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Girardot, Annie (Annie Girardot)

( Actress)

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Biography Girardot, Annie (Annie Girardot)
(genus. October 25, 1931)
She always considered myself an optimist, and taught others to see it as a strong and self-confident woman. Maybe that's why nobody in France had not noticed that in recent years, the life of Annie Girardot gradually turns into a nightmare. She goes out of severe depression. Smokes several packs a day "Gitanes". Does not use makeup, not resort to cosmetic surgery - because of the wrinkles of her face like the map of Paris.
"I'm terrible, but I am not for anyone to be beautiful!" - She says. Annie suffers from lapses in memory, and the director of theaters in no hurry to offer her the role, fearing the scandal. Speaking on television, she wrote on the palms of the theses of his speeches, but its famous rapid and broad gestures make these cribs visible to all.
... They brought the profession - they met while filming "Rocco and His Brothers". Just think, . that just ten years before that Annie really wanted to be a midwife! Not that she felt an irresistible attraction to medicine - just a midwife was her mother, . and Annie, . grew up without a father, . always and everywhere wanted to be like her,
. The most vivid memories of wartime childhood - not half-starved existence, and not fear (Annie never was afraid of nothing), and night calls. My mother was called to the regular maternity, . and girls are, . that she, . when he grows up, . will take up the phone and ask the same stern voice: "The contractions have nachalisN otoshliN Water" - and then fearlessly leave a bicycle in the dark, . leaving behind a little daughter ...,
. After college, Annie was admitted to the school nurses, and even managed to go one preterm infants
. However, while it is already dreaming of a career actress and continued to wear a white robe and headscarf, only out of stubbornness. The mother herself told her: "Try. Feel like a bad actress - will return to the clinic. In any case, a nurse from you get a good ". In the next Annie missed Sunday Mass in order to read the fable to the selection committee. Examiners, it seemed funny, and the girl had no choice but to surrender his white robe housekeeper. And after a couple of months of diligent student, Annie Girardot, . serious seventeen-with long brown braids, . Day made his first steps on the student's stage, . and in the evenings dancing like mad cancan cabaret "Rose Rouge" for seventeen francs per hour.,
. At that time she was not up to the novels - they started a little later, when, after graduating from high school drama Annie took to the Comedie Francaise "
. To get to this theater for the French actor - the same as within reach for the stars: a stable career, a high position in society and material well-being are guaranteed until the end of days. In the most famous French theater Annie lasted only two years and wrote a letter of resignation "of their own volition". She wants to risk, . try yourself in a variety of Role, . want to work in the film - she already knows, . as exciting, . because co-starred in a couple of detectives with himself, Jean Gabin! In "Comedy" all too decently, . too quiet, . and she wants to live on all cylinders.,
. Annie feels like to break free from the narrow cell and headlong rushes, and in work and in love
. She wants to meet a real man. Man with a capital letter. Perhaps the effect that she never saw her father - her terribly anxious to close was the person who can care for, protect, laugh when sad, and calm, when the terrible ... Alas, . in the surrounding environment of the acting is not - and Annie turns novels simultaneously with two, . and even three partners: can, . of several "composite" it will be able to get some ideal "integer" N All Holders Girardot next to her looked like a real weaklings - she took the decision, . subject them to its own rhythm of life, . was insatiable in bed,
. In order not to disappoint her, poor thing had to do one's best ... Seeing the man for the first time, Annie just looked at his hands. If they were beautiful and graceful - she decided: this man will become her lover. In addition, who would become her husband - a famous writer and director Norbert Carbonneau, his hands were just such. Norbert and Annie even got engaged, they waited for a long life together ... But one day the great Luchino Visconti called Annie in Italy, the main female role in the movie "Rocco and His Brothers", and Norbert was unable to hold her own beautiful hands. Annie was going to meet his fate.
January I960, the. Girardot arrived in Rome a cold overcast day. It seemed that none of the crew is not happy her arrival. Initially, the role of Nadi meant another actress, . which at the last moment refused to withdraw, . and Visconti was still terribly bothered by this, a young handsome Delon look whimsical and kind of nervous, but this Italian Renato Salvatore, . Zvezda, . played host to Italy a dozen roles sloggers-Handsome, . was gloomy, . like a bear and it was even a little frightened her,
. In general, Annie longed to return to Paris. She almost every hour nazvanivala Norbert - because she needed his gaiety and carelessness!
... Since the day of her arrival is more than two months, when Renato invites Annie to go together in Milan. (This date - March 19 - she will remember forever.) Annie does not dream of going on for two days next to a strange type, but he proposes to see the city from the roof of the famous cathedral - there Visconti lift scene explanations Nadia and Rocco. Milan full of sun, and Renato feels here like a fish in water: he knows every alley, every house, every passerby - and everyone knows it. All day they walk, laughing at the fact that holding hands like lovers, and by evening they realize that in fact in love ... Renato feels to her like an old friend - it turns out, Annie can talk about anything, for it is not taboo, and it has everything managed to make your own opinion. But at the same time, he notes the danger lurking in those huge eyes, in this daring look from the bottom up ... In a cafe on a small square, where they dine, Renato chooses dishes genuine Italian cuisine, and without asking Annie, makes an order: two of lasagna, two salads, two glasses of red wine. He generally does not seem too interested in her opinion - she should like the same thing as him, because it is "their guy"! Looking sarcastically Renato's eyes, Annie, to this day very cautious about alcohol, drink in one gulp a glass. Renato relentless wave away and can walk mile after mile - hence, Annie, who minces next to him on high heels, too, should not be tired ...

Tobacco store near strong guys beat the young puny thieves. Renato without hesitation rushes into the thick of the fight and taken desperately flailing fists right and left - as long as the boy, taking advantage of the moment, no breaks free. Returning to Annie, Renato, proud as a cock, showing her his torn in several places jacket. But he has not received a scratch! In a small hotel room Renato smokes like a chimney and did not notice that half an hour in the room becomes impossible to breathe. Strange, but Annie is all very pleasant - is finally in front of her sits a strong man who feels himself the master in this life. She wants him to give orders and her life, too. She was not one of those women who always need some time to say "no", then to languid voice whisper welcome "yes" ... Such a man she had been waiting all my life, so surely it will play in nepristupnostN Annie bravely offers Renato spend the night together ...

After that night they had never parted. Renato everybody kept saying: "If Annie agreed, I would have married her". Annie answered journalists' questions with her characteristic determination and directness: "The fact that we are together - this is not a gimmick. I like Renato, and he loves me. "

The unprecedented success of the movie "Rocco and His Brothers", his triumphant march across the world - all sidelined, their love. Every day, Renato discovering something new in Annie, and these discoveries have done it for him even more expensive. He liked her disdain for expensive clothes and the fact that she hates evening dresses, preferring his pants and jumpers. Renato thought that this particular outfit suits her more than others - because Annie is low and thin, her hair is always careless, and ironical, and insolent glance. He liked her open face, on which there is no trace of make-up - it only drew a "needle", and then only in the most solemn occasions. Her only "weakness" - expensive clothes (even after thirty years, . taking off from Russia's director Valeria Akhadova in the movie "Ruth", . Girardot indignantly refuses to wear her titular heroine of Soviet cotton bra sample 50-ies: "I would rather withdraw naked, . than this parachute! "),
. Just as Renato, Annie loves animals - she may be a long time to "communicate" with stray dog or cat. Renato is not now and then imagined her mistress of their common home, where there will be many children, many dogs, which are always noisy, where a large table gather friends and family ... When Annie said Renato, was pregnant, he was absolutely happy - because now it certainly will not refuse him when he proposed to her. And a few months, Annie Girardot came to the house of Renato in Forte dei Marley as the official Signora Salvatore.
. It turns into a real Italian woman - comes to market with a big bag, wildly and recklessly traded, at home preparing pasta and lasagne, bakes canola
. In July there is a child in the family - daughter Julia, a pretty, a little doll ... The first three years of life Julia - the most happy for Annie. It is slightly withdrawn from the Italian directors (no matter in which the paintings, the main thing for her - not to go far from home). When Annie sees few hours Renato, . her heart sinking of anxiety for him: he is too impulsive, . too stubborn, . He loves the risk, . danger and seemed to create them for himself! In the first months of their life together Renato, . despite the fact, . that Annie was pregnant and her stomach was becoming every day more and more, . decided, no matter what was to teach her to ride a horse and to overcome the steep slopes on skis,
. Annie soon became convinced that the care and Renato - incompatible concepts. When her husband came down from the mountain, standing next to her cross-country skiers were shouting to each other: "Look there!" This idiot will certainly break his neck! " At one of the walking horse Renato suffered and he barely managed to stop it. On reaching the green with horror Annie, Renato calmly said to her: "Such incidents help to feel alive ..." This phrase Annie remembered whenever Renato sat behind the wheel. His eyes sparkled when he managed to squeeze out of the car "all the juices". Even the presence of a number of his wife and infant daughter could not stop the mad race. The same passion with which he drove a car, Renato put in any game. Even playing the lotto with little Julie, he shouted and argued quite seriously and quite genuinely upset when it smelled a loss. What can we say about kartahN! For a long time, his favorite partner Preference was Adriano Celentano, as well as Renato, able to sit at the card table day and night. (In one of these nights Celentano to gamble and lost his new Mercedes.) Annie did not like to play, and all night she had to scurry between rooms and kitchen, cut the sandwiches and fried potatoes, bringing more and more bottles of wine .. .

. The same fierce temperament Salvatore showed in love
. As soon as they only touch each other - and clothing flying in all directions. And to him, and she liked to make love in the most exotic places, like to run one after another around the house, laughing, shouting, knocking chairs ... Over time, their passion is not only not extinguished, but on the contrary, becoming hotter. However, he understood the concern in his own way ... By agreeing to the proposal of the Italian director Marco Ferreri, Annie quickly regretted it - they are the director could not find a common language, everyone, even the most trifling conversation ended in scandal. Directed insisted, the actress did not want to give. One day she came home in tears. Realizing, . that the cause of her tears was Marco, . Renato was quick to dress: "Nobody has the right to scream at my wife, I just nabyu face this bastard!" Annie barely managed to persuade her husband to leave everything as is, . because the conflict was primarily to blame herself,
. Renato, grumbling, stayed at home, but Annie was delighted with his outburst - that he, the person who can stand up to her defense!

... If it were possible, Annie would stay in Forte dei Marley forever, but ... She begins to yearn for the work, it needs to cinema. And besides (although Annie has not recognized this even to herself) she wanted a little respite from Renato. Last time he was having supper with friends, increasingly "fingering" of whiskey and anise pastis. During his thirty-three years, Annie has never lived under one roof with a drinking man. She did not like the overwrought, Renato noisy in the evenings, it scares him guilty tenderness in the morning ... Soon Annie appears excellent reason to leave - Marcel Carnц╘ invites Girardot weigh in his film. The work, which once introduced Annie and Renato, now separates them ...

On the eve of her departure Renato drunk so that it becomes really scary. He asks her: "Do not go!" Stay here with me, I'm afraid to lose you ... " However, these requests are not so easy to understand, because the man uttering them barely turning the language. In the evening, Annie drags in bed asleep on the floor, Renato, puts his hand on his forehead, stroking his big "bear" head in the morning, board a plane departing flight Rome-Paris ...

From that day, for it began another life. She filmed a lot of articles about her began to write prestigious journals, her work celebrated influential critics. From time to time, journalists asked her about her husband, Renato Salvatore: where he seychasN why not snimaetsyaN Unlike his wife Renato did appear on the screen less often. Of course, such a situation it hurt the pride - not only as an actor, but as men. Renato began to think that he secretly becomes "Monsieur Girardot". Quality Annie, who initially led Renato delighted - her independence, the desire to be independent of its ability to plunge into work, as Olympic champion in the pool - now beginning to annoy him. She summons him to Paris - he does not want to leave Rome. At night, her roused telephone calls: "Answer, you is Italy!" He was so bad without it, he asks her to come, throw everything ... Most often it is well received. Usually Renato waiting for her in their house in Rome, he is happy, he beams with joy. They go to the mountains, skiing ... But once Annie arrives and learns that the signora was not at home. "Obviously, he trattoria" - said her maid, looking down. Annie methodically avoids several institutions located nearby. In one of them at a table in the corner sits a man - one of those regulars who remain in the bar until closing time. Annie happily waving his hand. But man does not react to her appearance. At first Girardot seems that she was wrong. But the next step destroys all doubt: it is Renato, but he looks at her face blank unseeing eyes and seemed totally did not recognize her. Seeing the despair in the face of Annie, the bartender reassures her: "That happens sometimes ... Do not worry, madam, in the morning everything will be "morning Renato repentance insists to her that it will not happen again, that drunk-he, for one simple reason - it is too hard without it ... A month or two, and the next visit Annie finds the same picture. Sometimes she will be shattered after a night of feasting table and a husband who suffers from a severe hangover ... Sometimes it is somewhere to go late at night and by morning it, drunk as a fiddler, brings back good-hearted taxi driver ... Often on the face Renato Annie sees the bruises and scratches - so, he again found a reason to get involved in a fight ...

One day, returning to Rome after the next premiere, she met a totally different Renato - a sober and somber. Until he heard rumors that his wife had a stormy affair with a partner in the picture. It demands explanation. She says that is not going to give him a report and if he suspected her of lying - well, the better! Enraged Renato gives her a slap. Annie tries to remain restrained and cold, but a second later there was nothing sees the tears ... And in a moment Renato falls to her knees, kissing her hands, asking him to forgive ... He told her about, . that happened a few days ago, . and this years will haunt Annie as a nightmare: learning, . that she is unfaithful, . Renato tried to shoot himself out of his old gun collector's mark "Beretta", . but at the last minute shot into the ceiling ..,
. Suddenly, Annie understands Renato weak and vulnerable, aware that two of them help and protection is needed first and foremost to him - this physically strong, handsome man, and not she able to withstand all ... Annie always dreamed about a man who will dispose of its life, which would be stronger and wiser than she. But, obviously, somewhere upstairs decided that this is not her dream come true.

For two weeks they spend together and never part for a minute. Renato looks like a man who outwitted a terrible misfortune, and Annie ... Now in her love for her husband more pity: it is a feeling similar to that with which she looked at Julia, when she was a baby ... Renato and Annie love each other in these two weeks so strongly and tenderly, like never before. And then Annie returned to Paris, where her friends asserting: "It is impossible! Soon you do not give roles - everyone knows that when your Renato call again, you drop everything and he'll fly to save even a day premiere. And Annie realizes that it's true.

The worst of it was in the evening. She could no longer be alone in his apartment on the Place des Vosges. Even being sick with a fever, she left the house and wandered from one to the other dives. Sometimes tried to drink, but whether alcohol is not brought her comfort, whether it has an unusually sober ... Annie increasingly thought of those three happy years and thought about, . as now it would be better to have a baby: the emergence of the baby would stop Renato in his slow descent into the abyss and to reunite their country in a large family home in Forte dei Marley,
. But the children she was no more.

Once on location in New York, Annie felt that she was terribly want to go home. But kudaN Where it domN In Paris, . where his mother lives and where she will be empty kvartiraN In Rome, . where now RenatoN in Cortina, . where resting Julia, . age has become this italyankoyN Returning to Paris (still in Paris!), . she entered the apartment, . lay on the couch, . at the head of which is always the phone, . and suddenly realized, . that dead tired - from themselves, . this life, . from everything ..,
. When two minutes later the phone rang and handset Renato voice shouted: "You vernulasN Come!" I need you! ", Annie answered, colorless voice:" I can not go anywhere. I'm tired. "
. It was at this time, Claude Lelouch, the director, recently shook the world with his painting "Man and Woman", invited Girardot on trial - he began to shoot a new film ...
. She then had no idea that Lelouch her arrival - response to long-standing dream
. Ten years ago, he saw her on the set of a movie, and swore that Annie will definitely have him removed. Claude looked at Annie's adoring eyes, and she immediately realized how beautiful his hands ... He was married, she - married, but that nothing prevented the ...
Lelouch tried to anticipate every wish, Annie, surrounded it with such care and such attention, sometimes next to him, she felt a little girl. Newspapers have carried pictures of them together - Girardot did not refute or explain. She knew that along with television crews last week end and this is the calm in her life novel, but she will not lift a finger to extend it at least for a day. Just now, she needed someone who could help find a balance, calm down, take a break from this useless struggle with itself ... Many years later, after the death of Renato Salvatori, Annie agrees to withdraw again from Lelouch. All that before so admired her in Claude, will now annoy. Soft voice, gentle smile, graceful gestures ... And most importantly - the tenderness in his eyes when he looks at her. Girardot, always so patient and so gentle on the set, in turn talked utter shrew. And in the end, Lelouch will shout: "Do not you dare look at me with his cow-eyes!" Or do you explain what to do in this scene, or I'll throw all this shit to hell! "

. ... When she meets Renato after a long separation, his eyes full of tears
. He already knows how she lived the last months. He tells Annie that she and Julia - his only joy, that his life was over, that the movie has deceived his hopes. There is still the best film remains Renato "Rocco and His Brothers", and he feels like a failure ... Annie does not tire of repeating to him: "Your finest hour has not come. You deserve it, and this time is almost here ". Renato sad smiles: he too believes in these comforting. He was no longer asks Annie to stay with him, knowing that it is impossible. Hence, from Rome, he was unable to influence them, to prohibit or allow something. Now, when he almost never removed, he could move to Paris, but his pride would not allow him to decide on this step. He did not do this when I was young and strong, he was afraid that he would be called "Monsieur Girardot, and now he is old, almost drunk, was sluggish, and he no longer afford to change anything ...
. Time passed, and the finest hour Renato Salvatore and remained an empty promise
. Annie came to see him gradually grow wild in the house in Rome to stay there for a couple of days and then return to their own, not always happy life. She nearly went broke by taking on the costs of staging the play, written by her close friend Bob Deco, nearly went to hospital with a fractured head, after her other close friend, Bernard Frisson, ran into her marble ashtray. Every time after his return from Rome, it required a strong emotional shake-up, which, though at the time would help to forget about the man, God knows what transformed her life. Annie rushed for comfort and to alcohol and drugs. She then went to restaurants, browse exquisite dishes without feeling their taste, then arranged a voluntary hunger strike and so rapidly lost weight, and that close beginning to seriously fear for her life.
. In 1988, resting on the Mediterranean Sea with her daughter and granddaughter, Annie Girardot learned that Renato Salvatore died
. What she pochuvstvovalaN cargo, which she dragged for years, finally fell from her shoulders. Now do not have to start from telephone calls, rushing between Rome and Paris, comfort, comfort, pity, recalling old grudges ... But these thoughts quickly left: Annie realized that the death of Renato - only the beginning of a new separation,. And this bitter feeling now forever remain with her.

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Girardot, Annie (Annie Girardot), photo, biography
Girardot, Annie (Annie Girardot), photo, biography Girardot, Annie (Annie Girardot)  Actress, photo, biography
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