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Vsevolod Bobrov

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Vsevolod Bobrov
photo Vsevolod Bobrov
1922-1979 gg. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1948), Honored trainer of the USSR (1967). Soccer: played for the team - CDKA (1945-1949gg.) Air Force (1950-1952.) Spartak Moscow (1953). Held 116 matches in the championships of the USSR, scoring 97 goals. Champion of the USSR 1946-48 gg., The second prize-winner 1945, 1948. USSR Cup in 1945 and 1948. Hockey: played for the team - CDKA (1946-1949 gg.) Air Force (1950-1953 gg.) CDSA and CSK MO (1953-1957 gg.). USSR Champion 1948, 1949, 1951-1953, 1955, 1956., 2 nd USSR Championship winner 1947, 1954, 1957. USSR Cup winner 1952, 1954, 1955.
Soccer: played for the team - CDKA (1945-1949gg.) Air Force (1950-1952.) Spartak Moscow (1953). Held 116 matches in the championships of the USSR, scoring 97 goals. Champion of the USSR 1946-48 gg., The second prize-winner 1945, 1948. USSR Cup in 1945 and 1948. Top scorer USSR Championship 1945. - 24 goals, 1947. - 14. In the list of Top 33, 1948. - бL 1 inside left forward. He played 3 matches for the USSR national team, scoring 5 goals. The XV Olympic Games. Coached: Air Force - 1952, CSKA - 1958-1960. (secondary coach), "Chernomorets (Odessa) - 1963, CSKA - 1967. (2 nd half) - 1969. "Kairat" (Alma-Ata), CSKA -1978 g.
Hockey: played for the team - CDKA (1946-1949 gg.) Air Force (1950-1953 gg.) CDSA and CSK MO (1953-1957 gg.). USSR Champion 1948, 1949, 1951-1953, 1955, 1956., 2 nd USSR Championship winner 1947, 1954, 1957. USSR Cup winner 1952, 1954, 1955. In the championships of the USSR had 130 games, threw 254 Washers. Olympic champion in 1956. World Champion 1954, 1956. World Cup runner-ups 1955, 1957. European Champion 1954-1956 he. Runner 1957. In the USSR team spent more than 57 games, threw 91 washer. Coached: Air Force - 1951, 1952. "Spartak" (Moscow) - 1964-1967., USSR squad - 1972-1974., Which has won in 1973 and 1974. the title of world champion and European runner-World and European championships in 1972.
Elena Bobrova: "And for the" Beaver "he could give in their faces"
I'm sitting at the kitchen for Bobrovskaya thus the table, for whom he had once loved sat Vsevolod Mikhailovich. 16 years if not lived in this spacious apartment great scorer. Everything changed over the years, even the name of the country in which the family lives Beaver. But nothing has changed in his flat. With all the walls in the world is looking Bobrov. Young, sedate, serious, cheerful. In military uniform and without.
- It seems he liked to smile, your husband - I notice Elena Nikolaevna.
- He was good, but good God himself ordered laugh - says wife.
- A day when he was the happiest man on earth, you pomnieN
- I remember. On this day, Misha was born, his son. First March 1968.
- And I thought, the happiest days in humans are when he manages to cheat death, if you will, the fate. I mean in 1950 and the aircraft with the Air Force hockey team, which was supposed to fly Vsevolod Bobrov.
- Yes what really enjoy it ... But since then Vsevolod dislike flights in the air.
- By the way, at the end of the forty-ninth year with the fans firmly headache: why Bobrov joined VVSN
- Vasily Stalin was persuaded by. They were friends with Vsevolod. On the basis of sport and friendship ensued. Honor, all present CSKA was Vasily Iosifovich created. All began with a pool, which was built for his wife's last chief of the Air Force swimmer Kapitolina Vasilyeva. He has made useful for sports. Vsevolod was friends with many of the powerful. In our house lived the Minister of Defense Bulganin, he used to call us home: go, Vsevolod, walk. Clearly, what they will talk. About the team: what are the problems, news, how good of a football. Vsevolod was grateful to these people for what they loved football and hockey.
- And how Vsevolod Mikhailovich belonged to his father of his friend VasiliyaN
- When Seva was alive, Stalin treated properly. But over time the emphasis, as we see change. We have witnessed times opals Zhukova. Now he opened monuments. Incidentally, his niece works in our house elevator operator, having a higher education. About her someone vspomnilN
- Your husband loved gosteyN
- Guests in our home could be at any time of day. To the north came a variety of people. The concept of "guest" for it was sacred. And knowing his wonderful ability to have himself, you can imagine how many of them have visited in our home. And they now come. That exit the yard and ask anyone you meet: "Where do BobrovyN" - you will be presented. Many came to him with their pain and problems. Ignoring with any subordination and ranking, Vsevolod Mikhailovich open any doors, argued, persuaded and insisted. For his friend he could do everything. But to go ever ask anything for myself ... If it were not for my close acquaintance with the sports committee chairman Pavlov, we hardly got to present a three-room apartment. Vsevolod moved here with some reluctance. But we already had two children. This apartment, which had lived lieutenant general, messenger Khrushchev, we have received when he was with the team Seva Ocean.
- How does your husband to dengamN
- They had not particularly delayed.
- What is the wife may ponravitsyaN
- You know, this feature to me it was good-looking. I own person by nature broad. Then we lived at the elite level, but, of course, those conditions can not be compared with the current criteria, well. Stereo I bought six years ago. And such a tiny tape recorder odnokassetny gave Seva Ambassador of Japan. Joy was then, I remember, indescribable. What else about the money ... I remember, once caught, we translate articles from a British newspaper, where he remembered what amounts offered by local club owners for our football. Beskov - so much, Arkhangelsk - so much. Bobrov - no price. Priceless. He even laughed - just look how the British high value of our brother.
- Football, and hockey age Bobrova shortened more than one generation of dedicated defenders. He often recalled his obidchikovN
- No, he could sometimes release to them a couple of strong words. And.
- His relationship with your neighbor, Anatoly Tarasov, throughout the history of Soviet hockey was a byword. They really were strained, their otnosheniyaN
- When we bear a little older, his father brought him from Canada skates - special, for three-year. So, winter - both Bobrov yard, where they waited Anatol Tarasov with his grandson. I started hockey battles. What do you think the enemy could so regularly vstrechatsyaN know, is still evil people are trying me something to talk about it, but I never listened to them and not listen. For me, Tarasov - the person to whom a professional before I bow. Seva never had enemies, but the people who envied him, there were many.
- What kind of sport he loved most: soccer or hokkeyN
- Personally, I was a supporter of hockey. At this my husband said this: "In hockey needs more to run, and slaughter there often, but in football you need a lot to think". He likes soccer.
- When Vsevolod Bobrov, congealing at the gates of the enemy, shifted from foot to foot, thinking about the great game, fans shouted at him: "Ballerina", "Beaver from the field!" ...
- And who the fans are not shouting insulting slovN And Yashin screaming and Streltsov. Supporters of this level, I think there are any stadium in the world. No, Seva is not bothered. This is his impotence. I remember the match veterans in Moscow and Leningrad. The latter stood at the gate Leonid Ivanov. The people in the stands - a huge number, the match at Dynamo was. Lena at the gate not is cost, he frequently turns his gaze toward Seva, raises his fist, showing the stadium artless combination of three fingers, which meant attacking Muscovites. All this is accompanied by the words: "In, Seva, you get at me!". Two minutes before the end of the match Bobrov scored him the ball. Ivanov rolls on the ground, beating his fist on the ground and groaned: "Oh hell, yet he got me". And then all participants in this match sitting in her glass next to the stadium and remember the past. The cafe was caked people. People looked at them and rejoiced. How many of those guys were outstanding athletes! Know, . I wonder, . When I am asked: "How do you think, . today Bobrov could play the first installment in hockey or futboleN "In those days football was played not for dollars, . and, . If you allocated a game, . means, . you were the person,
. I've now worked as deputy director general of the ice complex CSKA. Of course, I often see hockey. So, I can not get them to remember the face. A little play - and the ocean.
- After a career athlete your husband often had to train his home football team CSKA. How was his coach zhiznN
- I remember how it was removed from the team in 1969 - for the fact that the club had not taken a planned place prize, and finished fourth. And this time he brought to Moscow Abduraimov, Afonin, Pshenichnikova. Many of them even lived in our apartment. He laid that team, which next year became the champion of the country. In the 71-m CSKA already struggling to stay in the big leagues. Will never forget the rainy autumn evening in 1970. My husband and I are sitting at home, and suddenly from the prospectus distributed chanting: "Bob-ing! Bob-ing!" Go out on the balcony - at the bottom of the whole team CSKA in full force shoots corks from champagne to our balcony. I returned to the apartment to call Seva, and he stands in one spot and if rooted to it. Eyes filled with tears ...
- In 1967, bidding farewell to hockey "Spartacus," which he, as promised, three years his work led to the champions, Bobrov, too, could not hold back her tears suddenly dismal ...
- And do not suddenly dismal. He had to know how Vsevolod Mikhailovich loved one "Spartacus". Especially Sasha Yakushev. Yes all - Shadrina, Zimin, Starshinova, brothers Maiorov. The children also could not hold back her tears at parting with his coach. Boris Mayorov, I remember, then stood up and said to me: "It's because you have calculated the difference in the Pensions. The fact that the commander in chief of the country invited Seva return to the army. His arguments convinced me. Civil Seva pension was 80 rubles, and new, a colonel, - 200. This was a significant difference. We have since had to think about the future of our children.
- When he was asked to lead the team of the USSR on hokkeyuN
- At the Olympics 72-year in Sapporo, where Vsevolod was a guest. He suggested Pavlov - he and Beam.
- Joyful syurprizN
- I do not think he was happy. Before the World Cup remained for 33 days. But he agreed. Then the son Misha consoled my father: "It's not you who lost the championship, it Holecek it won".
- In the same year an agreement was reached on the "Super Series-72" with Canadian professionals
- Seva these meetings are not afraid. He was not the kind of timid but cautious. If you were to an important matter, then plunged into his head. Of course, Vsevolod wanted to win in the series, but sport is sport, and all agreed to the last puck by Phil Esposito. But what then was a holiday in Moscow! Tickets for hockey professionals do not get it. In the box - Brezhnev and other officials. In the evening, after the last match in Moscow, we were sitting in the kitchen, talking. Seva said then that for the sake of all that you can live for the sake of uniting all such games is to organize meetings with the pros.
- They say at that time all the Soviet leaders were interested in playing hockey. This takN
- I do not know everything, but now with Kosygin Vsevolod Mikhailovich had to meet often. At prime minister had a habit to walk at precisely the time when hockey players from the Archangel traveled to Moscow. Kosygin stopped the bus, head coach walked toward him and reported on the status of team.
- Vsevolod Mikhailovich grieved his dismissal from the team in 1974 goduN
- Very. Was all in a. At times, tried to go into the family that I was terribly pleased. But this enthusiasm was short-lived - soon he again closed in on itself. He is after all, and told to remove the phone: Owl called for half an hour before we were supposed to go to a sanatorium.
- And the cause otstavkiN
- There is a version that Seva much to drink at a banquet. God, yes to me every day, these are an endless banquet. He would know Seva, what they drink, never have such standards are not overpowered. Trainers Bobrov was a very prickly character, when it came to work. Surely he recalled the incident with the employee of the Soviet Embassy in Finland. During a break in the game with the Czechs, but we lost after the first period, the official had decided, apparently, to lift team spirit and went into the locker room. Bobrov at the moment is very cool, do not hesitate in expressions, and talked with the team. On opening the door, he immediately responded: "Close the door on the other side!". It is good that we then won.
- The next season his coaching background, in Alma-Ata, can hardly be made to the asset ...
- Showa no secret that work well with him "Kairat" failed. Perhaps, it is not docked with the local sports leadership. But we are not going to stay in Kazakhstan for more than a year. Misha's time to go to school. What is remembered in sezoneN Confrontation Bobrov - Tarasov on the football field. Anatoliy that season took coach CSKA. Their match at Dynamo caused excitement among the fans who came to see it in their duel. Then draw with CSKA Moscow, Kairat played.
- CSKA has not always been merciful to him. Management of the club then brushed aside Bobrova on the team, then again he has invited there ...
- Seva was betrayed by the Army. If he worked with "Spartacus", it is only because, after the Odessa he simply wanted to return to Moscow. Although, as I have said, he liked Spartacus.
- They say that your husband was a master of all trades not only in sports clearings, but also in everyday life.
- He liked to work in the country - masters, was engaged in garden. When sow parsley or dill, you will certainly wore a white gown. I told him: "Our mechanic-gynecologist goes to work". He loved to tinker with its twenty-first "Volga". No. She was characteristic: two consecutive numbers, under which he loved to play - 11.11. He loved to tinker with children. He liked to eat well, was particularly partial to fried potatoes, cabbage soup and cutlets. But he did not like to cook. Loved to dress. In general, he loved everything beautiful.
- ZhenschinN
- And women, too. I have him in this issue understood. He loved birds. At our house was a lot of birds - Kenar, goldfinches, the parrot was great. Clever bird. When Vsevolod Mikhailovich died, the parrot suddenly everyone started asking: "Where SevaN Where SevaN".
- And what Bobrov not lyubilN
-Familiarity. I remember once at the hotel "Moscow" we climbed in the elevator, and one of the stories came to us tipsy MP - probably was the work of a regular session. Saw Seva, on the face an expression of delight, he drawled: "Oh, and the Beaver here!" A Showa with the words: "What I'll BoberN!" - Went on to face. Well, in fact, that for familyarnostN
... The boy, puzzled looks at the sky and blinking wet eyelashes: "I do not know BobrovyN. A. who etoN ". Shame on you, kid. Or maybe he just lives in another court.

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