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Biography Jess Willard
photo Jess Willard
Jess Willard was born December 29, 1881 in Kansas, in the family Myron and Margaret Willard. He was the youngest of four brothers. His father died in October 1881, aged 37 from wounds received during the Civil War. Jesse's mother remarried in 1891 a man named Stalker, also has children from a previous marriage.
Since childhood Jess stood impressive size (his brothers had normal growth). He and his brothers performed chores at the ranch Stalker. First love, young Jesse had a horse, but because of his size he could be a cowboy.
March 13, 1908 Willard married. In search of work, he sosvoey wife traveled the entire Midwest, moving then to Oklahoma, then Texas. Once he nearly got a job as a police officer in Oklahoma. Finding funds for life, but by that time he already got their first child, brought 27-year-old man in the ring.
Two years Willard fought for money in circuses and grubby boxing clubs, and even in taverns. All this he mortally sick, and he bought a ticket in the general class, was about the station - home. But to him rolled fairly well-known manager of Tom Jones and persuaded Jesse to stay: something interesting, he saw in this clumsy, gloomy giant. Since that day, Willard began to train more or less professionally, in particular, he tried to give at least some technical skills, as this middle-aged boxer did not know and many of the basics of boxing.
He pulled at two meters and weighing 114 kg, and his name was "Pine from Kansas". At the same time Jesse was phlegmatic and indifferent to everything. By that time, "white" America continued to search for a candidate to fight against the great Johnson. Enthusiasts of this was the ex-world champion Canadian, Tommy Burns, who could not forgive his defeat Johnson. He gathered a group of boxers worthy, in his view, to resist the black champion. Among this group was and Jess Willard.
Jess started to win a pretty strong boxer, which, among other things, Jones' manager, brought glory to the clairvoyant. So, among other things, Willard broke in 1912 after the assassination of limp in the ring Arthur PELCOM won several major battles, until he met in Vernon (California) with a cowboy Bol Yang. This was inexperienced and poorly prepared boxer, and now, at any time, opened, he received a terrible blow by Willard: collapsed, and without regaining consciousness, died in hospital. It shocked Jesse. He vowed not to climb into the ring. In addition, giant, according to the then rules, was disqualified for three years. But since then proved to be Tom Jones, he has put all his charm, all the logic, and persuaded the same "Kansas City pine" to return to the ring. Manager agreed to another problem, having had the "fathers boxing removed from Willard disqualification.
Realizing that aging does not have a long Jess prospects in boxing, manager Jones immediately threw him against George Rodel, perhaps the most classroom time heavyweight. And then his coach, James Johnston, went to the foul deed. Already in the ring, for some seconds before the fight, he went to Jessie and whispered that what we should be extremely careful with Rodel: "My guy has heart, and you remember what you have ended with the Young". The simple Willard believed, from the horror he had his legs trembled, and, of course, he lose the fear and aim a blow at the opponent. It would have ended, but then Johnston mistake. He should keep quiet, and he bragged about his replica newspaper people, exposing Jesse idiot, but a resourceful small.
Olden Jess was one of those bumpkin, which is difficult to stir, but if anyone can, then - expect trouble, go to the end of such. So Willard, learning about the heinous act of Johnston, has become an angry, vengeful huge creature. His manager quickly agreed to a rematch, which unexpectedly caused an explosion of enthusiasm, gathering all sorts of rumors, intrigues and projections. Situation itself works: there is a villain and bitterly resentful of. Moreover, Rodel, was an immigrant from South Africa, and white Americans have yearned for at least a side in this battle, the victory over the Afro-American boxer. In short, the noise and clamor rose exorbitant. And then the world champion Jack Johnson blurted out to journalists that he was ready to fight in the title match against the winner of this pair. He said this at a party, but there were a few reporters, and certainly they have tried so that the random phrase Johnson was soon understood as a formal agreement.
On the match with Jess Willard Rodel not much to say. 32-year-old "pine" with unprecedented ferocity hitherto fallen on South African, . and certainly not as Rodel tossed around the ring, . at the beginning of 6 th round was all over: the right uppercut just tossed nigger on the floor, . The seconds, . without waiting for an account, . Rodel dragged into a corner, . course, . with volcanic roar of an excited crowd to the extreme,
. This battle opened the door for Jesse match for the title of world champion.
Two factors have made the impossible possible. The first - self-confidence and complacency of the world champion, who deeply despised the Willard-boxer. He called him a "big ham", asserting that it would be the easiest fight. "I need only to climb into the ring and make only one effort to shake off this sedentary click beetle". Even before the game Johnson practiced haphazardly, without altering its strongly scattered lifestyle. Tom Jones, by contrast, reported to his fighter all the unflattering attacks Johnson, brought a newspaper with demeaning to Jesse quotes, wound up in front of him talking on the same subject, and eventually inflamed bumpkin into a rage.
Start the battle happened clearly in favor of Johnson. He was still fresh and full readiness to defend its greatest property - the crown of the strongest boxer in the world. He was not confused and beautiful appearance of Jesse, which weighed 108 kg, that for "pine from Kansas" was the extent possible, while 102 kg champion made it noticeably stout. But the real experts have noticed that in this part of the match in beats Johnson no longer feels erstwhile strength, although he probably did not realize that the time of reckoning for the merry life of sin. Only somewhere in the third round, . when the champion sent Jesse a few killer, . Calculation Johnson, . strikes, . which in actual fact not confused "pine" - the candidate only shook his head and otfyrkivalsya - Jack, . Finally, . realized the seriousness of their situation,
. Not expecting more endurance, Johnson, from that moment decided to bump off a ferocious attack by Jess, one of his worst swing. But this was a tactic of waiting, and it inevitably gives the initiative in the wrong hands.
After fruitless attempts to knock out Willard, champion of the world put up with a fatal outcome. Completely beaten, with a swollen eye, he turned to the second is the requirement to withdraw from the room wife. Johnson did not want her to become a witness to the cruel and inevitable beating. But it remained. Now Willard slapped with impunity. In the 26-round, realizing that it is time to finish champions, kanzasets long maneuvered around the ring, trying to take the most comfortable position for the final blow. Finally, he bitingly hit him in the chin, and Johnson fell. Prostrate champion did not even attempt to climb. He later said that he could, but not seen in the sense: Jess immediately finished off to his.
The following year, Jesse defended his title in a battle with nesamym strong boxer Frank Moran, and July 4, 1919 was knocked out in the third round of the new star of boxing 24-year old Jack Dempsey. After that, he has appeared in the ring until 1926, starred in several movies. He had five children - 3 girls and 2 boys. He lived almost 87 years and died December 15, 1968.

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Jess Willard, photo, biography
Jess Willard, photo, biography Jess Willard  OUTSTANDING BOXER, photo, biography
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