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Earl Van Dorn (Earl Van Dorn)

( The best horseman of all time)

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Biography Earl Van Dorn (Earl Van Dorn)
photo Earl Van Dorn (Earl Van Dorn)
(September 20, 1820 - May 7, 1863)
. Brave, . courageous, . gay, . like a gallant knight of bygone centuries, . open and cheerful, . a hat with black plumes and gold star, . He remained in the memory of the Southern cavalry best of all time, . galloping into the attack under the Virgin ringtone, . played on the banjo.,
. Earl "Buck" Van Dorn was born Sept. 20, 1820 in Port Gibson, Mississippi
. In the 16 years he wrote a letter to a distant relative, and reasonable expressing their desire to enter military service. This proved to be a relative of U.S. President Andrew Jackson, who made sure that the young Van Dorn took at West Point. In the military academy, he received more than one punishment for disobedience, but showed the talent and knowledge in the cavalry to the Field Tactics and drawing. In 1842, Van Dorn came out of West Point 52-m by grade in the class of 56 cadets (with him learned to future southern Gen. James Longstreet and the next federal general Rozenkrans). A year later he married a young Caroline Godbold, daughter of the distinguished Alabama planter (in the future this alliance gave Earl Van Dorn, son and daughter). During the Mexican War, Van Dorn repeatedly performed miracles of valor and heroism - so he brought the flag of the regiment under fire and the first climbed on the walls of besieged American army Chapultepec. For his exploits he was brevetirovan rank of first lieutenant. Returning from the war, Van Dorn said: "I'll never be happy outside the army. I have no home - and can not be ...".
In 50-ies Van Dorn served as a captain in the 2 nd Cavalry Regiment in Texas - this famous military unit was Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston, a colonel - Robert Edward Lee. In a bold attack on the camp of the Comanches in 1858, Van Dorn has managed to get as many as three injuries that played a role in obtaining the rank of Major. In general, this kind of life he liked, career seemed cloudless, so the beginning of the Civil War, Van Dorn seemed more offensive than a hindrance to the general's stars. Being a supporter of the South, he resigned from the U.S. Army and went to Mississippi in order to join the Confederate. Many believed Van Dorn reincarnation of the classic Southern gentleman. The women he looked handsome, broad-shouldered with brown curls and aspen waist, . in addition to physical benefits, he drew well, . writing poems, . was an incorrigible romantic and proudly wore the title "the most sophisticated of the old U.S. Army cavalry officer",
. Sam Davis, president of Van Dorn made a colonel and sent him to Texas, where the latter immediately seized the vessel and the three federal by this feat became a brigadier general. In August 1861 he was transferred to Virginia with an increase to major general. Rapidly rising star of Van Dorn lit up even brighter when President Davis appointed him commander of the 2 nd Department of Trans-Mississippi Military District.
When General Albert P. Johnston called on Van Dorn to join the Army of Tennessee at Corinth in order to effectively prevent the offensive operations of the Union, . a Van Dorn decided, . that will have time before his departure to defend Arkansas from the sudden intrusion of the federal troops, Brigadier General Samuel Curtis,
. March 7, 1862, on a hill at Elk Horn Tavern, Confederate Van Dorn and Sterling Price, agreed with the expeditionary corps northerners. Although rare in this war outnumbered Southerners, bad choice of tactical scheme of battle, poor communication and lack of coordination Price and Van Dorn led to the loss of the baggage of ammo, and ultimately - to retreat with heavy losses. During the battle, Van Dorn knocked painful attack of fever, which he had just picked up in turning to the boat in the icy water. Not having had time to recover from defeat, he was ordered to move to Corinth, arriving at their destination too late to participate in the Battle of Shiloh. In June, Van Dorn left the Army of the West and, wanting to get rid of the bitterness of the recent confusion, and hastily left to defend Viksberga. But here he was expected failure - Van Dorn sent to storm the federal base in Baton Rouge and five thousand Southerners, headed by Major-General Breckinridge could not perform their task. However, President Davis still has not lost faith in the military talents of Van Dorn and therefore again sent him to Mississippi for a joint venture with Price's command of the Army West
. But events continued to evolve tragically - the October attack Van Dorn at the position of West Point classmate, Major General William C
. Rozenkransa proved a disaster for the Van Dorn and his army. Frontal's failed attack on the strengthening of northerners in Corinth (which recently built the Van Dorn himself) had ended the investigation, which accused the Van Dorn of criminal negligence. At trial, he said: "All their time and energy I devoted to serving the country and all that I have - it's my reputation, without which my life has no value, like a dried autumn leaf". The court acquitted him of all charges, but nevertheless Van Dorn lost independence, fell under the command of Lieutenant-General John K. Pemberton and leading the cavalry in Viksberge. The aggressive and sometimes reckless nature of Van Dorn is ideally suited for service in the cavalry. Finally he turned to his own place in this war, and his raid to the rear of the Grant in Holly Springs, Mississippi, at some time put Van Dorn in a row with Forrest, Morgan and Wheeler. Incidentally, this famous raid forced Grant to postpone the long campaign for the collection Viksberga. After this victory, Van Dorn's Cavalry Corps, and got started successful operations in the central part of Tennessee. His brilliant victory over the Yankees in Tompsons Session 5 th March 1863 once again convinced the Southerners in the military gift of Van Dorn. In late April, there was a serious quarrel between Van Dorn and his subordinate Nathan Bedford Forrest, flashing swords, but the efforts of his comrades, the duel was canceled.
. During regular breathing space at the front of Van Dorn arrived at its headquarters in Spring Hill, Tennessee
. Glory weaker sex amateur ahead of its. When a young widow asked him to "leave the women alone, at least until the end of the war, Van Dorn replied:" I can not, because only for this and I fight ". Although many women in the city looking for his companies, and especially strongly - one of them, named Jesse Helen MakKissak Peters, a young wife of Dr. George B. Peters. Her stormy meeting with the Van Dorn led to his being asked to keep a respectable house, where he lived. The patience of a jealous husband came to an end, and 7 th May 1863 Dr. Peters shot Major General Earl Van Dorn of the revolver. Sad epitaph heard the words of Comrade Van Doorn, . Major General Liddell, . who said, . Expressing "general consensus Army, . "All crowded condemnation, . hardly mixed with pity for the man, . clear violation of social norms Kojima led to such an ignominious end. ",

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Earl Van Dorn (Earl Van Dorn), photo, biography
Earl Van Dorn (Earl Van Dorn), photo, biography Earl Van Dorn (Earl Van Dorn)  The best horseman of all time, photo, biography
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