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Mary Kay Wagner Ash (Mary Kay Ash)

( Company founder Mary Key)

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Biography Mary Kay Wagner Ash (Mary Kay Ash)
photo Mary Kay Wagner Ash (Mary Kay Ash)
In the trading program, this activity was engaged in a sufficient number of women, and by 1981, Ashe was "responsible" for 15 women who were millonershami through trade means skincare. This unprecedented success has not happened.

Mary Kay Ash - a charismatic personality, whose confidence in his destiny is very contagious. Congenital strong will gave her unbridled audacity to found a company in full its vulnerability to a hostile attitude towards her two large organizations headed by men. In response to their intrigues, she nevertheless created his own company and provided the opportunity to work and earn a living from mothers who were at the same time the household. Insight Esch every working mother has allowed itself to determine its own level of performance and remuneration, . that is to be the head itself and build its own working mode depending on the schedule of school their children,
. As a result, there was diversified marketing firm "Mary Kay Cosmetics", which has so successfully achieved its goals, that in 1993, its annual revenue has exceeded one billion dollars.

Ash created ideal company that meets the needs of working women. And, realizing the dream of a lifetime, it created a huge business that matches her exuberant imagination. Its main purpose was not the traditional strategy of optimizing shareholder value. In fact, it seventeen years "Mary Kay Cosmetics" became a public joint stock company (1968), . however, she decided to buy a controlling stake, . and then all shares, . to again make it a private company, . because one shareholder had the impudence to doubt the ability of its "Pink Cadillac" to increase profits, . that is the foundation of its marketing strategy,
. This story "ragamuffin conversion into a princess" was described in some detail by Horatio Alger, and told about the huge roll to riches. History of Mary Kay Ash demonstrates that anyone can fulfill his dream, if not blindly follow the traditional rules defined by experts in the business.

The success of Mary Esch lies in her personality. It fascinates women consultants presentation that suits annually in Dallas. These consultants now 250 thousand, and meeting or contact Mary Kay every time a brilliant finish her business trip to Dallas. Ash can both electrify the atmosphere at their meetings, . what, . thanks to its charismatic manners, . is the thunder of applause, . when he says: "I created this company for you" (and always emphasizes this, . because their efforts were a real force, . facilitated the emergence and formation of "Mary Kay Cosmetics").,

. The idea of "Mary Kay Cosmetics", as in other stories of great success, there was a sudden
. Ash felt the urgent need to write a book about women forced to work and male chauvinism in the workplace. At twenty-five years she refused to trade with two different companies under direct commission and settled down for his book about the ill treatment of women in it poses the situation of men. When she was sitting at his kitchen table, throwing the plan of the book, she had two lists. One contained her negative experience in companies focused on the priority of men's rights, and an eloquent testimony of how not to manage the company. The second list included the conditions necessary for a perfect company, especially convenient for a career woman who has a family and children. She suddenly imagined that she designs the perfect company, which could be attractive to the participation of working women. Ash postponed writing a book at the time of enlightenment, and began implementation of their ideas about the ideal company. Later, she told the press that "Mary Kay Cosmetics" was born in this moment, and added:

. "I wanted to create a company that would provide an opportunity for women - for every woman who has a family and raising children - the most control over their careers
. Their world must be no quotas and no rigid rules; consultants should be free and be able to manage their time. This structure of employment would put a woman in the first place the family, which significantly. How many women are concerned about the fact that they can not work if they have problems at home! "(" Savvy ", June 1985)

. Cheerfulness, self-esteem and confidence are essential components in the new venture Ash
. Friends, relatives, her accountant and her lawyer - all tried to persuade the chorus start-ups dropped the idea because it is clearly doomed to failure. Ash ignored their advice and followed his plan, which was realizing her dream. Unique Products Ash and her army of housewives and female consultants ultimately did "Mary Kay Cosmetics" extremely profitable. However, the decisive factor is the most charisma Ash. It has the unique ability to motivate people to action. One of the fundamental priorities was her sympathy for these women. Once, after visiting their skin, she could try on me all the intractable problems of forced working mothers. It is an innate knowledge was felt every time she talked with them.

Carried out a Mary Kay carnival night in Dallas is akin to the emergence of "Las Vegas Rewiew" or a lively gathering. The event began a campaign theme song, "dilute" speeches on the known successful companies. All celebration permeated the evangelical sense of mutual love and reached its apotheosis, . When Ash personally appeared on the scene and began to generously give away pink Cadillacs, . mink coat, . trips to exotic travel and diamond-studded bumblebee,
. The sounds of the orchestra of fifty musicians, and women were sobbing her approval. She said: "This company - not for profit and loss, but for people and love". Later, she graciously greeted with a maid in the rest room and asked: "How are you?" "Well," - replied the girl. "No, - replied Ash. - It can not be good! You did really great woman! And this is only a false mask ... You do not feel great? So pretend, until you become it! "

At present, this charismatic woman - charming grandmother, who still preaches the Great American Dream to anyone who wants to listen to. She - a marketing miracle and outstanding energetic mind. Horatio Alger Award was awarded to her in 1978 for the description of the history of its success. Today, Ash herself a member of the award committee elected. Princess of pink is involved in virtually every talk show, including "Donahyu and Opru". She - holder of the title "Entrepreneur of the Year", "Outstanding Woman" and "Superdostizhenie" assigned to it by various organizations. She has even received the title "Outstanding Woman of the Year", awarded to her by the French magazine "Les Femmes du Monde". Ash presented in the annual carnival procession as the "Queen of Queens". That sounds like a refrain in the chorus of her subordinates, who look to her as his queen, the queen bees.

The main hero, Ash and metaphorical inspiration for her company's mascot has long been a bumblebee. She erected a bumblebee to the paramount importance as a common symbol of success. "Because of their tiny wings and heavy body of all the laws of aerodynamics to fly bumblebee should not be. But the bumblebee does not know this, and somehow manages to fly "(" The Entrepreneurs' ", 1986).

. Gold and diamond pin in the form of a bumblebee, each with twenty-one diamond and worth about four thousand dollars, is awarded the Queen Sales "at the end of each fiscal year
. This is the main symbol of success for consultants working in the company, Mary Kay. Ash says bumblebees: "He is surprisingly similar to our woman who does not know that was not supposed to climb to the top, but doing it successfully". And this is just inherent in the Ashe, who did not know how to do business, but became an honorary head of one of the largest cosmetic companies in the United States. She - a creative genius who renounces his high-profile titles, but the results of its work speak for themselves.


Ash after birth, was baptized as a Mary Kay Wagner. She was born in Hot Wells, Texas, near Houston, at the end of World War. She refuses to divulge his true age, all bringing to the words: "A woman who will tell you your age, do not say anything". Mary Kay was the last of four children, but from older brothers and sisters, it was separated by eleven years. Therefore, the ratio in the family to her was as the only child and to treat her as an adult, obeying her in everything. Mother, Mary Kay was a nurse who became an entrepreneur, who in his youth, Mary Kay contained a restaurant. Mother was the breadwinner, worked two jobs in the early years, Mary Kay and managed to instill in his daughter's respect for labor. Elder brothers and sisters, Mary Kay were significantly older than she, and her father fell ill with tuberculosis when she was only two years. He stayed in hospital for five years, so she never had the joys of a normal childhood. Father returned home exhausted, bedridden, when Mary Kay was only seven years. Her mother worked as a nurse and keeper of restaurant until until it acquired.

Mary Kay soon became a cook and nurse for his helpless father. She describes this period as a time when the phone is like the umbilical cord tied it with an ever-absent mother. It is difficult to imagine a seven-year old girl, which, on the stove to cook meals for a disabled father, had to climb on a stool. Ash said of his constantly absent mother: "For many years I was asleep when she was leaving, and slept when she returned home". Mary Kay has grown up as a child, who himself was building his own style of life in everyday. She called the mother a day on any occasion to hear: "Honey, you all get". And Mary Kay perform tasks that in other circumstances, if he could not cope and the child is much older. Mary Kay has a typical A student grade school. It is well versed in all that done. She wanted to become a nurse, a mother, or a doctor. And indeed, soon she was enrolled in medical school for one semester after the marriage, but left to go to work when her husband ran away with another woman. After high school, her mother could not on his meager income from a tiny restaurant to send her to college, so ambitious, Mary Kay has done the best that she could at that time. She met and married a young singer on the radio by the name of Ben Rogers, a man whom she called Elvis Presley of Houston.

At age 17 she began working in the restaurant of his mother as a waitress, hoping that luck will come to Ben. Over 8 years of marriage with Ben she had three children, but when he left her, she had no choice but to find some work that would provide family and its interests. This work was commission sales, so that when her children came home from school, she was at home.

Saleswoman books on child psychology, called Ash home to offer her a set of encyclopedias for children. Ash could not afford such a luxury, but I wanted to buy them, which asked whether it was possible to get them out another way. The woman, Ida Blake, said Ash, that would give her a free set of encyclopedias, if it can find buyers for ten additional sets. Not knowing how difficult it was this condition, Ash sold ten sets per day and a half. It was a three-month rate of the luckiest employees. At the time, Ash had no car and it completes this gigantic work on foot or by telephone. She made the impossible, relying only on its own energy and ability to convince. Blake recognized her inborn talent and gave her a job immediately. Blake was her first boss and a business mentor. Ash was on the way to a successful career with the vendor targeted marketing, where consumer interest is paramount, but the certainty and diligence of the seller's absolutely necessary for success.


. Ashe was a good trade school in the company "Stenly Home Products"
. It was one of the few works that allowed the mother of three children to work without turning the lives of families in the deserted ruins of. The work allowed her to have a fairly flexible schedule because she trusted to sell goods on a straight commission without permanent records to the parent committent. It was in 1938, and Ash gained experience in professional work, not even realizing more of its tremendous role in the creation of some thirty years later, a huge commercial organization with world-renowned. She calmly traded in a straight commission during the Great Depression - the first indicator of its assertive demeanor. She had no formal education or prior experience of similar work, but the high annual income, years of depression observed in other extremely rare.

. Ash was extremely successful seller in full compliance with its ambitious in-kind
. She recalls: "I was forced to compete every minute, I had to come into contact with virtually every counter. When I won the first time, I realized that my main income - this is something I definitely learned about myself, how to light a flashlight attract stupid fish and its pincer. And then I firmly decided that if his company will build, then like hell anyone else could ever lure me with such illumination.

. Her first husband was the lead singer Ash, sang songs in the style of western "country" in a group called "Hawaiian streams"
. He fled with another woman during the war, leaving her with three children. Ash recalls: "When the eldest of the children had not yet turned eight, I was the only nurse of the Lambs - but it was already on the threshold of great changes.

Unexpectedly, even for myself Ash rushed to make a career in "Stenly Home Products". The confluence of circumstances forced her to become a major seller of the department. She has won several consecutive trading premiums and groped his way up the administrative ladder. Moving up the career ladder, she suddenly discovered that, for this work, it fits much better than men, not possessing, as a rule, no talent, no knowledge. She never forgot about his experiences. It resulted in a rage when she said that men "should keep their family". "It seems that the corporations run by men, women's brains are valued at fifty cents on the dollar". She will never forget his disgusting feeling when we fall short of its expectations to receive equal pay for equal work with men. Once it finally took her out of herself - and she created her own company.

. One evening at a party in a poor district of Dallas Ashe met with a woman who did what was in the near future, the basis of its own business
. This woman was a beautician, and her skin was the most magnificent of all, what Mary Kay has ever seen. Not long thinking, Ash said that she, too, cosmetologist, and knows some secret recipes for the skin, but what was her surprise when she learned that the new acquaintance uses the drug, which she inherited from her father. The fact that her father was a tanner. One day he noticed that his hands look much younger than his face. He began to apply its tannins and face, while supplying the substance under his daughter. The results exceeded all expectations. In 1953, Ashe became the present "a convert" and become urgent to raise money for the production of this monstrous smelling, but the miracle cure. After, . as it did the first session is self-massage with this dope, . her ten year old son, Richard, . Arriving home from school, . kissed her and said: "It's great, . ma! You look great! "It is a moment swallowed the bait and applied the tool for ten more years before they decided to sell it,
. The right path Ashe instructed her mother: "My mother died vosmidesyatisemiletney, but the nurses could not believe it. In appearance she was not more than sixty. "

. Ashe left the "Stenly Products" shortly after an acquaintance c "tannic lady" and went to work in the company "World Gift Company", a local Dallas company supporting material, which was also in line with targeted marketing
. For ten years she has helped create a dynamic sales network in 43 states. Once again, Ash was very successful, receiving numerous and increasing remuneration. The final improvement was the position of Commercial Director. But this event was for her humiliating. Ash remembers that the owner of the company believed that only a man can be the commercial director. "So he called me" the national coach of directors and paid half as much ". It was in 1960, Mary Kay has earned 25000 dollars per year and become venerable teacher for merchants engaged in trade target. She taught the basics of men and professional secrecy, and they soon took a more highly paid positions than hers, and looked at her down. Paul was their only advantage, and it is terribly irritating ready at any moment to fight Mary Kay.

The road to administrative Ash heights blocked sexual discrimination and unconscious prejudice male leaders. Ash defines this period of his life this way: "We are" substitutes "here," substituted for "there, and all it lasted so damn long that we ended up here. Of course, when you expose, it is necessary to start a business ". To check the organization was invited by a qualified expert. He recommended to limit the powers Ash. At this time, her youngest son, Richard Roger, celebrated 20 years, and she married in the head of the company producing vitamins. For the first time in his life Ashe enjoyed the luxury of financial security, and she did not have the slightest desire to put up with such chauvinistic outbursts. She immediately left the company and appealed to his experience and ability to advance their own way.

. The dream

. Ash decided to quit work and sit down at home for writing a book about his experiences and tribulations in the world of male leadership
. Sitting at his kitchen table, much like Lillian Vernon, she outlined the various difficulties that meets a woman in a predominantly male environment. She has written two lists. One - about her humiliation at the various factories of America, and the other describing the manner in which, in its view, should be used to create the ideal company to avoid such injustice. She was determined to elaborate on how a working woman, especially a working mother can be seen in the philosophical hierarchy of the corporate structure. Her "dream company" was treated as an organization in which all would be treated equally encouragingly. And the promotion was held would be based on achievements, and products are reviewed from the perspective of its trading skills and market demand, but not Lucrative. For the most Ashe was a surprise to discover that she described the type of company, what she wanted to create. She immediately put her book aside, and the idea of "Mary Kay Cosmetics" was born in the summer of 1963.

The first task was to find the product Ash. She remembered the wonderful tannins, which has the smell, reminiscent of skunk. This was the substance with the unbearable stench, but it applied to him for years and realized that the important thing now, to remove this foul spirit. The woman, her former postavschitsey died, so she contacted her daughter and bought the rights to the product. He was still horribly stench, but for the beginning of this trouble could be corrected relevant additives. Ash spent five thousand dollars, which collected a lifetime to buy the rights to this unknown product, lease 500 feet of a shopping area in the enterprise, emerging on the facade of a large complex of offices of Dallas, and opened the "Mary Kay Cosmetics". She sold it a unique product that actually it should add to the other, as in the sale, and when used. Ashe's husband was her adviser and the administrator-manager, as Ash knew that she was not able to manage the administrative apparatus of the new ventures.

. A month before her dream was to open the case was realized in September 1963, Ash's husband died of a heart attack
. This was the third great crisis in the life of this cheerful woman. After the funeral, the lawyer advised her to Ash: Mary Kay, it is necessary to eliminate it right now and compensate for all that can. If you do not, you can stay without a penny ". Accountant Ash gave to her as "encouraging" the board, saying: "You do not have the possibility to conduct a further". But Ash, supported by their children, decided to listen to your own inner voice. It is, to the chagrin of some and against fate, opened a shop. The store opened on Friday, September 13, 1963. At Ash was only one shelf filled with goods, and nine friends who served consultants cosmetics.

Ash put his twenty years of his son, Richard headed the administrative part of the case, which had planned to keep her husband. The first solution was to propose a formula Ash tannins Dallas chemical company to get them professionally made and packaged product. The owner of this company are not interested its proposal, referred her to his young son, saying: "Prepare a portion of this stinking abomination for this woman". Three years later, she was in his own revenge for the injury by making a long-standing plan: she bought the company this man and started his own production.

. When a reporter asked Ash about her future plans, she said: "I never dreamed of leaving Dallas
. And continued: "I'm not trying to go somewhere, but it still happened. Pretty soon we were in Texas, then Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico. In each state, we stayed a short time ". Many people believed in her dream.

Ash so many years favored pink, it is evident even in the planning of marketing activities and had no chance. In fact, pink is not her favorite color. She originally chose it as the color of packages for their creams for skin care, as this color blends well with traditional white-coated bathrooms. He became its key color, and later its association with psychological appeasement allowed Ash look more brilliant than it actually was.

. Finally she capitulated entirely dallasskoy dyeing his famous mansion in pink.

. The first year in business, Ash was heavy, but she managed to get an annual income of 38 thousand dollars
. Second year is rapidly rose to a phenomenal income of 650 thousand dollars. The company exceeded the magical one million threshold for the fourth year. Consultants targeted marketing are the foundation of her company. They brought the company success. Its consultants are a reflection of her own philosophy of building the company, answering the question: how women and mothers could get a job. According to Ash, you can earn 30 thousand a year and, nevertheless, be home when your children leave the school bus. Anne Matthews, a consultant from Miami, who came to the firm after the divorce, said: "I only know one place where the administration is actively trying to think of ways the problem of women coming to work."

. The originality of interrelated techniques of persuasion Ashe helped companies rapidly increase the success
. It preached his principles, as the high priest at Mass. Her favorite maxims:
"I created this company for you."
"First God, then family, then career.
"We are rushing forward to success."
"God did not have enough time to finish everything before the end. So now you have the opportunity to acquire or become something, what you dreamed. "
"If you think you can, you - you can. But if you think that will help, then you can not. "
. "Pretend, until you become who you want"

. These quotations can be perceived as anything hard, but in the inspiring atmosphere of "Mary Kay Cosmetics", coming from the charisma of its owner, they become aphoristic charms, which makes sense to follow any cost
. These rules have magical powers, and "Mary Kay Cosmetics" completed the first decade of its existence in 1972 with an annual income of 18 million. By 1968 the company was large enough to firmly declare an increase in capital needed for expansion. Their shares were listed on the Stock Exchange of New York in 1976, and by the 1978-th the company has 45 thousand of independent consultants with a turnover of 54 million and a net annual income of 4.8 million. By 1983, the company said the second decade in business turnover of 324 million, with more than 200 thousand consultants Sales. In the early nineties, . when the company finally broke the barrier of one billion dollars and the number of consultants has exceeded 250 thousand, . Many of them have received as a prize, . "Award on wheels", . trademark "Mary Kay Cosmetics" - this pink Cadillac,
. When she was, . do not you think it, . that pink Cadillac was the bait, . she asked in reply: "And what color car you gave your company in the past goduN" Her advisers, . marked Pink Cadillac, . became six months with the consent of the administering of certain terms of trade (15 beginner, plus the required delivery at $ 600 per month for the next six months).,

. Ash genius and marketing, and in methods of exposure
. Her marketing concept is simple. She noticed that women are embarrassed to do facial massage on the trading floor, if they smeared by medical means a person can see on display the world. Marketing innovation consists in the fact, . that the consultant would conduct a demonstration session directly at women customers at home, . when she feels sufficiently secure, . where she could learn the nuances of skin care, . avoiding strangers prying eyes,
. "When was the last time someone from the company Estee Lauder interested in how you liked it purchased from them?" Never! "And if you bought something from Mary Kay, its employees become your consultant for life."

. Personal and business philosophy Ash embodied on the golden rule
. Networking is very important for all multi-level marketing organizations, sales, and "Mary Kay Cosmetics" is no exception in this. Revenue Consultant - 50 percent commission on each sale, and if it can recruit another 24 other women, she can earn $ 1000 per month. Average woman spends on cosmetics more than 200 dollars a year, . so that the arithmetic is simple: to find the necessary number, . to ensure full satisfaction with earnings, . All data for this calculation are known - because you always get fifty percent of the selling price,
. Under this trading program that activity was engaged in a sufficient number of women, and by 1981, Ashe was "responsible" for 15 women who were millonershami through trade means skincare. This unprecedented success has not happened.

Ash again took the company private by buying all the shares in 1965. It is a classic entrepreneur who does not want to have shareholders, pointing to her how to run the company. A week before the redemption of one woman wrote a letter with this recommendation: "Now, . when we are mature oganizatsiey, . do not you think, . that is stupid - give the right and left pink avtomashinyN "These cars were pink backbone of its motivational circuit and became a national symbol of the company,
. Mary Kay decided that now it is completely do without public money, because that could jeopardize all the foundations of its concept. Two years later she made her son Richard's chairman, and she became the president in retirement, without interfering in the future actively in anything except the motivational sphere. By 1993, "Mary Kay Cosmetics" became the largest U.S. trading company to sell assets for skin care with more than 250 thousands of independent consultants in nineteen countries around the world. The company recognized the second-largest cosmetic companies of this kind, second only to the older company "Avon". This - the third largest of all the cosmetic companies in general, and especially the desire Ash was still in life to see how her company is a company б? 1. It is an inspiring leader, revolutionizing the method of sale of cosmetic products and ensure the highest wages, more women than any other firm. According to the "WallStreet Journal", the firm "Mary Kay Cosmetics" number of women earning more than fifty thousand dollars annually, more than any other company in the United States. Ash claims to have the right to host the African American and Spanish girls, earning over 50 thousand dollars, more than any other corporation in the world. Earning more than 100 thousand dollars is also not uncommon, and the ubiquitous pink Cadillacs are a testament to its success and persuasive genius.
. Temperament: Intuitive and emotional

. Ash - so cocky charismatic, that is hard to imagine her in a negative light
. She speaks about the risks of creating a "Maru Kay": "None of what the risks and the speech was not. I even thought could never what might happen failure. It was simply impossible! "This is a classic individuality of all the great creative geniuses. They have so much confidence in themselves that can overcome any problem. Ash passionately committed to this philosophy: "I believe, . that if you have a choice between two gifts to your child - on one side of the balance of one million dollars, . on the other - the ability to think positively, . is the greatest gift he can only trust in yourself ",
. Ash thinks about the subject, in which it is - a recognized expert, just because it is - unsurpassed in the identity of self-confidence, which reached the highest peaks due to the absolute power of positive thinking.

. Ash - full of enthusiasm and zealous speaker, able to mesmerize the audience
. Its consultants are ready to follow her, even in hell, if there is lead her fate. She - ekstravertivny personality type, for which subjective perceptions are more important than objective thinking. Her sincere friendly manner is contagious, and her philosophy of "golden rules" like a magnet attracts followers. It allows himself to be of high workaholic and say: "I have always acted decisively and with good energy, that defines me as a workaholic". Ash's enthusiasm is contagious, and she lives her life in the style of Gandhi - "Go and do not wait until it receives". It is her philosophy for success.

Purposeful unconscious and energetic Ash shaped her creative dreamer. The energy of its internal representations stored in the unconscious, to emerge with clarity in everything that she only wished to undertake. She was feminine, but ambitious and keenly aggressive style. Feminists saw it as an ideal candidate to carry out their tasks, especially when she challenged the male chauvinism and opened his own company. Her own reaction was frank and sarcastic:

"I never participated in it, because they fought a lot of things in which I would never could believe. They fought for low-heeled shoes, do yourself a men's haircut, refused to cosmetics and burned their bras. I believe that God created us women, has appointed us to be feminine, and we must be faithful to our purpose "(Jennings, 1987).

It was a sensible proposition of a woman who in the past were often discriminated against in the work. At Ash strong power of intuition, constantly seeking opportunities in life. She - a complete optimist, who sees the meaning of doing something, rather than making excuses for idleness. She has a passion for the opportunities that are typical for right-thinking. Her personality type - ekstravertivny intuitive-emotional system of the estimators for the Myers-Briggs. Her high energy and charismatic appeal combined with the certainty that no one can cause even doubts. These touches make it a classic creative Seer with a unique sensitivity to their employees, friends, partners.

Between family and career

Ash waited until her children grow up before you do business. Her considerable experience and ability to balance between family and work for more than twenty years, of course, can not be ignored, considering it the way to the top. It myself felt the complexity of the mother, forced to raise children alone. Her first husband left her in time of war, and at the age of twenty-seven years, she realized herself responsible for three children, which made her take up the trade. It could be fairly paid position, but chose to trade commission, to be able to be for their children while the mother and father. This dual role perfectly prepared her to create a company with the philosophy of its suitability for working mothers. Business philosophy "Mary Kay Cosmetics" was created in order to guarantee women the opportunity to work at the same time conducting household. This philosophy has led ultimately to the outstanding success of the company. And it is - another reason why many thousands of women willing to die for Mary Kay, if they so requested.

Ashe believed that it is very difficult, if not impossible to be both a good wife, mother and entrepreneur. "I do not think that in a day you can find time for it all at once. How can you be the mother of three children, having all these worries and troubles with the management of a large corporation, a husband and a bunch of other things at the same time. I do not think that it is possible "(" Self-Made Women ", 1987).

Mary Kay married Mel Ash much later creation of "Can Kay Cosmetics". She refers to her marriage as an example sverhtrudnostey to balance between personal and professional. She was already standing in the "Mary Kay Cosmetics" and not burdened excessively mothering, but: "I had to find an effective way to regulate in order to be a wife, what he wanted me to see. He did not want my face to see a solid board chairman. He did not want me to tell him what to do, whatever it may concern. When I returned home, he wanted me to be his wife just. It outlines options for income any woman, . working in the "Mary Kay Cosmetics", . compared with income, . which she would have, . if I worked as the majority of American women from nine to five: "Suppose, . you earn $ 200 for a 40-hour workweek,
. Twelve hours of "Maru Kay" bring an average of about $ 200, almost without any costs to be you ". Here is further evidence the main task of all activities of Ash, which was the continued support of working mothers. All her sympathy given to these women, and is determined by the fact that for many years she was one of them. Twenty-five year experience working mother was invaluable. Children Ashe grew up, before she created the "Mary Kay Cosmetics", giving it a way to focus only on his career. Actually, her entrepreneurial success would have been impossible without holding it the terrible 25 years as a working mother, dedicated commission trade. Ash had to pay a terrible price in those years for attempting to balance between career and family simultaneously. Her children are often left alone, and she had to endure male chauvinism, with no chance to resolve these issues as something different. This made her very sensitive to the situation of working mothers. As a result, Ash gave the same working mothers to manage their careers without sacrificing family life.

And lastly

Third husband Ash, Mel, died of cancer in 1980, and Mary is now living with friends in his Dallas home. Ash House - is a real fortress, and literally and figuratively. She moved to this tridtsatikomnatnoe building in a suburb of Dallas in 1985. This palace - a symbol of power and success of the Queen of trade. He stretched his carpets flowering mnogoakrovyh field, and a nine from a huge pianola continually poured through the rooms sounds of prayers. This house is valued at four million dollars lavishly decked out with pink ornaments, representing a kind of showcase, attracting new followers, and demonstrating the power of success. Of course, Ash - a product of his upbringing: she calmly cuts coupons, - a relic of those times when her identity was formed. And her health care home Chilean pup significantly more than the latest dress from Davinchi.
. Ash ignores her lawyer with left-hand thinking that once chided her: "Mary Kay, you're dreaming, so you can all sleep"
. Her dreams translated into reality, and now she lives in his own castle. It so happened that on the way to the castle, she has transformed no more, no less than the trading business of America! She is constantly tossed between the tragedies and successes. Her charismatic form of optimism made the fate of her smile, . but mostly made her excited to be able to show people now, . who want to have it all, . that any dream can be realized through the work at the appropriate time,
. Slogan Ash business is: "What have I done today I can help women to further strengthen their positive view of sebeN" She did this covenant would be better than anyone else in the world. Precisely because of this she was able to realize what a true creative genius.

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  • I FROM UKRAINE, . YES MERI KEJ THINK WELL AND FULFILLED, . BUT, . I had a WIFE, . Until then, until she became a leader, . Everything was fine, . BECAUSE, . That I had the money, . On which it bought LEADERSHIP! A MONEY THEN I'M GONE, . AND WIFE WITH ME Divorced! I was left a beggar and a wife, . And Whom shall I blame?,
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  • Before giving his wife money, it was necessary to ask for that - once. She can not work - that's two. Find her senior leader or contact the Company's management. You can help there. That was three. Good luck!
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  • This is the WORST article. The misspellings alone are too many. Someone please re-write this so someone can understand it. It's like it was written in another language and someone who only minimally understood English translated it. Please, someone fix this.
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