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Wilson Elin Exxon

( Wife 28 th President of the United States.)

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Biography Wilson Elin Exxon
(May 5, 1860 - August 6, 1914)
Woodrow Wilson was considered cool, level-headed president, exemplary husband, although he loved the society of women. At one time there were rumors that he had an affair with Mary Hyubet Peck, whom he met while on vacation in Bermuda in 1907.
For the first time he met with Mary Peck Hyubet two days prior to departure at a reception at the mayor. The next evening, she invited him to her. Enthusiastic Wilson sent her first letter. Never had he met a man who is so admired. A year later, Wilson again went to Bermuda and back without a spouse. In all his letters admiration intelligent Mrs. Peck.
In subsequent years, this acquaintance tried to inflate the public and political scandal. Said that the Wilson affair with Mrs. Peck was the cause of the death of his first wife. Allegedly, during the scandal, he pushed down the stairs, Mrs. Eline White House. According to another hearing, Mrs. Peck gave the president in court for adultery. Wanting to avoid publicity, Wilson asked for advice to the famous Boston lawyer Louis Brendaysu, who invited Mrs. Peck 75 000 dollars for a review complaints. Judge Brendays publicly called it "a miserable libel", but later whispered that his appointment as judge of the Supreme Court - thanks to the president for getting rid of this scandal.
For seven years, Wilson wrote Mrs. Peck more than two hundred letters. In old age, feeling a need, she sold them to his biographer, Ray Baker. The media speculated that the way she tried to get money from the Wilson. Historians and biographers who have studied these letters, they have not found anything that would cast even a shadow of suspicion on Wilson. Since Mrs. Peck was purely friendship.

Wilson's wife, Elin, having learned about these rumors, reacted to them calmly. She told everyone that, apparently, women who are rumors linking her husband, possessed such qualities, which are not her, so she even encourages such dating. But one day after all confessed to Dr. Grayson, Wilson's family doctor, that Mrs. Peck was the only case of adultery in their happy life together.

It seemed Wilson regretted that supported acquaintance with Mrs. Peck. Many years later he wrote:

"These letters revealed foolish mistake of the past. I am filled with shame and deep remorse. Neither by word nor deed I had stained the purity and honor of this lady. She, on the other hand, magnanimously forgive me my behavior. My loyalty to my incomparable wife never violated anything, even in the smallest. And she knew it, understood and forgiven me. "

Wilson was convinced that women are intellectually in no way inferior to men. Moreover, they possess a special kind of intelligence. "Intelligent woman - in his words - complements her husband, stimulates its activity". Although he supported the introduction of women's suffrage, but it was against their notorious independence.

. Usually, after dinner, men smoked in the cabin, drinking brandy and carried serious conversations, the women talked about children, fashion and weather, while Wilson collected around himself educated, intelligent women, and start interesting discussions.

. Twenty-eighth United States President Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921 gg.) Was married twice
. His first wife, Elin, Exxon was born May 5, 1860 in Savannah, Ga.. Elin's father, Samuel Edward Exxon, was pastor of the Presbyterian church, as the father of Wilson. One six-year Wilson, stayed with his uncle, James Bonsu, a pastor visited a house in Rome. Master's daughter liked it for its pink puffy cheeks and merry dimples, and he asked permission to vilify her in his arms.

Twenty years later, he again visited his uncle in Rome. This time, he saw a graceful young woman, still with pink puffy cheeks, merry dimples and light brown hair. He met her in church, dressed in mourning, with a little boy at the hands. Woodrow considered Eline young widow. But Uncle Bones said that she is in mourning for his mother, recently died of childbirth. As the eldest of four children, Elin had to assume the duties of motherhood. Lost his wife, her father fell into a deep depression, he also had to attention. In addition, Elin care of the house, so for myself it did not have time.

Then, in April 1883, Wilson knew that to his ears in love with this girl. He visited their home, wrote her a letter, accompanied on walks and tours, trying to comfort. After some time, this tall, slender lawyer from Atlanta, too, was indifferent to her. When in September, Woodrow made an offer she gladly accepted it, but he had eleven times to visit the home Eline, until, finally, his proposal was formally adopted. Receiving consent, Woodrow immediately sent her a wedding ring with a diamond. In a letter Elin, thanks for the excellent ring, stressed that it "is not very important to have a ring, is much more important to feel that you are betrothed."

But Wilson is not yet able to support a family. In his new law office in Atlanta, there was no book, so he decided to continue their education in the field of political science at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore,. He was thinking about the scientific and political career. This meant that the betrothal should leave for a long time, so Elin offered an engagement. But Wilson persuaded her. "You can save taynuN - she asked immediately after the engagement brother and added:

- He is the greatest and the best man in the whole world.

Eline liked to draw. When in 1884 her father died and the relatives took care of younger children, she decided to go to New York to study art, which again postpone the date wedding.

. In 1885 a book was published Wilson's "The Board of the Congress" for which he received a large fee
. He became an assistant professor in high school for the daughters of noble families in Pennsylvania, with an annual income of 1500 dollars. Now he could marry.

The wedding took place June 24, 1885 in the house of the grandparents of the bride in Savannah. Wedding carried Eline grandfather, pastor and. S. K. Exxon, and his father, Woodrow, pastor, Joseph P. Wilson.

After a honeymoon in Arden (Northern California), they settled in a wooden house on the edge of the woods with his brother Eline, Ed, and her cousin, Mary Hoyt, a student at the college.

Eline, whose husband is called Nell, was a model hostess. Anyone who has tried her dish, were delighted with her culinary arts.

April 30, 1886 was born their first daughter, Margaret. In 1887 a second daughter was born, Jesse, and in 1889 - third, Elinor. The girls were always neatly dressed. Elin herself sewing them clothes, and, as was the family pastor who cared about the religious upbringing of children.

Eline liked to work in the garden. Wherever they lived, she always had a garden, for which she lovingly nursed. At Princeton students had great trouble with Wilson, as well as reducing the path to the stadium, they walked across the lawn and trampling the flowers, carefully cultivated by his wife. He put a fence - they broke him. He has nothing else to do, once put in the garden police protection.

Despite domestic affairs, Elin helped her husband in the. When he was rector of the University in Princeton, has adjusted his scientific works. Later edited the texts of his speeches, to learn German to help him in his scientific work, and constantly sought to expand her husband's knowledge about art and literature. Eline was his secret adviser, maintaining a difficult moment. If he was nervous and said something not quite proper, she objected to him: "Oh, Woodrow, you do not think so seriously, or ... N" He usually answered is: "Madam, I certainly thought so, until you are not encouraged me to order.

. Wilson appreciated the assistance of his wife and was well aware what a big role it played in his life
. Once he told her: "My love for you has helped me become a real person ... Far away from you without your inspiration, I can not live ... Love reveals all of me ... My mind could not fully improved, until I met you. "

Once Wilson said that without his wife and father-he "would never have become president of the United States". Eline he called the "fulcrum" in his life. His daughter, he told me how they met and how her mother had picked her: "I have asked all the girls in the world to join the ranks, accurately and carefully examined each of them separately and choose your mom."

. Eline not recognize an expensive, extravagant clothing
. At the dress she spent no more than $ 40 per year. When she was still the wife of the rector of the university, such as the reception lady sarcastically remarked: "Mrs. Wilson, in this brown dress with every spring, you become more beautiful."

. Although they vowed to each other never to part, Wilson is often left with the reports
. At this time, Elin was usually the relatives. The children she bore in the southern states, because she did not want that they were born in the North. With her husband they carried on a lively correspondence for 10 years was written 1,400 letters, which are fascinating reading. Wilson, who passed a cold, level-headed politician, showed them a surprising softness. In addition, they confirm the literary talent of Wilson. Elin was restrained, not so openly expressed feelings, but over time it has changed.

In 1903, the couple went to Europe, Wilson, who liked both. This was their "second honeymoon". A year later, Elin again went to Europe with her daughter Jessie, and two friends from New Orleans. When Wilson became president, he announced that he would not organize a traditional dance. This evening he spent with family. A month later he again broke the record by appearing at an emergency meeting of both chambers of Congress and delivered a speech. After John Adams did not admit any American president. Wilson rewarded with stormy applause. Returning from the Capitol to the White House, Elin, proud husband and enjoying a strong reaction of Congress, remarked: "Teddy Roosevelt would have liked it if this idea came to him before you". Since then it has become a tradition for performance of any president in a speech to both Houses. In honor of the inauguration of Elin gave daughters jewelry, and she has received from her husband's diamond necklace, which her daughter once dubbed "the royal jewels.

Eline dressed modestly and not wearing jewelry. Shortly before the presidential election, one journalist asked Elin: "You do not like ukrasheniyaN" - "But why - she said. - I just do not have them. "

When President Taft left the White House, the wife of his successor, he gave a few tips. Elin replied by letter, stating: "By its nature, I have no vain woman, and life in the White House did not attract me."

Even the role as First Lady, she found time to paint a picture. One of the rooms on the second floor of the White House, she transformed into a studio. Many of the paintings were donated to charities, they had success, even if sold anonymously. In 1913, one of the galleries of Philadelphia was an exhibition of fifty landscapes. Wilson's wife was interested in not only the accomplishment of residence. She supported the program of cheap housing for poor blacks, then made up one third of all residents of Washington. Eline led deputies to the Congress in the slums and has made the enactment of the law, which was called "Alley of the amendments," or "Amendment Mrs. Wilson."

Eline supported the introduction of women's suffrage, but not openly advocated for it. She offered to open a women's restrooms, where they had not yet. Actively cooperated in the charitable organization "Association of gracious ways" and "South Industrial Association", which creates advertising works of art from the southern states. Together with her husband, she participated in various conferences, which in those days America was not accepted. It has contributed to the appointment of William Bryan Dzheniksa Minister of Foreign Affairs in the office of Wilson.

Staff of the White House liked Eline and called her "angel of the White House, and employees-negros called it" the great and good lady ". Kuzin, Helen Bones, it identified the position of Secretary of State for correspondence. The former wife of Theodore Roosevelt's secretary, she suggested that work related to the organization of receptions and social events, as well as training their daughters to participate in public life in Washington. The girls liked the White House, and while they were young ladies, they eagerly played the fool around. If the White House came a group of visitors, the girls joined her and released unflattering remarks about the children of the president.

The White house was warm, friendly atmosphere. Daughters loved music, dance and theater, sometimes we act. November 25, 1913 Jessie married Francis B. Seir from Williams College. Eleanor became the wife of Mr. Williams. Mak-Edu, Finance Minister in the office of Wilson, May 7, 1914.

Wilson could not stand it when reporters pry into family affairs. The eldest, Margaret, was still unmarried, and some newspapers have speculated about its chances to find a husband. Wilson is so angry that at a press conference said: "If it once again, I will do so, as in my place would make any father whose daughter disgrace. Wretched scribblers, setting forth something like that, I just nabyu face ". Wedding Elinor was the last event, which was attended by Eline. In May of that year, Mrs. Wilson lost consciousness in his room, and then, at first glance, not very severe case, she was sick for a long time. The doctors could not pinpoint the cause of ailments Eline, and only a few months later revealed that she had tuberculosis of the kidneys. Eline did not rise from his bed, the husband did not leave her, consoled, as he could, and prayed for her recovery.

August 6, 1914 at 17 o'clock Eline Wilson died. Before his death, she said Dr. Gray, Grayson, President of the family doctor: "Watch the Woodrow". She expressed the hope that he married a second time. Even before her death she was pleased to hear that Congress passed a law on the construction of cheap apartments, for which she so selflessly fought. Eline died at age 54. Wilson was holding her hand until she froze. Then went to the window and sighed loudly: "Oh my God, what am I now delatN" Later, he said: "She died with a wonderful smile on his face."
Wilson two days sitting at the bedside of his wife, not allowing to put her body in a coffin. Only on the third day the remains were transported to Rum, where she was buried next to his parents. Funeral memorial service was held in the same church where 31 years ago, Wilson first met Eline. In the eyes of the President tears. Eline loved all the flowers, but orchids, and as though in mockery, her coffin was strewn with orchids is. Despair Wilson was so great that it seemed as if he should die or fall victim to an assassination. "If I survive, will never find peace of mind" - said he confided to close people. "God sent me a test that exceeds my ability to endure suffering," - he wrote to his friend, the Assistant Minister of Marine Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
On the president's health primarily concerned Dr. Gray Grayson. By Wilson Dr. Grayson moved from his predecessor, Taft. They quickly became friends. Grayson constantly encouraged Wilson, forced him to play golf and do various exercises. After the death of Eline he managed to pull out of the cloud of melancholy. He used the old tried and tested recipe, which states: "The best remedy against boredom for a woman is ... other woman. "

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Wilson Elin Exxon, photo, biography
Wilson Elin Exxon, photo, biography Wilson Elin Exxon  Wife 28 th President of the United States., photo, biography
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