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Alexei Maresyev

( Man legend, known for the generation of the 80's from school, as a pilot with no legs.)

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Biography Alexei Maresyev
photo Alexei Maresyev
Alexei Maresiev: "I am a man, not a legend!"
Once in the office of the director of the Fund A. P. Maresyev "veterans of war" had a visitor and saw on the wall a portrait of the famous aviator, he crossed himself: "It was a good man Alexei Petrovich. God rest his soul ". - "As the kingdom nebesnoeN - surprised director. - I Maresyev half an hour on the phone talking ". - PravdaN - not confused visitor. - Well then, God forbid his health ".
SAM Maresiev already accustomed to the reaction, which invariably accompanies any news about him. "Thus directly and ask:" What about you, even zhivyN "- laughs Alexei Petrovich. - One newspaper even wrote on the cover: "Maresiev still alive".
We met with Alexei Maresyev the eve of two big holidays, which he will celebrate in May - Victory Day and the birthday. May 20-man legend turns 85. However, the very hero of the day, the title totally disagree.
- I am a man, not a legend! The fact that I did, there is nothing unusual. And the fact that I turned into a legend, I was very upset.
"The story itself has not read"
The same feat Alex Maresiev made in March 1942. His plane was shot down the fascists, and within eighteen days of the wounded airman crawled to his. In the hospital he amputated both legs. But he left the hospital, sat down again at the wheel plane. Previously, the story of the "real man" knew every pupil. Naturally, the book by Boris Polevoy "The Story of a Real Man, famous hero of the whole world. But few know that the title of Hero of the Soviet Union Maresyev got a few years before the book. Samu "Story ..." allowed to publish only after the war. They say that our advocates feared that the Germans would think, though in the Soviet Army are bad things. Here, they say, has already sent to fight and disabled.
Alexei Petrovich himself the appearance of the book know, heard excerpts on the radio. He called the "truth", asked the telephone number of the Field, and finally was able to meet with the author.
- Field really showed me a book before it appeared in stores. When the story was published, I was given a copy. But I did and did not read. Several times he attempted. But somehow ... In principle, all spelled correctly Field. I've got it, though, the novel, which allegedly came to see me with a girl Olga. Although he created the image of Soviet girl I like.
- And how did you like your own obrazN
- It's hard to answer. The author changed the name of the hero. Know pochemuN Field hedge. And suddenly I was drinking, began huliganitN Then the book would be banned.
- You often remember the 18 days spent in lesuN
- No, I do not remember. I do not remember a time.
- What would help you survive and not fall into otchayanieN
- The desire to get to their. The desire to live.
- The other day you check your 85 th birthday. How many themselves oschuschaeteN
- To me it would like to know. In fact, 85 years old I do not feel. And when I say: "How good you look, for sixty years" - at first I rejoice. And then I thought: Well, I looked good. And the liver, spleen, serdtseN They are something for 85.
- Correctly say that the most important thing in life - it zdoroveN
- Absolutely true. And the second place I would put an honest attitude to work.
"First of all - airplanes"
Maresyev dreamed of becoming a pilot since childhood. "Three of my older brothers, - he says. - So they're smart. And I, Jr., pilots went ". And this happened not because of, but in spite. "In my childhood I was like a Chinese, because for years suffered from malaria". And little Alexei suffered from a wild pain in the joints. Sometimes, home from school, located within 4 miles, his hands brought the senior comrades and literally tear shoes, iced tightly to the heel.

Naturally, with such health about any flying school there could be no question. But as an active Komsomol Maresyev sent to build Komsomolsk-na-Amur. He tried to refuse:

- I got excited then, firmly angry. And they have a short conversation: "Do not Put on the table poedeshN Komsomol card". So I laid. Mother, I was ideological - wept when she heard wailing. But, fortunately, there were. Knows how to formed my life, I did not go all the same to the Far East. Incidentally, today is one of the best aircraft factories.
- Do you believe in fate, Alexei PetrovichN
- I believe in climate. What am viduN When before leaving for the Far East, I passed a medical examination, I was approached by an unknown woman doctor, and so motherly said: "Alyosha, you certainly can not go. But remember: if you have one foot to step on the land, all your sickness will pass ". I thought that if I can recover, then the pilot shall. And so it was. Since then, and believe in climate.
- How do you remember the May 9, 1945-goN
- I was on the eve of a grocery rations - American stew, which was very fond of. Ate polbanki and put the rest of the window. By morning she moldy, but I still have eaten it. Came down to dinner. That such was I on this day.
- How do you feel about modern films about voyneN the West recently shot a picture of Stalingrad ...
- I have not seen this film, but friends said it was nonsense. Today, many are trying to overestimate the history. I think we should not touch this topic. And it has already agreed to that and Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy was not, and that killed at 20 million, and almost 50. And those who argue that Hitler would be better if we won, in general, should be judged.
- Today about something zhaleeteN
- The life of me, of course, rubbing. But if you start all over again, I would once again become a pilot. Until now, I can not remember the sky without a special, noble sentiments. I'm the happiest moments of life associated with aircraft. When, after the hospital in my card, wrote: "Gaudin in all kinds of aviation," I felt on top of Happiness.
- What in your life was in the first place - the family or samoletyN
- When I flew, it was not yet married. And then, I and the wife of Air Force.
"Am I zaznalsyaN"
- You fear znakomoN
- And how zheN Fear is inherent in all. And if you do, someone will say that he is afraid of nothing - do not believe. It should just be able to win in a feeling.
- What are you most always boyalisN
- Dishonesty. I generally trusting people and placable. Although my life did many bad things. They wrote, for example, somehow, that I almost hated the Field, and even a funeral for him did not come. And at that moment I was in a sanatorium, and physically could not be in Moscow. A correspondent wrote, though Maresiev arrogant and zabronzovel. Shame.
- How do you now live materialnoN
- Finally came out because of the poverty. Like everyone else, after the abolition of benefits to pay 400 rubles for a box of medicines. But nothing, I live.

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    Alexei Maresyev, photo, biography
    Alexei Maresyev, photo, biography Alexei Maresyev  Man legend, known for the generation of the 80's from school, as a pilot with no legs., photo, biography
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