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Netanyahu Bindzhamin (Benjamin Netanyahu)

( Former Prime Minister of Israel.)

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Biography Netanyahu Bindzhamin (Benjamin Netanyahu)
photo Netanyahu Bindzhamin (Benjamin Netanyahu)
Attorney-General of Israel decided to close the criminal case against former Prime Minister Netanyahu Binyamina. He was accused of embezzling public funds, bribery, fraud and failure to cooperate with investigators. Now he opened the way to the 'big politics'. They say friends of the former prime minister, and a half years after his defeat in the elections, Netanyahu changed. Today is another Bibi, as they call his party.
On the eve of the first direct election of prime minister, held in Israel May 29, 1996, opinion polls unanimously predicted a victory and. about. Head of Government, the leader of the Labor Party (Labor) Shimon Peres. Supported its media went all over the line in the vicious attacks on the second contender - Chairman of the block right Likud Binyamin Netanyahu.
. But then it was a day of triumph ..
. Early in the morning, before the opening of polling stations, both candidates, according to journalists who were in a state of tense expectation, and clearly nervous
. Leader of the Opposition Netanyahu, who spent the night before the elections in the room luxury Tel Aviv hotel, even put out the door a group of correspondents of the newspapers 'Washington Post', stating that 'they irritate him'
. Favor it at the polling station, located in the Jerusalem school 'Beit hinuh'
. Interview refused to give. He just said that "absolutely confident of victory '.
No sooner were the results of the election, many media, previously watered Netanyahu and down dale, immediately changed the tone. He became for them - 'new generation of politicians with bright leadership qualities, with a hard-driving, with a sober reaction to the imagination and the ability to capture the dynamics of global processes'. They suddenly remembered that Bibi 'is a broad education, past military officer experience in business and diplomacy.
. Indeed, the records list Netanyahu could envy of any Israeli politician, clambered to the summit of power.
. Age: 48 years
. Parents: Ben-Tzion, and Celia, natives of Russia. Marital status: Married, three children. Place of residence: Jerusalem. Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Economics. Experience: Director of an international economic consulting firm 'Boston Consultants' CEO of Israeli companies 'Rome'. Military service: five years in spetsnaz General Staff, Major stock. Participation in hostilities: the secret mission in Syria, the seizure of seven Syrian generals in Lebanon, the release of hostages in the plane 'Sabena' in Ben Gurion Airport. Diplomatic Service: First Secretary, Embassy of Israel in the United States, the head of the Israeli delegation to the UN. Political history: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, the coordinator for the organization of a peace conference in Madrid. Social activities: disclosure of secret documents of Nazi war criminals were kept in the archives of the UN, the exchange of Natan Sharansky (immigrated from the Soviet Union to Israel in 1986) on Soviet intelligence officer who was arrested in the U.S.. World renown: the convening of two international conferences on combating terrorism. Analytical work: 'A Place in the Sun'. Credo: the best position - offensive, not defensive.
. Netanyahu reiterated his credo in the campaign.
. No - the creation of a Palestinian state.
. No - section of Jerusalem.
. No - Israel's withdrawal from the Golan Heights.
. In recognition of Mr. Netanyahu, his three 'no' were to show the world that the authorities in Israel came a man who, above all, cares about the interests of their country, and not about what people are saying and talking about him the media.
. It would be odd if the new prime minister, barely took office, suddenly abandoned these cornerstones of their political vision
. For it was thanks to her he had received a majority of voters. Not surprisingly, he soon acquired the nickname 'Monsieur three no'.
However, it should be recalled that in the first days after the election of Netanyahu, according to his supporters, made a series of unforgivable mistakes. The first (and then followed by others) he made at the celebration rally in Jerusalem. It happened like this. Pathetic it new prime minister, from time to time interrupted by cheers, coming to an end.
. - And now, - he said, I would like to thank the man who has done a lot for Israel.
. Gathered in the auditorium and the audience at the screens were convinced that Netanyahu is referring to former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir - their teacher, to whom he is more obliged to a brilliant career in 'Lmkude'
. It seems that this was sure myself Shamir, who was sitting in the honorary presidium.
Netanyahu paused and said:
- This man - Shimon Peres!
In the hall - a momentary confusion. Then - hooting and whistling.
The statement was made the new prime minister is clearly inappropriate and perhaps tactless to the audience, who spared no effort and time, agitated potential voters. Then they still wanted to believe that this unfortunate phrase - just a tribute to American traditions. Just as Netanyahu's appearance on the stand hand in hand with his wife, trimmed to Hillary Clinton.
Netanyahu forgiven blows inflicted on him below the waist and with a chivalrous generosity thanked the defeated enemy. He naively thought that now that the elections behind us, he will be able to appease the Left.
Shall I then political short-sightedness or lack of experience, but Netanyahu has failed to properly assess the situation. He did not realize that the election campaign for his election is not over, and the enemy did not consider themselves defeated.
. Netanyahu said that 'wants to be prime minister of all the people - right and left, religious and secular, Jews and Arabs'
. But this struggle for the unity of the people and was very popular, according to observers, previously played. After all, no matter what he did and whatever he said, the left still will not forgive him the most important fault: won by the election victory.
In an interview, he admitted:
- I got a very heavy inheritance ...
With this we can not accept. The economy was in poor condition. Inflation, they say, gallop, the national debt has risen sharply, the deficit of trade balance expressed an astronomical figure.
. Settlers have openly expressed dissatisfaction with the half-hearted policy of the new construction on the territories controlled
. Companions of the party were unhappy with Netanyahu's contacts with the Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat. Noticeably increased pressure from Jordan's King Hussein and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. But pressure from the United States, as the Israeli newspaper wrote, 'has acquired the scale than ever before'.
. The same press reported that 'when all of this, Bibi manages to remain calm and to visit with children safari'.
. - The majority of Israeli prime ministers have paid all their attention on foreign policy - he liked to repeat Netanyahu
. - I also devote much of their time problems of the economy. I is resolute and optimistic, because I believe that the Israeli economy has great potential.
. Despite the errors committed, Netanyahu, however, with the first steps proved that is able to combine political toughness with pragmatism, focuses quickly, is able to make willful decisions
. These qualities, he fully demonstrated during the first trip abroad.
The address was known in advance - Washington. He wanted to introduce as soon as possible 'big brother' with its political program, to establish normal relations with the leadership of the administration and Congress. In a word, dot the 'and' ...
As admitted later, American newspapers, it was not only a working trip, but the triumphant tour of Rights, to which until quite recently in the White House is treated with barely disguised contempt. Moreover, the first time in the history of relations between the two countries, the U.S. president intervened in the campaign and unequivocally endorsed Shimon Peres. Netanyahu for Bill Clinton as it did not exist.
Visit the new Prime Minister in the United States is more than compensated for the lack of attention to him, shown by more recent world press. In fact, it turned into a solid show, during which Netanyahu had given dozens of interviews, made most of the most prestigious programs.
The first step in 'winning' America was the brilliant English. For the first time before the Americans brought the Israeli leader, speaking in their native language almost without accent, with a rich figurative speech, exactly expresses exactly what he wants to say.
. Another, no less important element for the success was not what Netanyahu says, and what he said
. Accustomed to, . between campaign promises and actual policies there is a certain distance, . Americans have been pleasantly surprised by, . what, . is, . there is still the world's political leaders, . that until, . and after coming to power had unchangeable principles, and openly express their,
. Such politicians are respected even by those who do not share their views.
And, finally, the third factor: the ability to say to each audience about the most important to her, and clearly state its position on this issue. Nobody knew precisely their roles and responsibilities. Nobody could tell where someone from the staff is. But waged a constant struggle for participation in the scheduling of the working day the Prime Minister.
Netanyahu's governing style was 'home' and oligarchic. He ignored the opinion of professionals, relying on his inner circle, which experts, alas, were not.
Admittedly, neither Prime Minister nor his inner circle of experience managing the state had. This, of course, reflected in their work. Errors followed one after another. As noted by the Tel Aviv newspaper '24 hours', Netanyahu promised peace, security and economic prosperity, sound in his mouth humiliation.
Bibi made mistakes not only in political matters. For example, no one told him that they should not go to a chic restaurant with his wife on the anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Nobody told him how the people perceive that he carries around for a wife.
Speaking of his wife ... Israeli journalists were told that those who thought the first lady Sarah Netanyahu of Israel were wrong. If you follow the formal chain of command, the first - is the wife of then president Reuma Weizman. In the absence of the Head of State of its duties, the Speaker of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament). Consequently, his wife - the second lady. And only then is the wife of Prime Minister.
Apparently, image maker for Bibi has never been. He did not care what image it creates. The Prime Minister simply waved his hand in the media, because he knew that he would be criticized for everything he does and does not.
Style of Bibi radically different from the style of his predecessors. Rabin and Peres appointed the first meeting of seven in the morning, worked in the office before eleven at night and even at home continued to study the documents.
If Bibi arrived in the office at eight in the morning, it meant that something unusual. More recently he has appeared in nine, and even at ten o'clock in the morning. He constantly canceled a meeting scheduled for the morning hours. In the evenings, too, do not sit in the office. But often arranged evening meetings at his home.
Home, as a rule, came close - members of the so-called 'Five'. The officials - ministers, heads of departments - home not invited. With them, as, indeed, the leaders of the secret services, Bibi supported exclusively service relationship.
Thus, the most important decisions Netanyahu accepted after consultation with the 'big five'. Rabin and Peres met with the heads of intelligence almost every day, because the information received was for them a very significant factor in decisions.
In his book 'A Place in the Sun' Netanyahu claimed that Jordan - a 'and a Palestinian state, and other Palestinians do not need'. Although the book was written long ago, before the conclusion of peace with Jordan, and was meant to the American reader, in Amman, made no secret that since Netanyahu came to power, there can not understand the reason for his policies.
. Lack of understanding of Israeli politics and policies of Prime Minister was typical not only for Jordan but for other countries in the region
. However, even in Israel itself, the political course of the head of government is not encouraging
For his activities during the hundred days Netanyahu was rated as 'six' (on a ten-system). In the language of schoolchildren, the Prime Minister in the category of 'standouts' and 'horoshistov' missed. But they have not failed.
. A curious fact: in the course of a sociological study conducted by the Institute 'ShVAK-panorama', nine percent of Israelis polled admitted that they did not know who won the 1996 elections and became prime minister
. Moreover, 54 percent claimed that Perez was a beautiful head of government. Netanyahu arranged only 34 per cent of Israelis.
Many Israeli newspapers in the evaluation of Bibi went further. They wrote that the situation in which the Prime Minister started the country is much worse than that which he so vehemently criticized, as the leader of the opposition.
. However, mistakes and miscalculations Netanyahu could be partly explained by the fact that Israel did not know of such a multi-government
. The right-wing, extreme right-wing extremists, centrists, moderates, the ultra-orthodox leaders of the national-religious camp ... Whatever minister - a representative of any party or movement, or just somebody's wing. Add to the whole terrible ambitions and firm, uncompromising positions of each member of the cabinet - and it becomes clear why the question could not have been the appreciation of the new Prime Minister.
His opponents have a different opinion. The problem, as they claimed, was that Netanyahu believed in his genius, had maneuvered so poorly that in a short time managed to bring the country to a situation in which it found itself more than ever. He acted so ineptly and irresponsibly, that has put Israel in danger, both military and economic nature.
Bibi Netanyahu - a man of great emotional. A politician - young. And the leader, for objective reasons, rather inexperienced. His emotions often taken precedence over the wisdom of a statesman. Will the it this time before the exam obschestvomN

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Netanyahu Bindzhamin (Benjamin Netanyahu), photo, biography
Netanyahu Bindzhamin (Benjamin Netanyahu), photo, biography Netanyahu Bindzhamin (Benjamin Netanyahu)  Former Prime Minister of Israel., photo, biography
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