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PERONNE Juan Domingo

( President and dictator of Argentina (1946-1955, 1973-1974).)

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Biography PERONNE Juan Domingo
photo PERONNE Juan Domingo
(1895-1974), and Juan Domingo Peron de la Coca (Pern de la Sosa)
He was born in Lobos, 8 October 1895 in a family of average means. As a young man entered the national military academy and be promoted from the junior officer ranks to the post of professor of military history, and then was appointed military attache in Chile and Italy.
In 1941-1943 Peron was one of the leaders, if not the head of a so-called. United Group officers, who coined the slogan "For the great Argentine ', argued that Argentina should take a dominant role in the South American continent, and openly supported the Nazis. In June 1943 the highest military ranks with the participation PerцЁn carried out a coup. After taking power, General Pedro Ramц-rez, dissolved parliament, banned many political parties, imposed censorship, expelled from the army officers belonging to opposition organizations. Peron, who served as Minister of Labor (1943-1944), Defense Minister and Vice-President (1944-1946), soon realized that the military regime needed the social base. Based on consultations with trade union leaders has developed a program of reforms in the social sphere. Peron encouraged the creation of new unions, conducted a reform of the Labor and Social Security.

The immediate benefits from their activities Peron was in October 1945 when a group of officers to replace him as vice-president. Peron was imprisoned. Then the unions effectively blocked the capital. The rebel officers were unable to form a government and were forced to release PerцЁn. February 24, 1946 Peron won a landslide victory in presidential elections.

As president, PerцЁn offered a new set of laws on labor and social security and put forward a program of industrialization. At the same time were introduced fixed prices for agricultural products. Freedom of speech was limited, the educational system is subject to problems peronistskoy propaganda. State employees are encouraged to join Peronistskuyu Party, created in 1947.

With the help of his wife, former actress Eva Duarte (1919-1952), Peron had purged unions and replaced almost all the leaders who have contributed to his rise to power. However, most workers still saw him as their benefactor, and the unions remain the mainstays of the dictatorship, together with the army, and subjected to cleaning.

But it was in the army maturely discontent power Peron. The military's patience came to an end in 1954, when Peron had the idea to establish control over church. After the failed mutiny in the Navy in June 1955 Peron slightly loosened the reins, but soon pulled them even stronger than before. New sailors mutiny, which began in September of that year, was supported by the Air Force and units of the army. Peron was forced to resign and emigrate.

While in exile, PerцЁn continued to participate in the political life of Argentina, through its supporters, providing them with money and instructions. During the presidential elections in 1958 formed Hustisialistskuyu Peronist party and its candidate had Arturo Frondizi. In the elections of 1962 they managed to obtain a number of gubernatorial seats and make the largest faction in Congress, but the election results were soon extinguished, but Hustisialistskaya party banned. Gen. Alejandro Lanusse, who seized power in 1971, promised to hold elections and legalize political parties banned. Although Peron was denied a nomination for the presidency in 1972, he returned to Argentina, but after a few weeks away, having failed to resolve differences of opinion among their supporters. In the elections of 1973 won protege Peron - Hector Campora. In June 1973 the newly arrived Peron in Argentina. Campora resigns. In new elections in September 1973, Peron won 62% votes and became president, and his second wife, Maria Estela Martinez de Peron - Vice-President. Peron died in Buenos Aires on July 1, 1974.

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PERONNE Juan Domingo, photo, biography
PERONNE Juan Domingo, photo, biography PERONNE Juan Domingo  President and dictator of Argentina (1946-1955, 1973-1974)., photo, biography
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