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Stanislav A. Karpov

( Co-Chair of the Duma International Slavic Council, member of the Board of the International Slavic Council.)

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Biography Stanislav A. Karpov
Date of Birth: August 16, 1965. g. Uman, Cherkasy oblast (Ukraine).
In 1988 he graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.
From 1972-1975. attended high school in Uman.
In 1975 Karpov's father retired and his family moved in Pushkin, Moscow Region.
In 1975-1982 he. graduated from high school in Moscow.
In 1982-1988. studied at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering.
From 1988-1991. worked at the Moscow Electric-Bulb Plant (MELZ) electronics engineer. A Komsomol activist, was a member of the Bureau of the Komsomol organization.
In 1989-1990, he participated in the activities of the Union for the national proportional representation "Memory" (leader - Konstantin Smirnov-Ostashvili). After the arrest of Smirnov-Ostashvili in 1990 headed the committee in his defense at MELZ.
After the death K.Smirnova-Ostashvili Committee ceased its activities and on the basis of its members in late 1990. Moscow was founded Transfiguration community, Karpov became its leader.
In March 1990, Mr.. lost the elections for the deputies of the RSFSR of MELZ of the Kuibyshev territorial district N 25 in Moscow (he ran from the block of social-patriotic forces "Russia" with the support block social and patriotic organizations "for the people's consent"),
2 months later, in May 1990, residents of the Kuibyshev district of Moscow Stanislav Karpov nominated for the deputies of the Moscow Soviet. Reached the final election, lost the presidential candidate of the bloc "Democratic Russia".
In January 1991, Mr.. Transfiguration of the community I was a delegate to the Congress of the International Slavic Council. Together with Alexander Barkashov, Fyodor Moskalenko, Valery Emelyanov, Vladimir Popov, and other activists of the nationalist-patriotic movement was one of the organizers of this congress.
At the Congress Stanislav Karpov was elected Vice-Chairman Orgsoveta Council (Chairman Orgsoveta - a retired colonel Vladimir Popov from Vologda).
In March 1991, Karpov came into conflict with Popov and Moskalenko at the time and place of the II Congress (Moscow or St. Petersburg).
March 21, 1991 Karpov was beaten and robbed by unknown at the entrance to his house, in what supporters accused Moskalenko and Zionists
. After the St. Petersburg Congress Party Popova (which was created "Panslavic Cathedral") Karpov held in May 1991 in Moscow II Congress of the Slavonic Cathedral ", . which he was elected co-chairman of the Duma (the other two co - writer Alexander Baygush and chairman of the Polish National Party Boleslav Teykovsky, Chairman of the Board - Alexander Barkashov),
In August 1991, the Duma and the Council at the insistence of Karpov was deleted Chairman of Social People's Party Yuri Belyaev, but then resigned because of disagreements with Karpov Baygush
. At the III Congress of the Slavonic Cathedral in January 1992 in Moscow, . initiated Karpova, . Duma Council was introduced former KGB general Aleksandr Sterligov, . that the Duma was charged with creating "the Russian National Cathedral" as the unit of the Slavonic Cathedral ",
At the founding conference of "Russian National Cathedral in February 1992 in Nizhny Novgorod, Karpov was elected to the Duma, at the I Congress of the Russian National Cathedral in June 1992 - Member of the Presidium of the Duma.
In the spring of 1993 as a result of the conflict between Alexander Sterligov and radicals within the Russian National Sobor (Russian National Unity, a group of "Rus" and "Russian Guard,) headed by Barkashov, supporters Barkashov emerged from RNS.
According to the Analytical Center "Panorama", after some hesitation, and attempts to observe neutrality Karpov in June 1993 followed Barkashov, leaving the leadership of PNT and declaring the exclusion Sterligova of the Duma of the Slavonic church.

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Stanislav A. Karpov, photo, biography
Stanislav A. Karpov, photo, biography Stanislav A. Karpov  Co-Chair of the Duma International Slavic Council, member of the Board of the International Slavic Council., photo, biography
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