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Dementiev Valeriy

( Writer, State Prize winner.)

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Biography Dementiev Valeriy
(August 11, 1925 - ...)
State Prize laureate. Beginning with the 60-ies, one after another in Moscow and Vologda in his book: "Blue yoke. Poetry of Alexander Prokofiev "(1964)," Strong as a thistle. Jaroslav Smelyakov "(1967)," The Fiery Bridge. Book of Poetry "(1970)," Leonid Martynov. Poet and Time "(1971)," The Gift of the North "(1973)," Alexander Twardowski (1976) and others.
Born August 11, 1925 in the village Kargachevo Kubenoozerskogo region Vologda region. Mother - Ekaterina. Wife - Dementieva Ninella V. (1930. born.). Son - Vadim V. (1950 g. born.), consultant of the Federation Council, the chief editor of the Federation Council, a member of the Writers' Union of Russia, Candidate of Philology. Grandchildren - Dmitri (1979. born.), Valery (1984. born.).
Homes Dementieva known in Russia since ancient times. The village stands on a tract of Vologda, Kirillov, who was in the St. Cyril-Belozersky Monastery, one of the centers of the spiritual life of ancient Russia. Near Kirillov is no less famous Ferapontov monastery with frescoes by famous ancient artworks Dionysius. Then the road leads into town Belozersk, referred to in the Russian Primary Chronicle of IX century. Along this route, drove Nil Sora and the priest Habakkuk, Ivan the Terrible and Peter I, Daniil and Dionysius Glushitsky. Around Kubensky Lake, . on the shore of which is Kargachevo, . flourished rich northern monasteries, . based more followers Sergei Radonezhsky, . and on the islands have a real pearl of ancient Russian architecture - stone Kizhi, . Savior Stone Monastery, . destroyed in the 30-ies,
. According to Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II, these places gave Russia more holy ascetics and saints than all the other ancient Russian land together.

. Not only the antiquity and the high development of spiritual culture is famous for kubenoozerskaya land
. Dim, but the mighty northern nature is unfolded in full force and effect: a huge expanse of lake surrounded by boreal forests, quiet sunsets in half the sky, motley grasses, huge glacial boulders ... These places attract a wide variety of artists and writers of Russia - from Konstantin Korovin to Vasily Belov and Viktor Astaf'eva.
. After graduating from high school in Vologda Valery Dementiev was drafted into the army and sent to the Moscow School of Military Engineers, which is located in the suburban Bolszewo
. After graduating from the accelerated training of officers, engineers, Lt. Valerii Dementiev in June 1944 gets under the command of a reconnaissance and engineering platoon on the Leningrad front, participating in battles on the Karelian Isthmus. Then the road of war led him to Europe, which he liberated in the 314-th Kingisepp Infantry Division 59 th Army 1-st Ukrainian Front. As commander of a separate engineering platoon reconnaissance Valery Dementiev participated in the Lvov-Sandomierz, Sandomir-Silesia, Lower Silesia, Upper Silesia, Berlin and Prague offensives. Was shell-shocked.
Already the war ended. In life Valeria Dementieva suffered perhaps the most dramatic episode in his front destiny. In the Czech town of Hradec Kralove has still not been cleared the city's main cathedral, a unique monument of ancient architecture. Young sapper Valery Dementiev could send for clearance of any of his subordinates, but the soldiers in his platoon were families, children. Nobody wanted to die after a Victory. And then he went to the cathedral, one. The whole city froze in anticipation - that budetN.. An hour passed, another. The system of mining was classified. Wearily dragged on ... Finally the doors seemed deadbeat lieutenant, grasped the same pattern mining and warned the inevitable explosion.
For this feat lieutenant Valery Dementiev was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Hradec Kralove. Also during the war, he was awarded the Order of the Red Star and medals "For the liberation of Prague", "For Victory over Germany" and other awards.

In the victorious, Valery Dementiev was transferred to the reserve. We had to start a peaceful life. With accordion trophy went to the mother in Vologda (his father died back in the Finnish War), came to study in the literary department of the Vologda Pedagogical Institute, which he graduated in 1950. In the same year he married Zemlyachka Ninelle Kiryanovo, and they had a son Vadimeni

Originally published as a poet in 1947 in a local newspaper "Krasny Sever". In 1952 in Vologda publishing company published his first book of poems "My fellow villagers". But the craving for analysis and reflection on the contemporary literary process, interest in the major poetic phenomena ousted in his early works of his own poetic lessons.

In 1951 he enrolled in graduate Institute of Literature A. M. Gorky and began to study works of eminent poets of his time. Young literary environment in the early 50-ies was an interesting and original phenomenon. In Moscow gained the creative power of an entire galaxy of writers, soldiers, whose names will soon become known to readers throughout the country. Among them: Yuri Bondarev, Grigori Baklanov, Julia Drunina, Nicholas Starshinov, Yuri Levitansky, Alexei Nedogonov, Alexander Mezhirov, Sergey Orlov, and many others. Almost everything they learned in those years in the Literary Institute. The undisputed authority for this generation was Tvardovsky, with whom Valery Dementiev met in the late 40-ies as a young poet. It was then that the author of "Basil Terkina" and advised him to continue his studies in Moscow, not to hurry with the definition of their genre of literary predilections.

In 1956 in Moscow, published a monograph Valeria Dementieva Stepan Shchipachev ". Henceforth, the main attention focuses on the literary critic of modern poetry to Russia in its vertex achievements. After finishing graduate school, he continued teaching at the Department of Art at the Literary Institute, works in the department of criticism of "October", directed by famous writer Fyodor Panferov. His first book, and publication in the metropolitan press noticed, and in 1957, Valery Dementiev was admitted to the Union of Soviet Writers.

Addiction Valeria Dementieva as a writer determined by time. Late 50's - early 60-ies coincided with a massive passion for poetry, literature in general. It was a time of prosperity and creativity of young poets, and the older generation, the years of universal hopes and aspirations,. Wednesday, where he was a literary critic, was extremely fruitful - it is remarkable generation of writers, past the roads of war, who know the real cost of living. Finally, the home of Valeria Dementieva, in Vologda, in the same years, began to emerge creatively original school of Russian writers, headed by the acknowledged master of the postwar literature Alexander Yashin. All these factors could not affect the determination of further literary tastes and search Valeria Dementieva.

Beginning with the 60-ies, one after another in Moscow and Vologda in his book: "Blue yoke. Poetry of Alexander Prokofiev "(1964)," Strong as a thistle. Jaroslav Smelyakov "(1967)," The Fiery Bridge. Book of Poetry "(1970)," Leonid Martynov. Poet and Time "(1971)," The Gift of the North "(1973)," Alexander Twardowski (1976) and other. Name Valeria Dementieva as an analyst of the contemporary literary process, becomes the authoritative, . He is widely published in periodicals, . elected to the governing bodies of the Writers' Union and the RSFSR, . has a teaching job at the Literary Institute, . works in the editorial boards of several major newspapers and magazines.,

. Often arriving in their homes, Valery Dementiev painstakingly collects material on the history of the North, its spiritual culture
. Another manifestation of his literary essays are book esseistskih Northern fresco "(1967)," Savior-Stone "(1968)," The Great mouth "(1972), with his sons love telling about the past and present of the Russian North. The story "Dionysius" (1973) became the first literary story of the brilliant painter and caused a great reader's interest.
. In those same years Dementiev actively helping fellow-writers, speaking at a Moscow press with reviews and articles about new books Vologda Sergei Vikulova, Olga Fokina, Alexander Romanov, Nikolai Rubtsov.
. Late 70's - early 80-ies was a time of flourishing creativity Valeria Dementieva
. The results of their years of literary and critical observations on the contemporary literary process, he brings in the book "World Poet" (1980), "My lieutenant. About Sergey Orlov (1981), Selected Works in 2 volumes (1982), "Confessions of land. A word about Russia's Poetry "(1984)," The Poet and Time "(1986)," Facets of verse "(1988)," Personality of the poet "(1989) and other monographs and collections.
In 1982, Valery Dementiev was awarded the State Prize winner RSFSR behalf of A. M. Gorky.
In 1984, he defends the Institute of World Literature A. M. Gorky's doctoral thesis on contemporary Russian poetry. In the same years as professor of Institute of Literature A. M. Gorky.
As Secretary of the Union of Writers of the RSFSR on criticism and literary criticism, and directing the creative workshops, Valery Dementiev reared in 70-80-ies a whole galaxy of young literary critics. He has also been compiled collections of articles beginners Russian literary critic "Peers", released in 80-ies. On their pages appeared the first publication of Vladimir Korobov, . Alexander Pankov, . Tatiana Ochirova, . Nicholas Mashovtsa, . Sergei Chuprinin, . George Andzhaparidze, . Vladimir Vasiliev, . Alexander Karelin, . Kazbek Shazzo, . Alexander Shklyaeva, . Sergey Borovikov, . Nicholas Utekhina, . Leonid Asanova, . Svyatoslav Pedenko and many others.,
. For a great and fruitful work in the literature, social activities Valery Dementiev awarded the Labor Red Banner of Honor ", with many medals.
. Currently, Valery V. Dementiev retired as a disabled World War II first team
. Among his hobbies - fishing, art books.
Lives and works in Moscow.

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Dementiev Valeriy, photo, biography
Dementiev Valeriy, photo, biography Dementiev Valeriy  Writer, State Prize winner., photo, biography
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