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Barbara Bush

( Wife 41-second U.S. president, George Bush)

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Biography Barbara Bush
(June 8, 1925 - ...)
Barbara Bush is credited with too much sensitivity to the problems of mankind. She is actively involved in charity. Her political views tend to coincide with those of her husband, although issues such as abortion, the addition to the Constitution on Equality between Women and limitation of arms sales, it stands for a more liberal position. Washington believe that Barbara influenced the appointment of some ministers in the government of her husband. Many times, Barbara became the side of those women who have decided to abandon a career and stay home for child rearing. Americans called Barbara is not "First Lady" and "First American grandmother". This nickname was nothing offensive, because, with 10 grandchildren, she was really real grandmother.
Spouse 41-second U.S. president, George Bush, Americans are not called "First Lady" and "First American grandmother". This nickname was nothing offensive, because, with 10 grandchildren, she was really real grandmother. Besides, it looked like the classic grandmother - gray and full of dignity, and behaved like a grandmother, radiating warmth and care. She flaunted fashionable clothes, modest makeup. Barbara Bush was not always elegantly dressed, . never concealed, . the necklace from her artificial pearls, . cost only $ 95, . not dyed his hair, . did not recognize any advice for the correction of body weight, . not going to do plastic surgery, . to remove wrinkles on the face.,

. It gives the impression of a natural, direct, warm-hearted man, quickly tie contacts with people and living by the principle: "I love doing what I like, do not aspire to play is not inherent in my role"
. Barbara does not consider himself perfect, and arrogance is alien to her, why she enjoyed much sympathy, especially among American women, exhausted by the constant desire to achieve ideal weight and beauty. Farewell, fashion, Welcome, Grandma! " - Such a major title, welcomed a New York newspaper entry and Barbara Bush in the White House. The new first lady said: "I think that women will have more self-esteem, if they see me."

She had the glory of intelligent, strong-willed, but at the same time, sensitive and witty personality. During the election campaign in 1988, George Bush once said, if elected, one of the results of his presidency can be defined quite accurately: America fall in love with Barbara Bush. So it happened. It has become more popular than her husband.

Barbara Bush was born June 8, 1925 in New York and was the third of four children of spouses Pauline Robinson and Marvin Pierce. Marvin Pierce was the first assistant to the publisher, then the owner of the publishing house "McCall Corporation". He was born into a wealthy family owners of steel plants in Pennsylvania and was a descendant of the 14 th U.S. President Franklin Pierce. The family lived in the town of Pierce Rai, New York. When the couple had a daughter, Pierce, the father really wanted to call her Helen, the mother insisted on Catherine, nobody wanted to give, so agreed to Barbara.

Five years Barbara was a favorite of parents. Then was born the fifth child, a son Scott. His serious and prolonged illness absorbed all the mother's attention, so Barbara appeared more tender affection for his father. "Pauline was a good mother, but with her I did not have a sufficiently close relationship". On her father she remembers as remarkably witty man.

Barbara childhood love of dogs, and she has always had his own dog. She was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, in a home where money was always enough.

. Barbara's father was of the opinion that parents should provide children with three things: good education, good example and the greatest love on earth. "

. In 1949, Barbara's mother died in a car accident, she lost her father in 1969
. In 1931, Barbara was learning in the Milton School in Rai. She still remembers how her mother took her hand and led her to school without saying goodbye to her daughter a single word. "I feel abandoned. But at school I liked, so I forgave my mother even before the first day back home ". After the sixth class was taken to a private Country Day School, and then also in the private high school, Ashley Hall in Charleston, South Carolina. In this "female secondary school" strict discipline prevailed. Girls are not allowed to leave school without a hat, gloves and stockings, it was impossible to dye and to meet with the same male twice in a row at the end of the week. In the school theater, Barbara played the role of Beatrice in Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" and the role of Viola in "Night of the three kings". Often won in the competitions on knitting and diving.

After the U.S. entry into World War II girls departed from Charleston for Christmas home. Barbara came to his parents in Rai and met there with George Bush, a student graduation class.

In December 1941, George Bush went to a dance, which is staged in a school over the Christmas holidays. The orchestra played the hits of Glenn Miller. George asked classmate Jack Vozenkrafta, whether he knew the girl in the red-green dress at the other end of the hall. "Shall I introduce you to her" - Jack suggested. Barbara Bush invited to dance, but just at that moment struck up a waltz. "I do not know how to waltz, and we sat down again. And these dances were allowed in, sat, talked, and thus got to know "- Bush recalled in his autobiography.

Barbara was a tall, slender girl with reddish-brown hair and big eyes. Before inviting her to dance, Bush watched carefully as a graceful dance in this fun, happy girl.

Barbara, too, was very impressed. "In his presence I was afraid even to breathe" - admitted she. They met several times before she went to school. From Charleston, she wrote to him almost every day and just as regularly received letters from him.

Six months later, Bush called the squadron to train pilots of the Navy at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. At this time they met it with her, then his parents. In August 1943, Barbara was invited to a celebration of family compound in Maine. There, between skating on a sailing boat and fishing, there was their secret betrothal. How then joked Bush, the betrothal was so secret that "nothing about it even got wind-chief of the German and Japanese armed forces". In December of that same year of their engagement was announced officially, although both were well aware of how long he could be the way to the altar. By this time Bush finished training at the naval base in Charleston, Rhode Island, and was assigned to the Pacific Ocean.

George, no one asked for her hand, did propose to her on bended knee, told Barbara. In 1988, she said Doni Radcliffe: "I asked whether my opinion, when he decided to run for the post prezidentaN No. He did not even asked me if I wanted to marry him ... "They just loved each other and were absolutely convinced that we were married, if the war does not become them across the road.

In 1944 Barbara left school at Smith College. September 2 this year, the aircraft "IBM Evendzhes", named after Barbara, led George W. Bush, and the south Pacific, it fired on the Japanese.

. On Christmas Eve 1944, George Bush got leave, and January 6, 1945 they were married in the First Presbyterian Church in the Rai
. Barbara wore a veil, Dorothy Walker Bush, mother, husband. Later she said: "I married the first man who kissed. When I talk about it to children, they roar with laughter. "

After the wedding at the wedding reception held at the club "Apavanis, they have invited over 250 guests, mainly women and elderly men. It was a war. After a wedding trip to the islands in the state of Georgia, Barbara and her husband visited military bases in the states of Michigan, Maine and Virginia. When Bush returned in 1945 from the front, he went to study at Yale University.

Barbara Bush gave birth to six children. The first son, George Walker, was born in July 1946. In 1949, saw the light of her daughter Robin, 1953 - John, 1954 - Nel Mallon, in 1956, Marvin Pierce, and finally, in 1959 - Dorothy.

Except for Robin, all children were enrolled in private schools and received a good education. In 1989, when George Bush became president, his eldest son, George Walker, was 43 years, he worked in the gas-oil company in Texas. John, whose parents are called "Jeb" was 36 years old, he was trade minister in the government of Florida. In 35-year-old Nela Mallon was a small company in the oil industry in Denver, Colorado. 33-year-old Marvin Pierce was an advisor to investment firm in Washington, and 30-year-old Dorothy Bush Le Blond was a homemaker, mother of two children. In 1990, the Bushes have had 12 grandchildren: five girls and seven boys
In 1953, the daughter Robin from leukemia ill. The parents did everything to save her. Barbara spent seven months at the bedside of her daughter, but all the doctors' efforts were in vain. Robin died at the age of four years. Her death was such a terrible blow to Barbara that she literally turned gray in one day. The body of the daughter Bushes have given to research in the hospital, in the hope that it will contribute to success in the fight against leukemia.

Barbara always wanted to have a big family. It was surprisingly caring mother, always finds time to play with the children or deal with them in sports. Bush Family has always been considered a model. They have good relationships with children, and they all live in close contact with each other.

But back to the student years of George. He loved sports, and Barbara has supported him in this. Then she started to get involved in baseball. They played tennis together.

Both came from affluent families, but decided to achieve financial independence. Initially they were going to set up a firm. Then came to the conclusion that it is worth to try his luck, working at one of the oil industry in Texas.

In June 1948, when George graduated from the University, with 3 000 dollars in his pocket, they went to Texas. By the day of graduation he was given a car brand "Studebaker 1947". In Texas, far from parents, Barbara and George were left to themselves. The happiness of a stroke at the very beginning of their professional activities. Things were going well at the George. They lived in a prestigious part of town, were members of elite clubs, take their children to study in good schools. Barbara had no worries about money. She had been a household, raising children and trying to make the life of her husband as pleasant as possible. Her own had no professional ambitions. If she had to work, she would need a nurse, is interested in her for some time, she even willingly helped in the hospital. In an interview once admitted that she sometimes envies the young, gay women, who work among the people. "At the same time, I thought that George was often traveling and engaged in interesting work, while I was sitting at home with their lovely children, who only once a week told me something interesting."

. In 1954, George ran for election to the Senate of Texas
. Barbara constantly accompanied him on trips during the election campaign. As Bush himself wrote after hearing the same speech a hundred and fifty times, Barbara was also involved in ongoing activities.

But this was not the last elections. Before moving to Washington in 44 years of living together Bushes lived in 17 cities and 28 houses: from Odessa, Texas, to the Chinese capital Beijing.

In 1966, Bush was elected to the House of Representatives and they moved to Washington. For Barbara it was the fifteenth to the city where she lived with wedding day. They bought a house with a small garden, followed by Barbara looked. Circle of friends and acquaintances expanded rapidly, they have often had guests.

For life policies wife Barbara accustomed very slowly, long suffering from the need of public speaking. She had a good memory for names and faces that both of great help. The most favorable impression she made in the immediate, direct communication, thus attracting new supporters husband. Eventually she learned to talk more confidently pronounce. Some family friends have expressed even an opinion that, speaking publicly, Barbara better husband can convince people.

. In 1970, President Nixon convinced Bush to run for the post of senator in Texas, but he lost, giving way to the Democratic candidate, Lloyd Bentsenu
. Barbara did not try to hide the disappointment. Immediately after the election defeat, she tearfully told friends: "The defeat hurt his wife, perhaps even more than her husband". In the same year Richard Nixon appointed George Bush's United States representative at the UN. Bushes moved to New York in the residence Waldorf Tower. Barbara liked the new style of life and environment of Deputies. At the receptions organized by it, she flaunted everything that was "made in USA". The role of the wife of the Ambassador, she served 22 months, so she liked that she even admitted once: "Many would give for having to perform those duties again."

. Barbara was delighted when Richard Nixon asked Bush to take the Chair of the Committee of the Republican Party
. She suspected that Nixon wants to move so her husband "sidetrack". When because of the case "Watergate" Nixon was forced to leave the White House, Barbara Bush did not hide disappointment: "It is now clear how naive we were, and how smart we had Nixon. It is believed that the new president, Gerald R. Ford will evaluate Bush's loyalty to the Republican party and offer him the post of vice president, but Ford appointed Bush's chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in Beijing.

. Barbara had to make first trip abroad
. In China, they had spent thirteen months, went there on a bicycle in Peking, found pleasure in Chinese cuisine. Barbara became interested in history, art and architecture of China, began studying the Chinese language, traveled to Tibet. It was the third American woman, whose ever set foot on this land.

Living in China Barbara liked more because the first time in many years, it could a lot of time with her husband. Children at this time went to school in the United States. At Christmas, Barbara went home to see the children.

In December 1975 Bushes returned to Washington. George became director of the CIA. This appointment is not very happy Barbara. She asked herself how it can affect children and their family life. Their home is now guarded by the best of all the other houses in the U.S. capital. Day and night, scurrying around the house agents, but the CIA liked Bush: "Two things distinguish my work as CIA director from my former duties. First, now I'm not so often had to take part in public events, because he thought it impossible to appear at political rallies. Secondly, we have Barbara and more time for family, friends and personal affairs. But on the other hand, for the first years of our life together, we could not talk openly with each other about my work. "

. In January 1977, when Democrat Jimmy Carter entered the White House, Bush has left his post at the CIA and again engaged in business
. Increasingly began to think about the possibility of his candidature for the presidency. In 1980, from the post he had abandoned in favor of Ronald Reagan, who offered him the post of vice-president. January 20, 1981 Barbara Bush was the second lady of America.

When her husband decided to seek the post of president, Barbara Bush was not well-known personality. One evening at one of the pre-election activities in San Antonio TV director shouted: "A woman in a red dress is to vacate the place near Mr. Bush!" Then Barbara often joked, . that would call autobiography: "A woman in a red dress to release the seat next to Mr. Bush!",

. As the wife of U.S. Vice-President, Barbara Bush was active in the
. For eight years in this status, it has organized events in 1192 at his residence, and participated in 1232 meetings and rallies. Receive an average of six events per week.

American women's movement and feminist activities brought in at some point Barbara doubts about its value system, and with them the feeling that she was missing something in life. Only a frank conversation with her husband helped her to gain confidence again, wife and mother.

. Jane Paul, a commentator television program "Al-Bi-Si-Tudey, in an interview in 1988, Barbara Bush asked the following question:" People say that George - a man of the eighties, and you, by contrast, remained the woman forties
. What can you say against etogoN "Mrs. Bush replied:" If you mean by this that I love my family, my country and my God, let all that remains ". Later still, Barbara confessed to friends that, in answering this question, she could hardly keep back the tears.

. Many times, Barbara became the side of those women who have decided to abandon a career and stay home for child rearing
. They are not "worse" other women, but perhaps they are the best wife and mother. She assured me that he respects the right of every woman to define her place in society. In an interview for The New York Times in 1984 confirmed this view: "Men and women who are not in a position to assume responsibility for the family, should not have children ... It is my deep conviction that can not simultaneously be the president of the bank and full-time mother. "
Barbara Bush herself watching hairdo, she stroked her dress, could eliminate the minor damage to the car, fix a faucet. When necessary, she helped care for grandchildren. Sometimes it was a pity that George looked younger than she. This is even written in the newspapers. But she decided to continue to remain as natural as ever.
As the wife of vice-president and then president, she followed the protocol only if it was necessary. At heart, she could not find anything attractive in a permanent official ceremonies. Still, she managed to bypass the protocol, when rassazhivaya guests, she does not take account of their rank, and interests in communication.

During the election campaign in 1984, Barbara Bush is the first time in his life was in a very unpleasant situation. It was flying the plane, Vice-President of Air Foz Tu "in New York and by chance in conversation called his wife a candidate for vice-president of the Democrats, Geraldin Ferraro," wanton "(" bitch "). Unfortunately, this is her statement was issued. Barbara immediately called Geraldin Ferraro and apologized for the reservation. Instead of "bitch" she wanted to say "witch" ( "Witch", "Witch"). The case of extremely distressed. In dealing with people she never let anyone insult. Any jokes allowed only in relation to the closest friends. She was able to perfectly imitate the facial expressions of her husband, children and friends. Her guests laughed heartily when she skillfully imitated the facial expressions of Mikhail Gorbachev and Nancy Reagan.

. Eight years (1981-1989) George W. Bush, as a loyal vice president, has remained in the shadow of Reagan, Barbara Bush, and so, of course, was in the shadow of Nancy Reagan
. It was a good relationship with Nancy, but not like it when journalists are leveled. One of the reporters pestered her all the time with the same question, how it differs from Nancy. Crossing the threshold of the White House, Barbara remarked: "It seeks to achieve perfection. I do not. We have a completely different style of life. I wish I be like neeN course. But it will never happen. "

Barbara Bush is credited with too much sensitivity to the problems of mankind. She is actively involved in charity. Her political views tend to coincide with those of her husband, although issues such as abortion, the addition to the Constitution on Equality between Women and limitation of arms sales, it stands for a more liberal position.

. During the election campaign in 1988, she advised the husband to pay more attention to the fate of homeless people
. During this period she had an operation "Soap": all members of the Bush team, who accompanied him and ordered him to bring soap and other cosmetics, and then handed out all homeless women.

. Barbara avoided openly express views on abortion so as not to conflict with her husband
. Just before the Republican Convention in Houston in August 1992, told reporters that every woman has the right to decide for itself the question of abortion, and it can not be discussed in the pre-election program.

. In 1989, Barbara twenty-ninth time in 44 years of living together with George gathered possessions to move into the White House.

. During the ceremony of swearing she gave her husband the Bible, in which he uttered an oath
. It was the Bible, where two hundred years ago swore George Washington. Barbara Bush insisted that after the inauguration to go with her husband on foot at least part way from the Capitol to the White House. They were present at the balls on the occasion of the inauguration, even though George Bush is dancing is not very willingly.
. Following tradition, dress, shoes, bag, and a triple necklace of pearl, which was at her inauguration day, Barbara Bush gave Simsonian Instityutin (museum, where a collection of dresses the wives of Presidents)
. When she brought a gift to the museum, then frankly remarked:
"I love this dress and with a heavy heart, part with him."
Later, Barbara Bush toured almost the whole world. As First Lady of the United States, she accompanied her husband on his travels to 68 countries, having done with the way in 2 000 000 km. She met with many prominent politicians of the world, and even joked about it:
"These politicians do not know me, but I know them". She went willingly and valued tact around her who do not make a fuss about her personality.
. After moving to the White House, she created a fund called "Fund for Family Education Barbara Bush" in order to inculcate a culture of reading in American families
. At the same time was a member of the presidium of the society "Fundamental reading", . member of the organization "Independent study of foreign credentials", . fought against illiteracy throughout the world, . honorary member of the presidium "Kingebuchi Center, . The organization helps mentally retarded children, . Honorary Chairman, Advisory Board Literacy Volunteers of America and chairman of the Business Council of effective literacy ",
. This is just a short list of a long list of charitable organizations, in which Barbara Bush participated. And today she is a member of society "of Washington and Children's cancer care services", "American Council of leukemia and many other organizations that bring together people who are developing programs for children, the poor, sick and homeless. Its contribution to the work of these organizations has been awarded many awards: in 1982 it won Demeshek, . established "by the American Council of leukemia", . in 1983 it from the Women's Republican Club elected a woman of the year, . In 1984 she was awarded the title of "National Mother of the Year and in 1987 the title of" typical woman ",
. Many schools assigned to her honors, . among them Cardinal shear College in Milwaukee, . Hood College in Frederick, . Maryland, . Harvard, . Mout Vernon College in Washington, DC, . Judson College in Alabama, and Smith College in Northampton, . Massachusetts.,

. Barbara Bush is not very eager to talk about the effects on her husband in the White House
. "You can not become a different person, if your husband became president. I never interfere in the affairs of George, but I would be foolish not to be interested in them. If I think that is something bad, then tell him at home about this, to confirm facts, because George does not believe rumors. But we seldom have different opinions. After so many years of living together we think alike. Together, we have gained experience, met the same people. He just better than me aware of many issues ". People who know the couple Bush, argue that if Barbara is any request to her husband, she goes to him and spoke frankly with him. He listened attentively and said: "I'll think about it" or "I think differently". Barbara once said: "We have a happy marriage, and this is partly because I do not steeper than in his office, but it does not interfere in my affairs."
Washington believe that Barbara influenced the appointment of some ministers in the government of her husband. For their positions she should be grateful the Minister of Health and Welfare, Joyce X. Sullivan, Minister of Construction and Urban Development, Jack F. Camp, Chief of the fight against drug addiction, William G. Bennett. All three were responsible for the program, the development of which participated Barbara Bush.
George and Barbara often read the morning newspaper. If one of them found something interesting for another, it is read aloud. So they did and in his mansion in Kennebankpot, and in a hotel room while traveling.
. In the presidential election in 1988 George Bush tried to draw into public scandal, because that is what has become an effective means of political struggle.
. October 20, Donna Brazil, the deputy head of the electoral team from the Democratic Party candidate Michael Dukakis, Bush's opponent, told reporters: "You should verify the rumors that Bush supports extramarital affairs
. I believe that this question must explain to the American people. People are entitled to know if Barbara Bush will share with her husband marital bed in the White House. "

But this event only for a short time attracted the attention of the public. Dukakis apologized for saying the employee and dismissed her.

. Once, at a meeting of the Iowa Republican and a member of Congress from Illinois, Lynn Martin, took courage and asked Bush: "You first have to deceive your zhenuN Please answer only yes or no"
. Bush said quite clearly: "You is not concerned."
Once Bush advisers were arguing about how he should respond to these rumors. Suddenly the room became Barbara. All silent. When she asked why they are silent, Bush explained to her what was discussed. Barbara laughed and said that this question should simply be ignored. In his own remarks on this subject such rumors called dirty tricks. So she behaved and the 1992 elections, when the newly surfaced rumors of marital infidelity of her husband.

Unlike Reagan, Barbara and George did not seek to publicly demonstrate feelings for each other. During the election campaign in 1988 Bush's advisers insisted, . that they often appear before the public, . holding hands, . embraced or at least fondly looking at each other, . as did Michael Dukakis and his wife, . gaining a points,
. Barbara did not like: "People ask me why my husband does not show feelings for me. I believe that to stay in public hands so artificially demonstrate a sense. We are, each in its own way, sensible people and the happiest couple in the world. And we do not need to constantly prove it to people. "

The American press has always sought to highlight even the most hidden corners in the family life of any president. Bushes managed to avoid major scandals. The exception was their only son, Neal Bush, who was involved in financial affairs Silverado Sevings and Lawn. Frequent family meetings in the White House, photographs the whole family, including the dogs - all in the community the impression happy clan, friendly and inseparable.

. In 1988, George Bush jokingly confessed to his wife: "If I was not George Bush, who I would like then bytN second husband of Barbara Bush"
. On another occasion he said: "If Barbara Bush ever wanted to achieve elective office, I would like to be on the election of its manager". In an interview with Barbara Walters, he described his wife as an attractive, strong personality with a soft heart, which has three passions: family, garden and faith. Status of the First Lady did not spoil her, and she was happy to lose him. "

Two months after she became First Lady, she had to undergo treatment at a military hospital in Washington,. She suffered from Graves disease (an increase of thyroid function), which has resulted in rapid weight loss, stimulation of the eyeball. Leaving the hospital, she asked reporters: "Do not treat me, please, how to die!". In February 1990, in a military hospital Besesda she removed a small tumor on his upper lip.

Barbara Bush was not very good tennis player, so I prefer to play in the field, invisible to others. In August 1989, Bush invited 30 journalists to an informal press conference at the family residence in Kennebankpot, Maine. The President is very troubled spouse when asked reporters after the conference to attend the match, which was held on the tennis court, nearby. There was supposed to take part and Barbara. Bush is very pleased that so fun of his wife.

In 1984, Barbara wrote the book "Stories From. Fred ", a collection of anecdotes about Spaniel Fred, four-legged friend of the Bushes, many years accompanying their. The fee is donated fund, which took up the eradication of illiteracy in the United States. In addition to Fred, who had long been in heaven, there was another brown-white dog - Milly, also Spaniel. In 1990, Barbara has released a cheerful "Diary" under the title: "Stories about the life of Millie with the presidential couple, in the White House."

In March 1989, America's first dog, Millie, brought six puppies. It was the day before Palm Sunday. On Sunday they were at worship in the Episcopal Church of St. John, called "presidential Church", because after Jamie Madison went there all the presidents. Pastor Mark K. D. Robinson, has congratulated the President with the birth of six puppies in the White House. Questions of curious journalists Bush jokingly remarked: "Millie feels good. Barbara, too, ". This was an allusion to reports in the press that the birth of her favorite pups are very moved by Mrs. Barbara Bush. Guards the president knew how much the Bushes are tied to Milly, and at Christmas gave them a dog portrait painted in oil, which has taken pride of place in the cabin of the White House.

. Summer of 1990, Barbara Bush was asked to deliver a speech at the end of the school year in women's college Vellsli, Massachusetts
. Students protested, as Barbara Bush, in their opinion, had no more value for their school. Barbara reproached that she interrupted her studies at Smith College to marry, and the whole future life is subordinated to her husband's career. President, defending his wife, said at a press conference: "I am confident that these young women could learn a lot from Barbara Bush - for example, how to get rid of selfishness, how to fight illiteracy. They are it can serve as an excellent example of the mother ". June 1, 1990 at the celebrations of the end of the school year in this college, Barbara Bush arrived, accompanied by Raisa Gorbachev. In his address to graduates, she advised them "not to sever communication with friends and family."

During the Gulf War, many Americans feared that Iranian terrorists will begin to shoot down civilian aircraft USA. Started panic. In order to convince American citizens in these groundless fears, Barbara flew flight from Washington to Indianapolis, where she was waiting for a jet dvenadtsatimestny military aircraft "Gulfstream" to bring it back to Washington. Consumer firms reproached her that she spent fuel only to make advertising airlines.
Barbara has always sought to maintain a sense of humor, even in dramatic situations. In January 1992, President Bush at an official reception in Tokyo, he suddenly lost consciousness and fell off his chair. Barbara was the only person who is not confused. She helped her husband get up and defuse the situation, seeing as though in jest, that George "just" too close to the heart to accept defeat, playing tennis against the Emperor Akihito and his son, and we Bushes are not accustomed to playing ". During this intense and exhausting visit Barbara asked her husband: "George, behave according to their age, you do not Schwarzenegger!" She always cared about the health of her husband, followed him to stick to a diet. "George assures me that he was drinking enough coffee, but I can see that his working day always begins with the six cups of coffee. We must put an end to "After the incident in Tokyo, she convinced the doctors forbid him to run and become more closely monitor his health. He's already suffered quite a lot of disease: he had inflammation of the duodenum, melanoma on the left cheek, thyroid disease, arthritis. Barbara told me to deny even his favorite martini.

In mid-1992, it became clear that Barbara became a popular man. During the polls, she won 80% of the votes, while his approval rating fell to 40%. Asked whether she helps her husband in the election campaign, 79% of respondents answered in the affirmative, and only 4% were of the opinion that in political terms, it does not hinder him.

. Barbara George called himself his "secret weapon" in the election campaign
. The question posed to him in October 1992, when a woman will be able to run for the presidency, he replied that Barbara Bush would be elected for sure, but talk about it now, it's too late.

. At the Party Congress in August 1992, the Republicans tried to make greater use of
. She gave a speech advocating a "very strong, honest, caring, healthy and intelligent person as president of the United States". To show the dignity of the family, which is fighting for her husband, she went with all the children and grandchildren. "The family - that means holding hands, always to be together" - she said. Sitting in the presidential box, she pinned a red ribbon to express support in the fight against AIDS, but when she got up on stage to stand beside her husband, who thanked him for the nomination of his candidacy, tape has not been. Perhaps she did not want to provoke the delegates who were in the majority of conservatives.
Barbara condemned the immorality of conduct of election campaigns. When the chairman of the Republican Party, Richard N. Bond, began to attack Hillary Clinton, wife of the candidate of the Democratic Party, for its views on family and children, she chided him, saying: "No, she is seeking the post of president."
. The Republicans did their best to discredit Bill Clinton, accusing him of various sins unreasonable
. When Barbara Bush was asked what she thinks about all this, she replied: "If we are talking about deception, lies and broken promises, it is particularly important in nature. This is a very strong accusation. But we should not talk about them, if there is no evidence. Indecent slandering decent people. Disgusting.
November 3, 1992 George Bush lost the election against Bill Clinton. Figures of the Republican Party called Barbara Bush "the best politician of the White House."
Barbara, for its part in the defeat of her husband accused the headquarters entourage president, especially Foreign Minister James Baker. Speaking about the reaction of her husband, added: "He was displeased that he could not now implement their plans. But he is adamant and never lost heart. "
In mid-1992, Barbara Bush went to Houston to find shelter wherever they could move from the White House. On the question of curious journalists, where they will live until he built his own house, snapped: "It does not concern you."

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