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Nestle Henry

( Father of powdered food for children and the founder of the Nestle)

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Biography Nestle Henry
Father of powdered food for children and the founder of the Nestle was born August 10, 1814 the eleventh child of the Frankfurt glazier. His parents, devout Protestants, taught their children: to serve God, must not only pray, but also to work hard. These lessons Henry has learned very well - in the years of study the knowledge he derived not only from academic tomes, but from the practical work: while the young man learned the art of pharmacy, he was replaced by no less than four jobs. After graduation, 25-year-old Henri Nestlц? decided to settle in the Swiss town of Vevey. Here he found a job in a pharmacy.
Within four years, mixing the powder and letting the buyers licorice candy, Henry dreamed of own business. And fortune smiled at him: in 1843 on money, . borrowed from the widowed aunt from Frankfurt, . Nestle bought at bargain price a small processing industry - factory, . Warehouses, . adjacent fields and meadows, . sawmill, . press for the processing of bone and a machine for the manufacture of vegetable oil,
. First, Nestlц? has established production of fruit liqueurs and vinegars. A little later began to produce mineral water and lemonade. Then a young entrepreneur wanted something witty - added to the vinegar-mustard. In this experiment did not end. Using his knowledge of chemistry, Nestle engaged in the manufacture of gas for street lamps. Replacing oil with gas lamps, Nestle is not only made a tiny Vevey lighter. He was able to earn good money
In the early 60-ies priggish Henry thought that his condition is quite allow him to marry. His darling - melancholic and fragile Clц?mentine Eman, from the family physician of Frankfurt, was 19 years younger. However, the new-found Frau Nestle did not enjoy good health and could not become a mother. Nevertheless, in the house couple Nestle always heard children's voices - willingly Clementine was busy with the children while their mother worked at the factory of her husband. That it drew the attention of Henry to the fact that infants often do not have enough breast milk. The fact that its workers are often forced to leave jobs to feed their children, Nestle knew himself.
In 1860 an experienced Pharmacist and chemist Henri Nestlц? began experiments with cow's milk, wheat flour and sugar. He tried to create a substitute for breast milk - a product that could be consumed under any circumstances. In 1867, appeared ready to milk formula for infants Farine Lactue Henri Nestle - powder, easily soluble in water. The first user of a new batch of feed was a newborn baby of one of the workers of Nestle. Tiny no good food or breast milk or cow's or goat's. Powder Nestle just saved his life. And thus proved to be excellent.
Now Clementine could feel like a mother. All the children, whom she nursed and bottle feeds, created by her husband, Clц?mentine calling it as "our children". Kind of a happy wife with a baby in her arms prompted Henry to the idea to create a logo for their products - something reminiscent of motherhood, love, security. As a symbol of Nestle chose a graphic translation of his surname - a bird's nest.
Before his death in 1890, 76-year-old Henri Nestlц? could recall with satisfaction not only named their children. Two of his other child - a powdered milk and the company's own name - a great success and had every chance to consolidate this success. It happened. Already in the early 1900's the company Nestle managed their factories in the United States, Britain, Germany and Spain. To solubility Child Nutrition Nestle joined by Europe's first condensed milk and the first milk chocolate. By the beginning of the First World War the company was manufacturing and other soluble products: powdered instant drink for children Milo powder and butter-milk.

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Nestle Henry, photo, biography
Nestle Henry, photo, biography Nestle Henry  Father of powdered food for children and the founder of the Nestle, photo, biography
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