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Eva Peron

( mistress and then wife of Argentine President Hutsana Peron.)

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Biography Eva Peron
photo Eva Peron

Mistress, then wife of Argentine President Peron Hutsana. She enjoyed great popularity among the common people of Argentina, who idolized this peasant, Rapture fate to unprecedented heights, and kept her virtually everywhere.
. Maria Eva Duarte was born in Los Toldose, in a poor village 150 miles from Buenos Aires
. Eva was the fourth child born out of wedlock by Juana Ibarguren from smallholders Juan Duarte. In 14 years, Eva has run away to Buenos Aires, it was the goal - to become an actress. Initially, semi-literate, provincial and rustic accent prevented her, but soon she began to really work on radio, with the leading actress. The high for the Argentine (170 cm), with big brown eyes, blond hair and beautiful face, she liked men.
In 1944, Eva met and made friends with a widowed Colonel Juan Peron. Settled in his house, and in 1945 married him. Soon Juan Peron became president of Argentina and Eva (Evita, as everyone called her) - First Lady. She fought for equal voting rights of women, organized by trade unions and Eva Peron Foundation pumped millions of dollars from the budget of Argentina in outreach programs (not forgetting about their bank accounts in Switzerland). Eva died at the age of 33 years from cancer of the uterus. Her death mourned the whole of Argentina.
In Eva Peron was a complex. She could be charming and fascinating, and at the same time - vindictive and vengeful, and used sex to achieve their goals because they always strove for power and wealth. In Argentina, while more than a quarter of all children were, like Eva, illegitimate. This all used to it and take it easy. There was an unwritten rule - an illegitimate child could never count on a high post in the future. Therefore argentinok was only one means by which they can achieve their goals - sex, and Evita training in its use. She was married to Juan Peron, she sought to destroy all evidence of her turbulent youth. So much of what is known about her life before her marriage, based solely on hearsay and gossip.
It is believed that Eva started her career in Buenos Aires prostitute. Later, becoming the wife of the president, she was trying to legalize prostitution in Argentina, but it is unlikely that she worked on the street. She chose another way. Eva chose a wealthy and influential man and becomes his mistress, thus moving up into the high society of Argentine society. She posed for pornographic publications (which later on her orders had been collected and destroyed). Even after marriage, Eva was never able to completely get rid of the label "slut" as she called for the eyes. Sometimes she cried about it in the face. For example, during an official visit to Italy, Eva rode in an open car through the streets of Milan, along with a retired admiral, who accompanied her on this trip. Hearing the cries of the angry mob, Eve, turning to his companion, exclaimed: "You slyshiteN They call me a whore!" - "I perfectly understand them, madam, - he answered. - I have not been at sea for 15 years, but I still called an admiral. "

It is believed that the first lover Eva was tango dancer Jose Armani, to whom she offered herself as a payment for something that he took her with him in Buenos Aires. Armani agreed, and Eva was in the hotel. Later, however, Eva herself somewhat changed the story, describing her first lover, not Armani, but Agustin Magalys, popular at the time of the singer.

. At age 15, Eva has left Armani (or MagalisaN) and moved in with Emilio Korstulovichem, publisher
. Soon she realized that the most useful for her people are photographers and producers, and as lovers was to select representatives of these professions is. Those who have been closely acquainted with Eva then claim that she was cold, calculating and cunning woman who had moved only a lust for power and wealth, not love or even passion. At the same time, Eva would like a man so that he was ready for it at all. Rafael Firtuzo, theater owner, for example, after a close acquaintance with Eva gave her the role in one of the performances of theater, and soap factory owner, whose lover, Eva was at one time, has given her the best cosmetics.
. Then came the turn Peron - a handsome man, beloved of women and a great admirer of young girls
. On the first day of their acquaintance, and Eva Peron became lovers. Eva and tried to convince him that in future he is sure to become head of government.
. After the death of Eva Peron, Juan created the notorious Union of students in secondary schools, which soon became a tool with which Peron and his officers were looking for young lovers
. Employees Union picking suitable for girls and sent them to the regional "centers of rest". Y Peron was his personal "recreation center", where he sent the most attractive school girls from across the country. In 1955, Peron was ousted from office in a coup and settled in Madrid. And in 1973 he again came to power in Argentina, however, ruled the country for long.
Eva, in all probability, Peron remained faithful throughout their life together. However, reliably known about one of her betrayal, when she simply could not resist the power and wealth, which was the personification of Aristotle Onassis. Eva met with him during the Second World War, when it was engaged in sending food parcels to Greece, Nazi-occupied. When, in 1947, Eva moved to Europe, specially Onassis flew to Italy to meet with her. After a formal dinner, attended by many dignitaries, he asked the Secretary Eva arrange for him a personal meeting. He was invited to the villa, where Eva stopped. The same day Onassis and Eva were in bed and made love. Later, Eva Onassis cooked omelette, and he handed her a check for 10 thousand dollars. A few years later Onassis, laughingly called the omelet, which gave him Eve in the evening, "the most expensive omelette in his life."
. The name Eva is still living in the legends: in the late 70-ies international fame was Broadway musical "Evita" about the life and career of Eva Peron
. This musical created by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, formerly famous for its rock opera "Jesus-Christ - Superstar.
. In 1996, Alan Parker took off in explanation of the musical film "Evita" with the popular singer and actress Madonna.


. The wife of a "strong man of Argentina"

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    Eva Peron, photo, biography
    Eva Peron, photo, biography Eva Peron  mistress and then wife of Argentine President Hutsana Peron., photo, biography
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