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Zhukov, Sergey

( Music Artist, singer)

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Biography Zhukov, Sergey
photo Zhukov, Sergey
Sergey Zhukov was born May 22, 1976 in g. Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region. On horoscope Twin. In 1999, he graduated from the Samara Academy of Culture and Arts, specializing in show-programs director, the organizer of cultural and leisure activities of young. Sergey has a younger brother Michael, aged 19 years. He was a law student RGIIS.

On the group "Hands up"
The core group consists of Sergey Zhukov, Alexey Potekhin, dance accompaniment - "Street Djazz" Buduyuschie "Hands" met at the Samara branch of Radio "Europe +", where both worked DJ.Vesnoy 2002. group began to cooperate with the "Street Djazz" - is Mandrik Sergei and Maxim Nedolechko.

Yourself ...
Debut album "Breathe evenly" was released in 1997. Even before the album became hits songs, which were filmed clips is "Baby" and "Student". For 5 years of creative life "Hands" released 8 albums, received 6 silver, 3 gold and 2 platinum records, below is a list of awards, which received a group.

HIT-FM radio station on behalf of and on behalf of his many listeners rewarded group "Hands Up!" a significant contribution to the development of Russia show-business industry and skill hitmaykerstva.

The second annual award Russia the recording industry. In 1999, the group "Hands Up!" became the winner of three degrees for the second annual award Russia the recording industry in the nominations:
. 1) Russia radiohit - with the song "My Little"
. 2) Album of the Year - "Do it louder"
. 3) Artist of the Year

. Prize "Golden Gramophone"
. The annual nomination of the best Russian music award of the most frequently ordered to "Rusco Radio Rossiyskim performers. According to the Russian radio "for the past three years not a single month to songs" Hands Up! " not attended to in the 20-ke-most most.

With the disc TURBO DANCE MIX VOL.2 (which is not available in our country) group "Hands Up!" became world. Also on the disk contains stars such as Britney Spears, Scoter, but the only picture on the cover of the album - photo by Sergey Zhukov and Alexei Potekhin.

Special Prize "Around the world La-La-La-La-La" from BMG Russia for more than 1 000 000 sold CDs of the "PBX" with a song from the "Hands Up!" (in Russian version of "Song") And is not sold in Russia and in Western Europe.

International Association against Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking awarded creative team "Hands Up!" diploma "For personal contribution to healthy lifestyles and the development of the movement against drugs".

Diploma of "Songs of the Year 2001" were Sergei and Alexei, as author of the song "18 I have already".
Another prize of the guys got from "Love-Radio" for "kind, tender, affectionate" - the best song about love.

May 24, 2001 a new album "Do not worry, I'm with you", consisting of 13 tracks, among which not only have many favorite songs "I thought," It's not me "and" 18 to me already, but the new hit " Kind, gentle, affectionate, and many others ...
In October, an album "Little Girls".

And the last album "The End of pop-music, dance all" went on sale on May 22, 2002. "Hands Up!" the song "He kisses you" from the album, has already shot a clip.
Sergey Zhukov recorded a solo song "Territory", and September 27-28, 2002. filmed video for this song.

Official site of "Hands up"

Photos of Zhukov, Sergey
  • Zhukov, Sergey
  • Zhukov, Sergey

Photos of Zhukov, Sergey
Zhukov, SergeyZhukov, Sergey

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  • Flyer for Zhukov, Sergey
  • in my subjective opinion failed ... and the name of the album "the end of pop-music dance All" to suggest that the group did not pop, but really pop clean water ...
  • nes-kristina for Zhukov, Sergey
  • I really like the solo album, Sergei Zhukov, in my SUPER! And ???? "Hands up", the best team !
  • nes-kristina for Zhukov, Sergey
  • I really like the solo album, Sergei Zhukov, in my SUPER! And ???? "Hands up", the best team !
  • Yana for Zhukov, Sergey
  • Hands up best in the world ! I live now in England and I still love them ! If you agree with me - write to me
  • Cat for Zhukov, Sergey
  • I believe that the solo albums "Hands up" is something. Ie something - for the soul. Keep up the good work. I think you'll get vsoego!
  • Cutie for Zhukov, Sergey
  • Seryozhka, I will not say bonalnyh phrases, except to say that you are very good chelovek.Ya would very much like you and I poobschatsya.Znay that in St. Pete and you love are always welcome. PSya always go to your concerts in St. Petersburg! LUCK
  • Sweet for Zhukov, Sergey
  • Hello sunshine! I'll just ??. Come to Irkutsk, get acquainted, go on a bender so that you do not want to return to Moscow. I kiss you!
  • Lena for Zhukov, Sergey
  • how are you?
  • Lyusik for Zhukov, Sergey
  • Sergei Zhukov, . very talented man, . very sorry that the group Hands up ceases to exist, . but perhaps this is for the better, . because he always prevented the scope of release something new, . made in a different style, . now he has "free hand", . and we look forward to his personal creations! Seryozha, . you are the most -, . good luck to you all, . everything is super!,
  • Chrystyna for Zhukov, Sergey
  • I think that the album just ???! And not only ???. And Sergei my ideal, probably no man in the world who love it as I am ... Sergei, know, ty ludshy, I'm always with you ... in Misle ... I dream to see you, poobschatsya. Ty probably very intiresny man, I always watch for you, though, even on the internet. TUE LUDSHY !
  • KiSsSiK for Zhukov, Sergey
  • prijatnij golos, krasivie pesni) 4to ec4e dlja s4astja nado? =))) Molod4inka!
  • Lenok for Zhukov, Sergey
  • Sergei hare you the best lapulya I love you so much happiness, . Health, . good luck in vsem.Tvoya song tears dropped super.I do all that you did in the hands and delaesh now the best of luck, my cat Honey I'll never simply unforgettable I love you I love and will love vsegda.Moy cat.,
  • @ lenenok for Zhukov, Sergey
  • Sergei, how wonderful that the world there are people like you! You're very talented. I wish you great creative successes! Thank you for all your songs, . because of them, . I'm not a snob and I love life so, . what it is! your songs always raise spirits, . sorry, . that the group broke up. :-( I'm 18 and I'm glad all over, . that surrounds us:) Once again, THANK YOU,
    . Alina
  • Oleg for Zhukov, Sergey
  • Sergei, I remember in the 98th STUDENT heard your song, very pleased. Even had no idea who sings. Then he was very fond of your songs. But to tell the truth since 2000, you began to sing a little bit wrong, what is the baby, tearful. Sergey, because with such a pleasant voice and the mood of romance you could be a little bit more serious and harder. However, I still ?????? most of your order. I come from Komsomolsk, create a group with other. With something like HANDS. Sergey, I can send you my songs, who knows might be interested. Know that you need in our country, write to me
  • turiub for Zhukov, Sergey
  • Sergey Zhukov cool prikolny singer! me ??? all his works
  • Anya for Zhukov, Sergey
  • Whatever happens he is the best:):)
  • Vova for Zhukov, Sergey
  • you are cool guy. many thanks for the autograph, which you gave me today 06.01.2009g. in Avantel Club Istra
  • Juliana for Zhukov, Sergey
  • He is the best of the best
  • Olya for Zhukov, Sergey
  • Zzhravstvuy Sergey. nenznayu even where to start.. I'll start with the fact that your songs I listen to for 9 years, I am very blagodalna, for these wonderful songs that have meaning to life ... your songs are very similar to my life .... when I listen, I have a feeling that it is sung about me ... about my life, about my relationship with a young man .. sorry that you broke up as a group, but you were such a wonderful, wonderful man.. who puts his soul into his art ... I would very much like to communicate with you, but sorry, I live segments may be possible to communicate by e-mail, I will be very pleased !
  • Anonymous for Zhukov, Sergey
  • I enjoy creative group "hands up" and let them idalshe continue to please us with their new pestnyami.
  • mila for Zhukov, Sergey
  • privetik, ia zuvy v Portygalii, nikolu ne byla na vashux koncertax ale dyze b ciogo xotila, xotila bu poobshatuci s vamu, meni dyze podobaeteci vu i vashi picni.Kolu vuide vash alibom? vidpushiti invsh lacka.YDACHI
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    Zhukov, Sergey, photo, biography
    Zhukov, Sergey, photo, biography Zhukov, Sergey  Music Artist, singer, photo, biography
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