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Mikhail Aleksandrovich

( Grand Prince of Tver)

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Biography Mikhail Aleksandrovich
Mikhail (1333, Pskov - 1399, Tver) - led. Prince of Tver. The son of Prince Alexander Mikhailovich of Tver, Pskov in the forced to flee after an uprising against the Tatars tverichey. M. early left without a father. In 1341 was sent to Novgorod on the education of godfather, Archbishop Basil. Received from the elder brother of Mr.. Mikulin ca. Tver. Since 1365 has conducted. Prince of Tver. Attempt to win Tver in 1368 Dmitry Donskoy failed because of the union M. with the Lithuanian prince Olgerd married to his sister. M. sought protection from the claims of Moscow in Lithuania or in the Tatar Horde, twice received from the Horde on the label led. reign, but was unable to assert its authority. In 1375 Dmitry Donskoy and M. formalized a peace treaty, according to polit-rum, independence Tver was severely curtailed. M. was a talented man, but sought to restore the resistivity-veche orders in the time before the Rus was the task of unification, and therefore lost.

Used materials kn.: Shikman A.P. Figures of national history. Biographical Directory. Moscow, 1997.

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Mikhail Alexandrovich (1333 -1399) - Grand Duke of Tver, son of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich of Tver.

Around 1340 to possess Mr.. Mikulin and was 1-m prince of Mikulinskii. The popularity of Mikhail Aleksandrovich among tverichey aroused hostile feelings to him the Grand Duke of Tver Vasily Mikhailovich, Uncle Michael, who in 1363 pulled him in Mikulina, but this campaign ended world.

In 1364 Mikhail Alexandrovich went to the inheritance of the deceased's cousin, Prince Semyon Konstantinovich Dorogobuzhskaya. Dissatisfied amplification Michael, Vasily Mikhailovich, not having enough strength to fight with him, to turn to Moscow Prince Dmitry Ivanovich. Mikhail also not relying on their own strength, seeking an alliance with Lithuania. In the autumn of the same year Mikhail Alexandrovich with Lithuanians took Tver, then capturing wives Eremeev and Basil, and many boyars and retainers led. Duke, almost without resistance approached Kashin. Basil asked for peace, which was concluded in a. Andriy. Immediately thereafter, Mikhail Alexandrovich made peace with Dmitri Ivanovich. Dorogobuzhsky inheritance left for Mikhail Alexandrovich.

In 1367 the book. Yeremey K. began to challenge the right of this inheritance. Dmitry decided to exploit the situation and once again intervened in the solid. case, declaring himself a defender insulted Eremeev. Mikhail Alexandrovich was summoned to the arbitration court in Moscow, ostensibly to resolve the disputed issue. Suspecting fraud, Mikulin. Prince for a long time met with the answer and only enlisted the word of Metropolitan Alexei secured by security, went (1368) in Moscow. Dmitry hastily arranged like a court, which decided in favor of Eremeev, and Mikhail Alexandrovich and his retinue was captured and imprisoned in a dungeon. True, he was soon released, and Dmitri forced him to give out Dorogobuzh. Hradok inheritance, where, and sent immediately after the release of Michael his regent.

In 1368 Vasily Mikhailovich died, and Mikhail Alexandrovich was conducted. kn. Tver. This, of course, did not like Dmitri, and he sent a large army of Tver, besieged the city. Mikhail fled to Lithuania for help. At the head of a strong army led. kn. lit. Algirdas Muscovites marched against and laid siege to Moscow, but after a day) had to retire from the city and its vicinity 'has created a lot of evil', what Moscow has never before experienced even by the Tartars. By prisoner peace Mikhail received back Hradok etc.. Parish of the inheritance of seed Konstantinovich, alienated Dmitry. Mikhail understood that Moscow will not leave him alone in their struggle for precedence in Russia, so has strengthened (1369) his capital wooden. wall.

In 1370 Dmitry resigned from the cross kissing Michael Alexandrovich, and declared war on him. Tver. Prince again fled to Lithuania. Mosk. army devastated solid. parish and took a huge full. In September, the very Dmitry led troops took strong Mikulin and cog. Since Algirdas at this time was connected with the war it. knights, Mikhail Aleksandrovich care of him did not receive. Then he decided to ask her in the Horde have all-powerful Temnik Mamaia, which gave him the label on the lead. reign. Mosk. Prince ordered the catch of solid. ruler in the way of the Horde, but supporters of Mikhail Aleksandrovich in Moscow in time to warn him about. Mikhail Alexandrovich went home through Lithuania, and again begged for protection from Olgerd. Again, a huge army led by Grand. Prince lit. and his brother Kд?stutis in November moved to Wash. limits, devastated neighborhood Volokolamsk and early. December besieged Moscow. Having stood a week, Lithuanians left. Abandonment Mikhail Aleksandrovich had to give up rights to the Grand. Vlad. reign.

In 1371 he again went to the Horde, but re-extracted wells at the label led. reigning values no longer had. Still not believing it, Mikhail starts a war against Moscow, Dmitrov and devastated neighborhood Kashin, breaks sinks. army under Torzhok takes Kostroma, Uglich and Bezhetsk Top (winter 1371/72) and the 3rd time leads Olgerd to Moscow. Peaceful conditions (1373) did not give him a greater benefit.

In 1375 Mikhail again quarreled with Dmitry due to the defectors, the boyars are increasingly shifted to the service in Moscow. In the war occurred shortly solid. Duke has lost its indigenous ownership in Tver. kn-ve-r. Mikulina with a municipality and was forced to accept harsh peace terms proposed by Moscow.

In 1382 Michael went to the Horde, where, after the burning of Moscow Khan Tokhtamysh, hoping once again to make a shortcut on the Grand. reign, but the desired result has not received.

In 1396 the last time he went to the barn.

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