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Men Mikhail

( Deputy Governor of Moscow oblosti)

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Biography Men Mikhail
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Born November 12, 1960 in the village Semkhoz Sergiev Posad (Zagorskogo) District. Father - an Orthodox priest Alexander Men served as rector of the Presentation of the Lord in the temple town New Village, Pushkin District. Mother - Natalia Grigorenko, worked as an engineer in the forest industry. He is currently an elder of the Temple bessrebrennikov Saints Cosmas and Damian, which is located in Stoleshnikov Lane Moscow.

After graduating in his native Semkhoz high school, Michael entered the Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry of. IM. Gubkin on gazoneftepromyslovy faculty specializing in industrial combined heat and power ".

In the early 80 years Michael has been serving in the Soviet Army in the Far East - in the cities of Vladivostok and Sovgavan. At the service, he not only got the first experience, but got in a trade tower crane driver.

However, Michael is seeking a liberal education. After the army he entered the directing department of the Moscow State Institute of Culture. Along with teaching in the university, becoming professional experience - working in various creative collectives and management positions in cultural institutions of Moscow and Moscow region. As a result of this work MA. Menu was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Culture of Moscow Region.

At the time, called today "a turning point era, Mikhail headed a major publishing house. Experience of managing a team is very valuable in the future. In 1990, Mikhail Alexandrovich completes courses in Management Development Center VIPKlesproma on the basics of foreign economic activity.

In 1993, Mikhail Alexandrovich running for the Moscow Regional Duma from Sergiev Posad district, and scored a convincing victory. Number of votes cast for him - more than the number of votes of all its competitors combined. On the Committee on Legislation, . He participates in the development of critical at that time for the Moscow region of the laws - "On Local Self-Government, . "On Local Referendum", . "The property of Moscow Region", . and a member of the Working Group on the Charter of the Moscow Region,

In 1995 I put forward the candidacy of Mikhail Yabloko in the State Duma of Russia. It runs on 104 single-mandate constituency, which includes the city of Dubna, near Moscow, as well as Sergiev Posad, Klin, Dmitrov and Taldom areas. Election proved difficult. Had to compete with the major political figures, had a "head start". Here are some of them: the State Duma - A. Zuev (LDPR faction), B. Frolov (Communist faction), A. Ants (acting deputy of the district) and A. Plum (Party "PRESS"), as well as former Chairman of the State Committee for printing in. Mironov, a former member of the Supreme Soviet of Russia N. Pavlov, Mosoblavtodora A. Solodnikov, Chairman of the society Radonezh E. Nikiforov. Even from Sergiev Posad district, the birthplace of Michael, in order to take votes have been nominated as a candidate for the State Duma of four local residents. Despite the hard fight, Mikhail Aleksandrovich wins.

In the State Duma Mikhail Men has been elected deputy chairman of the Committee on the Arts (Chairman - Stanislav Govorukhin). Together with the deputy Nikolai Gubenko addresses issues related to the formation of the budget sector. He is also engaged in lawmaking in the field of protection of copyright and intellectual property.

While working in the State Duma Mikhail Men involved in the development of 12 bills. Among them - the law on state language of Russia, . changes and additions to the RF Law "On Mass Media", . additions to the Law "On the basis of the tax system in Russia", . changes in the Criminal Code on the issue of copyright infringement, . amendments to the Law "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it",
. Also M. Men involved in adjusting the "Fundamentals of the Legislation on Culture" at the same time Mikhail continuing education at the Moscow Institute of Management, Economics, Law and Computer Science specializing in International Economy.

In 1999, a colleague at the State Duma, the fighting general Gromov Mikhail menu offers to participate in the gubernatorial race, Moscow region, as candidate for vice-governor.

The results of the first round of gubernatorial elections (December 19, 1999) in the second round of face pairs BV. Gromov - MA. Men and GN. Seleznev - VI. Kashin. January 9, 2000 Gromov, and Men were victorious, and February 2, 2000 in the Hall of Columns is a ceremony of inauguration

. At present, the vice-Governor Mikhail Men has coordinated the activities of the Moscow region in areas of socio-economic development, . interacts with the federal bodies of state power, . organs of state power of RF subjects, . local government, . and administrative authorities, . represents the Moscow region in the implementation of relations with Russia and international governmental and non-governmental organizations,
. Besides, . Mikhail Men, headed by the Inter-Ministerial Commission for the coordination of activities in the sphere of land relations in the Moscow region, . Commission on the Prerogative of Mercy in the Moscow region, . Public Chamber of the Governor of Moscow region,

. Occupying a responsible position in the Moscow region government, . Mikhail Men has defended his Ph.D. dissertation for the Ph.D. degree in Philosophy on "Values of the individual in the context of the mutual influence of religion and other phenomena of spiritual culture, and graduated with honors from Rossiyskuyu Civil Service Academy under the RF President on the specialty" Jurisprudence ",

For assistance in solving the issue of collection of the former sacristy of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, vice-governor of Moscow region, Mikhail Men 'was awarded the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Sergius Radonezhskogo III degree.

In November 2001, publishing "The Way, Truth and Life" published a book of Michael I "Culture and Religion", which treats the relationship between church and state in modern Russia.

Michael A. Men married and has two daughters.

Official site of Michael me.

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  • Already soon as six months, Mikhail Men, not a vice-governor of Moscow region. Now he - zammera Moscow.
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    Men Mikhail, photo, biography
    Men Mikhail, photo, biography Men Mikhail  Deputy Governor of Moscow oblosti, photo, biography
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