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Cheech MARIN

( Actor)

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Biography Cheech MARIN
photo Cheech MARIN
Russia's audience series "Nash Bridges" has long been waiting for the appearance on screen in the role of Cheech Marina Dominguez, cheerful companion Bridges, no less than the Don Jones.
And yet our reaction to the American far. There, the appearance of Marina in a detective series, but also in the role of the police, provoked a flurry of enthusiasm and downright ... laughter, as many years, Cheech Marin has remained one of the leading U.S. comedians have made their fame in musical comedies, the characters are - and always funny "junked" addicts - and so engaged that continually fooled the police.
. Richard Marin was born in 1946 in Los Angeles
. And though he is half Mexican descent, the family lived quite securely. Marin was in a decent school, and in his spare time chasing the pigeons. He held a number of these birds at home and constantly train them ... shit on the neighbor's roof and window sills. For some reason, this trick gave him extraordinary pleasure. Enthusiasm was not shared with neighbors, parents complained, and the hobby had to change. Poor neighbors!.. The boy decided to retrain in a musician, once together a group of classmates and started from morning till night to rehearse.
Parents urged to think about the future, but he had long thought of everything. Composing songs, poems Cheech carried away even more than music. Then the verses have a parody, began to move into prose, puns, skits ... One day, Marin found a purpose in life: he wanted people around talking exclusively ridiculous phrases that come up with is he. Neither more nor less
Purpose led him to the university, the Faculty of English Language and Literature. But the venerable institution graduate Marina failed. Because were already in full glorious 60-ies. Advanced bearded professor in the mean differed little from the students, and those and others only dreamed of all the cast and fed into a hippie, and on changes greedily smoked marijuana. Marin throughout the active part, having also played in the university group, write a play for a university theater, put them and perform them as the most absurd role. Next was Vietnam, a storm of protests and recruitment. A little nedotyanuv to a diploma, Marin was in Canada in the honorary status of "political objector.

Then one day in the city of Vancouver on 22-year-old conscientious objector in the evening decided to go to a strip club. But instead of a pleasant female company at night, Marin found there a business men's company for a good 15 years. Landlord of the house turned out to be some Tommy Chong - terribly charming, musical and witty polukitaets-poluirlandets. For a drink, other new friends at once built a plan for the conquest of America.
In 1968 he has been born comic duo "Cheech and Chong". He began with a five-minute speeches at the club, which is owned by Chong and. A few years, "Cheech and Chong" were already warming up the team during the U.S. tour, the Rolling Stones. And in 1972 they received a Grammy nomination in the Best Album in the genre of musical comedy. "

Friends and that was not enough, and they took up films about the adventures of Cheech and Chong. The first shot in a couple of million dollars, brought more than 40 million profit. The audience took theaters by storm, so that the first film followed by a second, then - the third, fourth, fifth ...

All of them (like the comic musical show) were actually one and the same - nothing. Cheech and Chong were by some prototypes Beavis Butt-Head, but if the latter is infinitely concerned about sex, the former were shifted to marijuana. In addition, Marin and Chong fun and evil'd play it's not too Anglo-Saxon origin. And continually exhibited police idiots. It seems to be a simple recipe, but you had to be an American 70-ies, to understand how it all turned out to be "cool" and time. Moreover dialogues Cheech and Chong were devastatingly funny, and each of their movie in a flash source of quotations worse than our "White sun of the desert
But gradually the seventies ended. It was fashionable to become law-abiding, officials, business and healthy. Marin as he could trying to distance himself from his character, has long dabbled in not "grass", married. He and his wife even adopted by a girl from an orphanage. But time "Cheech and Chong" irretrievably gone. In 1984, the duo broke up, and Cheech Marin disappeared from view almost 10 years.
What he was involved in all these godyN divorced his first wife and married again - to the artist Patty Heidi. Earned the right to raise his adopted daughter. And finally got his own children - a daughter and son. Rarely glimpsed in movies and TV show episodes. He collected a collection of art of Mexican Indians, the benefit earned before the money allowed. Wrote scripts that no one was going to put, composed music. With pleasure voiced cartoons (one of the hyenas in Lion King ", for example, says his voice). I waited to come into force directors who grew up on movies and shows "Cheech and Chong."
And in the early nineties, wait. Needless to say, Quentin Tarantino and Roberto Rodriguez of "Cheech and Chong were at one time crazy. The Second Coming of Marina started. He played in "Desperate" and "From Dusk Till Dawn". Again episodes, but episodes in the cult film was enough. Today in America, the return of Marina compared with the return of Travolta. He showered with invitations withdrawn. (Among recent high-profile films with his participation, for example, "Tin Cup.") Moreover, no one knows whence came long-time favorite Don Johnson, too young to spoil and music, and "grass". He called the police series. Marin laughed and agreed.
And so he plays his Dominguez - a little good with a sly smile, a little bit not really. And quite happy with the role of the faithful Sancho Panza in the mighty Don Johnson. And generally satisfied with the life of Marine. With the phenomenal success came two of his musical and educational album for children "I Cheech - school bus driver". Marin is now preparing to shoot his films on. Before he could become a character and child computer game ... Meanwhile, his children grew up, but the family continues to live happily and harmoniously, adoring moments when the hard-working father unable to carve out a few days to relax at home in Los Angeles or on a ranch in Utah. The collection of Mexican art continues to be replenished, and experts believe it the largest private collection in the world. And the films "Cheech and Chong" are still the leaders of the American Saturday-Sunday video rental.
Yes, and more. Not so long ago on Thanksgiving Day, Marina was invited to go to the pageantry, the parade on the streets of New York. He was. "It was unbelievable! Along the streets there were crowds of people, and literally anyone recognizing me, welcomed any phrase or a joke from the repertoire of" Cheech and Chong ". My childhood dream has come true: the people around expressed themselves only to those words that I came up. They were five miles of pure happiness. "

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Cheech MARIN, photo, biography
Cheech MARIN, photo, biography Cheech MARIN  Actor, photo, biography
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