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Timofeev Mikhail Aleksandrovich

( War Veteran)

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Biography Timofeev Mikhail Aleksandrovich
photo Timofeev Mikhail Aleksandrovich
(November 21, 1925 - ...)
MA. Timofeev was awarded the Order of Lenin, the October Revolution, Red Banner, World War I and II degree, the Labor Red Banner of Honor "and 21 medals.
. Born November 21, 1925 in the village Shemaxa Nyazepetrovsk area of the Chelyabinsk region.
. When the Great Patriotic War Michael, like many of his peers, immediately went to the military commissariat
. But the army did not have. After all, he was only 16-th year.
. In January 1942, to do something to help the front, he Komsomol voluntarily leaving work at the 114-th plant in the city Kopeysk Chelyabinsk region, and then transferred to Kata-Ivanovo plant for production of military products
. In December 1942, to address Katav-Ivanovo district Komsomol committee he was sent to the city of Chelyabinsk region Korkino electrical mechanic at Section N 1 Trust "Korkinugol.
. All this time, Michael did not stop attempts to get to the front, but his repeated appeals to the military authorities remained unanswered.
. In February 1943 the Urals began to form Ural Tank Corps Volunteers from among the available reservation workers and engineering-technical workers of the coal industry
. Timofeev submits a statement and go there in March 1943, he enrolled for an artillery battery of special anti-fighter infantry battalion of the corps.
. Created by the means of the Urals Urals Volunteer Tank Corps was equipped and better armed for that time, military equipment
. At the end of May 1943 the workers of the Southern Urals solemnly accompanied the volunteers to the front, and the workers Zlatoust plant gave each volunteer on the knife-Fink.
His first battle in the Corps took the Battle of Kursk. In the second half of July 1943 he received the task to speak of the area Sukhinichi-Serednichi south, . cut of the enemy and go to the area Zlyn, . take railways and highways Orel-Bryansk and cut off escape routes Orel grouping Nazis west,
. Retreating, the enemy has provided fierce resistance. Especially cruel battle took place near the village Borilovo. The enemy led a strong defensive fire, act of his assault guns and tanks. However, the tanks-Ural managed to break through to the locality Zlyn and, acting together with the gunners shell, free village. He, his first fight, Mikhail Aleksandrovich remember for a lifetime.
In 1943 he participated in the battles for the liberation of the city of Orel, and in the battles for the railway station Shakhov was seriously wounded. This war ended for him. Until January 1944 Timofeev treated in hospitals, then the reserve has been disabled in Group II.
. A few months Mikhail Timofeyev worked the club manager in his native village Shemaxa, and in October 1944 joined the state security organs.
. From 1944 to 1964 he worked his way from assistant security officer to chief of KGB of the Chelyabinsk region, including over 18 years he worked at the facilities of nuclear industry
. In June 1964 he was appointed deputy chief of KGB of the Stavropol Region, . in April 1968 - Chairman of the KGB, Kabardino-Balkaria, . and in June 1973 - Chief of KGB Khabarovsk Territory, and a member of the Military Council of the Far Eastern Border District.,
. In 1978, MA
. Timofeeva transferred to the central apparatus of the KGB of the USSR and appointed deputy chief of the 2 nd Main Department - head of "T" of the KGB of the USSR. From September 1981 to March 1992, he - Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation, and from December 1995 to March 2000 worked as an advisor of the Central industrial supervisory control of civil aviation.
MA. Timofeev was awarded the Order of Lenin, the October Revolution, Red Banner, World War I and II degree, the Labor Red Banner of Honor "and 21 medals.
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