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Madeleine Albright (Albright Madeleine)

( U.S. Secretary of State)

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Biography Madeleine Albright (Albright Madeleine)
It is likely that the world would not know about Madeleine Albright, if the early January morning in 1982 her husband, Joe Albright, getting ready for work, did not say: "I love another."
. At most, Madeleine Albright, this day is associated with one of the biggest crashes of the time
. When the aircraft company Air Florida, barely rising from the airfield Washington National Airport, crashed into the icy waters of the Potomac. Family, love, kissing in the car ( "Stop the hugging, otherwise we Vrezh" - said her friend), a world that lived Madeleine, - all gone. Then, in the wake of the terrible wrongs, trampled a sense of justice and the desire to prove that she is the most-on the light appeared, Mrs. Albright, was mentioned by the whole world.
. Shortly after appointment to the post of Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was scheduled to visit Helsinki
. Joe's ex-husband Albright, at the time worked in Moscow, and Madeleine thought that it would cover her visit. I was very afraid of him accidentally encounter. Then one of my friends said: "What do you volnueshsyaN! In the end, who has - he or tyN"
. U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright took fourth place in the American political hierarchy - after the president, vice-president and Speaker of the House of Representatives, the lower house of Congress
. This is the peak of her career, while the ceiling: the American Constitution to the top positions can claim only those born in the United States.
And Madeleine Albright (her maiden name of Karbala) was an American when she was 20 years old. She was born in Czechoslovakia in 1937, the year. A year later, the threat of Nazi occupation, the family emigrated. Madeleine's father was a career diplomat, after the war he first worked Czechoslovak ambassador to Yugoslavia, and since 1948 - UN. Frequent crossings had its pluses: Madeleine Albright, a child is fluent in Czech, English and French.
In the States, my father gave it to Kent School for Girls, the most prestigious private school in Colorado. But not because the family was well provided for and could not afford it. Just for good study Madeleine awarded a scholarship. According to his classmates, in Madeleine was nothing special - it's just fine, and studied famous for the diligence. I always knew what he wanted in life.
However, it was not at all blue-stocking. At school graduation in 1955, Madeleine Karbala appeared with a perm - this fashion has introduced a movie star Elizabeth Taylor. On her neck was a string of pearls - also peep the season.
. Madeleine Albright once took in all five high schools, where she sent the application: at Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, Mount Holyoke College for Women, University of Denver, and Wellesley, a prestigious private women's college
. Of course, she wanted to study at the renowned Stanford. But the letter that Stanford can provide a scholarship, it's too late. He has left behind a message of Wellesley - College suggested Madeleine highest scholarship and also pay for her transportation to the campus.
. Madeleine dreamed of becoming a journalist and a lot of writing in the student newspaper Wellesley College News (in the last year she was "promoted" to the deputy editor of the news department)
. In 1959, Madeleine graduated with honors from Wellesley College
Joe, Madeleine Albright met in the summer of 1957, when after the second year of probation in the newspaper Denver Post. She then worked in the reference department and sit all day in the library, answering letters from readers. When Joe first appeared in the reading room, he immediately drew her attention. Traditional ring, indicating at what course the student learns, for some reason he wore on his left hand. And Madeleine decided that the young man married. Once they started talking. It turned out that they have friends in common: it turns out, met with Madeleine's best friend Joe.
Generally, this tiny, prone to overweight woman with a big nose and bright, lively eyes always knew how to please. Boys, men and public figures, whom she condescended to his attention, something always is.
Joe lived in a dormitory two blocks away from Karbala, and his mother Madeleine often invited him to visit. Generally, the parents kept the girl in the severity. Pope Karbala have always followed and met with Madeleine parties. And the honor of being invited into the house a few honored. So Joe was lucky. However, she believed Madeleine such invitations inappropriate.
At first Joe was not to hope. Madeleine, who in his eyes was replaced by a brilliant fan to another, belonged to Joe as a friend.
She was not particularly interested in who he is, from what family. And her mother, never suspected that Joe is rich, insisted that the daughter would not let him pay for itself. So the restaurant, Madeleine and Joe paid every man for himself.
Joe loved Madeleine. And his thesis gave the dedication: "Madeleine, which ..." In the same year, Joe made a proposal to a girl. Here and found out that he was from a wealthy family. Father Joe on the maternal side was a newspaper magnate - he owned newspaper New York Daily News. Until their divorce, Madeleine told friends that she, like Cinderella, she married Prince. Joe's parents shared this view: the forthcoming marriage with Madeleine seemed to them misalliance. But, in spite of everything, December 29, 1959 in New York Times announced their engagement.
The wedding took place in June, three days after delivery of Wellesley graduates diplomas. Madeleine was charming in a white dress with a lace bodice. On his neck - sustained thread of pearls. In the hands of a bouquet of lilies of the valley and roses. Honeymoon the couple spent in the Caribbean, going from island to island, and sunbathing on the endless sandy beaches.
Joe worked in the Chicago Sun Times. But Madeleine wanted to try his hand at serious journalism. However, the husband quickly put a stop to her career proclivities.
- Dear, - he said gently, - it would be bad, if you are enrolled in a competing publication. A breed nepotism in Sun Times indecent. So think up for themselves something else.
And Madeleine settled Received Encyclopaedia Britannica. On a purely women's work - to answer questions of permanent subscribers. In terms of career - a common grave.
Soon, Madeleine gave birth to twins, Ann and Alice. The girls were born prematurely and needed mechanical ventilation. They were so weak that the mother at first did not even allowed to touch them. Just "women's happiness" Madeleine Albright was little. The inaction of her repression.
- I read, watched soap operas, fed babies, and walked with them for a walk and thought: "I must do something or else I just lose my mind."
For something to do, Madeleine entered the Russian language courses. She had long dreamed of learning the language, close to her native Czech. (Following his habit all bring to a conclusion, Madeleine Albright captured the Russian perfectly. Much later, when she became the U.S. representative to the UN, this was the case. Russia representative, Yuli Vorontsov, spoke with a sort of important statement when he suddenly noticed that Albright had withdrawn headphones with simultaneous translation. "Do not you wonder what I govoryuN" - surprised Vorontsov. "I'll listen carefully," - said Albright, in Russian.)
In 1966, Madeleine Albright became pregnant again. Pregnancy was held with complications. Moreover, when Madeleine was in the first months, the older daughter suffered measles. In order not to think about the bad, Madeleine undertook to knit a sweater with a very complex pattern. This sweater she keeps still. Despite the injection of gamma globulin, the child was born dead. Consolation came only in 1967, when was born the youngest daughter, Catherine.
Then Madeleine graduated from graduate school and received a master's degree in political science work "Soviet diplomacy: Profile elite. She continued to work on his doctoral dissertation on the role of the press during the "Prague Spring".
. - That is why I think that women should have a choice - Madeleine Albright said, apparently referring to the choice between career and family problems.
. What problems can be a very prosperous zhenschinyN In children's health, razumeetsyaN Male
. It is almost always a problem. Just ask Hillary Clinton or with Naina Yeltsin, if you do not believe complaints neighbor.
Joe was a good reporter, but the role of newspaper magnate did not fit categorically.
His finest hour struck in 1961. Then Joe hid in the bathroom hotel room, where a presidential candidate Richard Nixon secretly consulted with supporters. Material Joe Albright was printed on the front page and did a lot of noise. After that, childless aunt, Joe, Alicia, who owned the influential New York newspaper Newsday, invited him to lead the newspaper. But Joe is not pulling ". In 1963, after the death of Aunt Alicia, Joe returned to the responsibilities of publisher Newsday. Again fiasco. He was appointed editor of the Saturday supplement.
In 1970 the family sold all shares of Newsday, and in 1971, Joe finally retired from the newspaper, which once was the family business. For him it was a moral defeat, but not financial bankruptcy: sell shares Albright brought $ 37.5 million
Career Madeleine Albright began when she joined the board of trustees of the school, which taught her twins. Energetic and well-educated, she is particularly successful in finding sponsors. One of the friends at home, struck serviceability Madeleine asked her to volunteer assistant for the campaign to raise funds in support of Edmund Muskie - the senator had decided in 1972 to run for president. Edmund Muskie was destined to remain on the senator from Maine, the president, he never became. But in 1975 he asked Madeleine Albright in his team principal legal adviser on foreign and defense policy.
Madeleine get along well with colleagues, most of whom were male. She did not try to compete with them, but rather, was ready to give. Behaved very like a woman, laughed heartily at their jokes and was always cheerful and friendly, once had to itself. Incidentally, this ability to laugh a good sharpness is not lost yet. Once, during an economic summit in Denver in June 1997, Albright was present at the dinner with Yevgeny Primakov. The restaurant served all the exoticism in the spirit of the Wild West: rattlesnakes and buffalo meat. Primakov turned to Albright and, as always, turned to her "you", said that he knows is not quite decent anecdote about such dishes. Like, if Madeleine had no objection if it is his rasskazhetN Albright did not object. Primakov smiled:
"Once an American couple vacationing in Spain, went to have dinner at a local restaurant. Americans did not know what to choose, and the waiter recommended them to specific national dish called "Corrida". Dish so much that the next day the couple again decided to order it in the same restaurant. But this time they brought only two small balls. They demanded the owner and complained that they had not filed a dish that yesterday. "Dish is the same thing, - replied the man, - but that's only in the bullfight bullfighter does not always win."
. Madeleine Albright broke out a thunderous laugh.
. When in 1976 the U.S. president was Democrat Jimmy Carter, Madeleine Albright offered a job in the White House
. The fact that the national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter appointed, a teacher at Columbia University, who studied at the time, Madeleine Albright. As soon as receiving the appointment, Zbigniew Brzezinski immediately offered his former student, which is very appreciated, post referent relations with Congress. In its reports Brzezinski Albright so subtle to notice strange lyapy that these major documents have now read as humorous stories. Once in Congress, discussed the issue of the American hostages in Iran (they were captured in 1979, when it came to power, Ayatollah Khomeini). And Albright, in his report quoted a congressman: "I support the use of force in Iran, provided that they do not lead to violence."
Madeleine has always behaved very modestly, never showed that she is richer or smarter than others. Her colleague Christine Dodson recalls Madeleine asked her for the weekend to his farm in Virginia. Before the winter had to clean the pool. Usually people with such income, as Albright, invited for the purpose of working. But Madeleine. In the lattice, through which the water goes down, the women found a colony of frogs. Dodson still recalls with a shudder of cold, slippery body.
In general, the energy from Madeleine Albright has always been a chasm. However, if it is not about raising funds for the campaign or the extermination of frogs, but about something more intimate, it is called temperament. Love Madeleine and Joe was even a little deliberate. Joe never hesitated to publicly express their feelings for Madeleine. Her friends remember: Madeleine could drive a car, and sitting in the back seat, Joe hugged her from behind and showered with kisses. At parties, he suggested all to admire his wife: "Is not it amazing woman!"
The phrase: "I love another" - sounded just two years later. It was at eight o'clock in the morning. World turned. Most striking fact that glo-balnost catastrophe was not commensurate with the nothingness of its culprits. Passy, Joe was named Marcia Kanstel. They met in 1980 in Detroit, at the Republican Convention. Marcia was ten years younger than Joe and worked as a reporter in the same newspaper.
These novels were the usual thing for a campaign marathon in those years. Journalists, along with a team of presidential candidate toured the country, stayed at the best hotels, ate in the best restaurants, flirted with each other. This bohemian life from time to time interrupted by short short visits home.
January 31, 1983, after living together for twenty-three years, Madeleine and Joe officially divorced. During the divorce she had inherited much of a family of Albright, as well as an exquisite three-story red-brick house in Georgetown, the fashionable suburb of Washington, and a farm in Virginia.
. Friends, there was talk that, say, Joe was always babnikov and still a student, looked at the girlfriends Madeleine
. But most agreed on the, . that Joe was disappointed in marriage: when his affairs were not going well, . Madeleine, . not paying attention to it, . began to make their own careers and not every man will agree to tolerate, . when his wife would sit up late at the White House.,
. This same version was chosen to Madeleine
. His resentment at her husband she had not tried to hide. And often told friends that Joe was jealous of its success, he could not accept the fact that he lives next to a strong woman. What if they are not divorced. she so nothing would have made in life. However, friends of the family are sure: until the appointment as U.S. ambassador to the UN Madeleine was ready to drop everything, if Joe has agreed to return. But she had to choose a career.
Once, when he was U.S. Secretary of State, she telephoned the British Foreign Minister Robin Cook. And started with the usual greeting: "How delaN"
- Shocking - he suddenly answered Cook .- This divorce, all these formalities. media-bashing ...
Albright began earnestly to soothe colleague. When she hung up, the assistants immediately told her what a messy life leads British Minister. It turns out he had a passionate affair with a secretary of the House of Commons, and when his wife found out about his amorous adventures, after his twenty-one years of marriage had to divorce.
. - Hell, - said Albright .- I sympathize with him, and he went with his wife as well as once Joe with me!
. After the divorce, Madeleine Albright, to think seriously about the future
. Science, from her point of view, was more reliable than the policy. And Madeleine chose teaching job. Especially since she had already defended his doctoral dissertation, . a research fellow at the Washington International Center for Scholars Woodrow Wilson and wrote a work on the role of the press in the formation of the Solidarity movement in Poland (at the same time, Madeleine Albright, studied Polish language),
. In 1983, she became a teacher of comparative politics at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. That such work, she dreamed. And the faculty was three blocks from her house, so that one could go home for dinner.
. Soon Madeleine found a friend - Barry Carter, Law Faculty, in the past, an influential government officials, National Security Council in the Nixon administration
. They met shortly before the gap between the Madeleine and Joe at a dinner in honor of Walter Mondale. At the time, Barry was married to Margie McNamara, daughter of Secretary of Defense in the administrations of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, and after a divorce, met with the most vivid and beautiful women in Washington's leading lights.
. Barry obsessed with caring for Madeleine: invite her to restaurants and at social events, and once made a trip in a canoe
. Barry, who did not have their own children, made friends with her daughters, Madeleine, sometimes even acted as a "chaperone". For Carter, Madeleine began to struggle with its own fullness and swim in the pool. They are alike in their common interests: both were activists of the Democratic Party, and regularly attended political meetings with Walter Mondale, who in 1984 was preparing his campaign. Soon they became an adviser on foreign policy issues from Geraldine Ferraro, who ran for vice-president with Walter Mondale. Happiness did not last long. Barry wanted to have children, Madeleine was not ready for this. But now, Ms. Albright knew how to deal with heart disease: occupational therapy, and this time did not let down.
. Soon she headed the National Center for Policy (public organization designed to strengthen the Democratic Party politically and morally)
. Madeleine Albright raised during the reign of the organization moneybags, who brought with them money. I got the opportunity to develop their own foreign policy doctrine of the Democrats. Her connection incredibly expanded. And in 1988, Michael Dukakis, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, asked Albright to be his principal adviser on international affairs. Dukakis was a man of stubborn. Sometimes, in order to prevail upon him, had to invite people from. One day to prepare for the Dukakis debates with his opponent George W. Bush in Washington invited the Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton. Since Albright first introduced to Clinton.
. And in 1989, when Clinton, who was preparing for his own campaign, decided to join the Council on Foreign Relations, an influential public organization of the United States, Albright gave him the necessary recommendation
. And the current U.S. president has not forgotten who gave him this service. In addition, they say that Albright is just like Clinton. As experience with Hillary Clinton realized how convenient to work with strong women. They say, once he was given a list of invitees for approval at a meeting. Seeing the name Albright, Clinton said it and wrote "excellent!" the fields.
As president, Clinton appointed Albright as U.S. ambassador to the UN. Arrival in New York, Albright realized how her life changed. She, as many years in the White House, an ordinary employee, now a member of the Presidential Cabinet. And it sounds like an impressive title: Mrs. representative! Long armored limousine, sparkling in the sun, waiting for her at the gangway. The driver opened the door for her. Ms. Albright smiled broadly and sat on the backseat. Albright is able to pursue their. Once, . when the UN Security Council proceeded to vote on anti-Cuba statement, . and the Chinese representative was unable to obtain instructions from his Government, . Albright did not give members of the Security Council to disperse up to four in the morning, . China has finally voted and when the Iraqi press called her a snake, . Albright was in the Security Council with a brooch in the form of snakes current Prime Minister of Russia, Primakov, . often with Albright when he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, . calls her "Mrs. Steel.,
. When Madeleine Albright appeared at the UN, Russia's representative in the organization, Yuli Vorontsov was just fascinated by it
. Once, at a meeting of the Security Council in 1994, he leaned toward the little Albright and said:
. - You will be the next U.S. Secretary of State.
. - What are you, - said Albright - America is not ready yet, so this post, a woman.
. However, less than 5 December 1997 Clinton announced the appointment of Albright, U.S. Secretary of State
. The Senate voted unanimously. January 23, 1998 Albright took the oath.
In the fifteen years since the divorce, Albright lost the habit of family life. In life it is extremely disorganized. Friends say that Madeleine throws things where removed. Saves the housekeeper. But to touch anything in the office of housekeeper is not allowed. Christine Dodson long tried to convince her friend that this mess simply unacceptable, even shot the film in the cabinet and gave the photo Madeleine. Then Albright led the architect's office and asked to move from the first floor to the third.
She tends to completeness. And this is the growth of meter and fifty-eight! All her attempts to comply with the diet for many years been in vain. Especially since she loves sweets - ice cream, cakes, biscuits. In the end she had to turn to the dietitian and go to the calorie leek, broccoli, cauliflower and pumpkin. Since Madeleine was the secretary of state, about her personal life goes many rumors. Once at a dinner hosted by President Clinton in honor of the newly appointed Chairman of the State Council of China, Jiang Zemin, Madeleine appeared in society actor Patrick Stewart. It was a sensation: the protocol secretary of state shall enter the hall without supervision! But U.S. Vice President Al Gore personally allowed to violate the protocol for Albright
. Despite the fact that Ms. Albright had in life, to her, as friends say, clearly not enough men
. Madeleine likes everything that makes marriage: serenity, intimacy, love, opportunity to discuss problems that no one else interested. She would like to close was a man with whom you can laugh and cry, to share the victories and defeats. "I think she knows what the price paid for a career - says a friend of Madeleine .- It lacks love. She is so passionate. And loves to cuddle.
. - Course, . in my life were moments, . especially after divorce, . when I wanted to engage in a serious relationship with a man, . - Madeleine Albright said in an interview .- But now I feel complete satisfaction with life .- Albright knocks on wood .- I like it, . I do,
. I can devote to this all the time. Of course, I meet with men, but now mostly on my terms. This feeling of complete freedom: I can do what I want and whenever I want and do not rush home to cook dinner, do not run out on a date, experiencing what someone freezing, waiting for me in front of a cinema.
. When asked if she wanted to get married again, 62-year-old Madeleine Albright responds quickly, without hesitation: "No."

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