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Vasiliy Karpov

( Philosophy)

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Biography Vasiliy Karpov
(1798 - 1867). He graduated from the course at the Kiev Theological Academy, he taught philosophy in the theological academies of Kiev and St. Petersburg. Devoting a significant part of his life translating the works of Plato (St. Petersburg, 1841 and 1863 - 79), Karpov played with self-employment for the philosophy, holding aloof from prevailing in his time flows. Reason for philosophy, according to Karpov, gives consciousness. Situation: I am aware, as the truth first, immediately known, is in itself a clear and universal, must be the beginning of subjective philosophy. Philosophy considers the whole of existence as a harmonious whole in extrasensory or conceivable how it can be developed from the mind and expressed in the. All entering the field of consciousness is in the form and content, which can be reduced to unity, covered in man two worlds - the spiritual and the sensory. Spirit is infinite; organic nature, developed in man to the highest degree, of course. Spirit typical infinite knowledge, nature - the instinctive, the instinctive life. Spirit - the pure freedom, nature - the need for blind. Spirit is God, nature - His creation. Intermediate link is a series of rational beings-free, . that, . on the merits of their elements, . not be any finite, . no infinite, . but uncertain, . - No major, . or non-driven, . but knowing, . - Nor purely free, . neither necessary, . but having the will to do so or otherwise,
. Elements, joined in being human and through his connection gave himself the consciousness of being, made in its nature and the corresponding laws, which come in the internal communications amounted to a moral law. The more the mind brightened by faith, the greater was his energy, the stronger and more extensive develop his ideas. Russian inherited a practical philosophy of the East and can never stick with Germanic rationalism, . because it goes against orthodoxy, . requiring, . the mind and heart is not absorbed by one another and yet not bifurcate its interests, . but, . developing in constant communication with each, . as organs of Faith, . were in the soul solid foundation for solving problems of philosophy,
. The problem of Russian philosophy is to identify the place values and human relationships in the world, how man, by itself, always and everywhere the same, in the development of its type is characterized by true Russian life. Major works Karpov: "Introduction to Philosophy (St. Petersburg, . 1840), "Looking at the movement of philosophy in the world of Christianity and the reasons for its different directions" ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education", . 1836, . Part 92); "systematic exposition of logic" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1836), "The philosophical rationalism of modern times" ( "Christian Reading", . 1860, . Book 3, . 4, . 5, . 6, . 12); "inaugural lecture in psychology" ( "Christian Reading", . 1868, . Book 2),
. - See. Article T.V. Varsova and others in the "Christian Reading" (1898, Volume I). - See. about it: T.V. Snow leopards, VN. Karpov, as a professor "(" Christian Reading ", 1898, I); Serebryanikov, VN. Karpov, as a psychologist "(ib.); A.P. Vysokoostrovskaya, "The late Professor Karpov, as an admirer of Socratic-Platonic philosophy" (ib., 1893, I) and "On the general character of the logic Karpova" (ib., 1898, I); D.P. Mirtov, "Merits VN. Karpov for the Russian philosophical thought "(ib.).

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Vasiliy Karpov, photo, biography
Vasiliy Karpov, photo, biography Vasiliy Karpov  Philosophy, photo, biography
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