a long break in 1997 put a dark family drama 'Eyes Wide Shut' (Eyes Wide Shut).
. Vladimir Utilities
. 1951 BATTLE DAY / DAY OF THE FIGHT director, editor, cameraman, sound
. 1951 FLYING PADRE director, editor, cameraman, sound
. 1952 THE SEAFARERS director, cameraman
. 1953 FEAR AND DESIRE / FEAR AND DESIRE producer, director, co-writer, editor, cameraman
. 1955 KILLER'S KISS producer, director, co-script, story, editor, cameraman
. 1956 MURDER / THE KILLING director, screenwriter
. 1957 WAYS OF FAME / PATHS OF GLORY director, screenwriter
. 1960 SPARTAK / SPARTACUS director
. 1962 LOLITA / LOLITA director
. 1964 Dr. Strangelove OR How I stopped Worrying and Love the Bomb / DR
. YEAR 1968 2001: A Space Odyssey / 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY producer, director, screenwriter, special effects
. 1971 A Clockwork Orange / A CLOCKWORK ORANGE producer, director, screenwriter, dosemki
. 1975 Barry Lyndon / BARRY LYNDON producer, director, screenwriter
. 1980 LIGHTS / THE SHINING producer, director, co-writer
. 1987 Full Metal Jacket / FULL METAL JACKET producer, director, screenwriter
. Award Oscar nomination in the 'Special Effects' for 1968

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Stanley Kubrick (Kubrick Stanley), photo, biography
Stanley Kubrick (Kubrick Stanley), photo, biography Stanley Kubrick (Kubrick Stanley)  Director, photo, biography
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