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Biography Rocky Marciano
There was no history of professional boxing the other figures with such a controversial reputation, . like Rocky Marchiano.Serezny boxing connoisseur Ted Carroll in general puts Rocky in the tenth place in his table heavyweight champion, . however, . with a mass of reservations, . Recognizing, . particularly, . completely unfathomable power will this boxer,
. Newspaper reporters also often "biting" Marciano, noting that a lack of elegance.

We must keep in mind the main criterion in assessing the strength of any fighter - His Majesty the result, but he's an outstanding Marciano. Therefore, in the time of his speeches, and still there were many experts who believed that he certainly, N 1 among the world champions of all time.

This, perhaps, one may argue, but look at the facts. In general, Rocky Marciano held on 49 professional boxing fights without a single defeat. However, only six of the men managed to hold out until the end of the match, the rest were knocked out. Almost no se they went against him to hold out until the last round, . having no hope of winning and weak, . and nearly two-meter growth Tad Lowrey generally only backed back with outstretched left: how can there be beauty battle, . but certainly not to cause Rocky,
. He himself came in full force, only twice was knocked down.

We return to judge the remarkable fortitude of our hero. Life itself has severely brought up this already brave, indifferent to the pain the boy, whose real name is - Rocky Marchedzhano. He was born Sept. 1, 1923 in Broktone that in Massachusetts, in a large family of Italian immigrants with disabilities.

. To okolet from hunger, the future champion of fresh snow on the street, washing dishes in the bar, working digger, puts gas pipes
. He was very strong physically and very well played baseball, was the best pitcher, but once he broke his arm. And what a cast with such travmoyN At the same time he was approached by Gene Kadzhano, a local trainer of boxers, and said: "Something in you is, man. Come back tomorrow at the club, much as I want to find the Italian boy and make him world champion. "

In 1943, Rocky was drafted and sent to Britain to serve in the Navy. On the shore of a young sailor was a frequent visitor to pubs, one he somehow cleverly polished the local hooligan, and the host institution proposed Rocky often look to him. "We have at the end of the week fighting for money, and you can earn a good idea". So that's an unusual way Marciano developed the art of fist, at the same time learning techniques, which are not known in the classic boxing, in particular, the low rack.

. Weighing 86 kg Rocky had only 180 cm of growth, which created problems in fights with stalwart fighters
. In the pub and he started to bend so low as he could, becoming almost an elusive target.

It has generally been an amazing ability to make their weaknesses strengths. For example, Rocky realized that he should be boxing only in melee. For this he specially trained short shots, which will eventually become murderous. He looked like a bulldog, which, hanging on the big sacrifice, this way and that tormented her - mercilessly, until a fatal outcome ..

. Take into account and quite austere life Rocky Marciano, over what is often teased him rude and not very clever sparring partners
. Over the dining table, they secretly added whiskey in a glass of juice and cheerful whinny, seeing the grimace of disgust on his face Rocky. From a young age and before his death in a cornfield in Iowa, this fanatic and did not know the taste of alcohol and tobacco, and in the intimate life of the Rocky has always been extremely restrained.

. Obsession Marciano, Spartan will, of course, clearly manifested in the fighting, and people close to him were convinced that victory for Rocky, do not hesitate to sacrifice and life.

. In the title match against Jersey Joe Walcott, he fought several rounds almost blind, and Afro-American champion mercilessly beat Marciano
. But he persevered, finally began to act spotted my second eye drops, and even then, he was furious Rocky, began to worry Walcott.

. Great skillful Joe Louis knew how to overcome this dangerous Italian, and in each round a straight left him several times took out the head Marciano
. Any other fighter would have long ago lost the ability to resist these Jeb, of any, but not Rocky. He did not find salvation from the blows Luis, . and two weeks after the battle did not go outside, . so disfigured his face was, . but they were suffering winner, . as "black scorer" began to weaken in the later rounds, . Yes and resilience of a young opponent removes it from itself,
. And in the end referee raised his hand Marciano.

Even more terrible was the fight with Ezzard Charles, more recently, champion. Then Ezza so banged Marciano that tore his nostrils, and the referee had already been opened his mouth in order to remove the young gladiator in battle. But Rocky pleaded: "Do not do it, old man, I'm okay. Give me just two rounds ". And of course, not his, and Charles insensitive carried away with the ring.

Yes, that's so he was, this Rocky. All the great heavyweights - Johnson, Louis, Ali, much later, most matches won easily, without the bruises: then, they are great. We firmly assert that Rocky Marciano is among the immortals, the other thing is that almost every game it became blood as he took his art is not so much how much will power, pressure, sacrifice, in open battle.

. Incidentally, it was he first began to practice their short shots in the water - every day, for two hours, it is this colossal work and gave him a fantastic statistics: 83 percent of KOs. The very nature Marciano, style, and oblige him to fight risky and openly - only in the active field.

In 1967, the American Mauri Warner, an engineer and businessman, started the unheard of: to clarify with an electron-counting machine at all times the best heavyweight boxer. In all the world champions card file was compiled with information on the physical and volitional qualities. Charged by a data machine began to mathematical duels.

In the case went in and commentator Guy Loebau. To breathe life into this event, he wrote scripts, led coverage of the battles mounted sound effects - hitting gloves, men moans, the screams of spectators, well, etc.. The buzz around "fighting age" got incredible stories Loebau, post-match comments of experts were so serious that the public has to perceive what is happening, as something real. Madly earned a tote, but closer to the decisive fights rates in general are crazy.

Many of the "kings" ring were still good health. With great excitement, they followed the course of events. For reporting on his match with Sullivan, another ex-world champion James J. Braddock followed at New York youth club. When the roar and rumble of ridicule machine Warner announced the winner Sullivan, wounded Braddock jumped up and yelled: "Shut up miserable halfwits! Eye to eye I would have torn the old John!".

. Well, who eventually became a champion among chempionovN First, Marciano went tunneling, then Baer, Dempsey, and Jeffreys, and in the final meeting with brilliant Ali
. Their match was broadcast as much fifty radio. Real gold belt with diamonds was handed Rocky Marciano. Yes, it was a game, and accept it entirely too seriously is not worth. And yet, all the same!

With all the obsession with sports and anger out of the ring Rocky Marciano was an open, sincere and intelligent man. Meeting with reporters, he often spoke of his shortcomings and never offensive - the rivals. When he knocked out Carmine Wing, and the two days did not come to consciousness, desperate to Rocky all this time remained in the hospital, and after recovery the unfortunate opponent gave him the entire fee for their match.
. He had difficulty with the manager of Al Weil, who took up the case Marciano, after he returned from the army
. He was an experienced businessman, and with rating Marciano began to rise sharply, as if Al has put young boxer on springboard. At every corner he sounded about the fantastic opportunities "nice guy Broktona" which, of course, confirmed his fists and Rocky.
. But over time, Vail has graciously to behave with the ward, mistakenly believing that Rocky without the correct step, and will not do
. They parted, but the boxer did everything to make them unpleasant conversation ends peacefully. Marciano, invited Al to the restaurant, the manager calmly explained the situation and warmly thanked for all issued. Later, Vail, described the scene: "At first I fumed, but the friendly face of Marciano, his prudence, and my favorite fish is suggested to that he was really a wonderful guy, if not the best of all with whom I dealt."
. But the world champion Rocky was still remaining in conjunction with the Weyl
. Yes, the time has come when all the field before the throne of Jersey Joe Walcott was strewn with defeated Rocky fighters. They took on Sept. 23, 1952 at the Municipal Stadium in Philadelphia, which reached more than 40 thousand spectators, who left at the box office 504 thousand 645 dollars for the pleasure of seeing the title match. The victory over Wolcott once again become a matter for the Rocky's courage and patience. The world champion was the oldest candidate for nine years, but had a fierce resistance.
Citing the reportage on this fight.
"The stakes were clearly in favor of Marciano: 9 to 5. Walcott himself realized that in his 38 years can not withstand all fifteen rounds of vigorous onslaught by challenger. Therefore, as soon as the referee gave the command to converge, a cheerful veteran of the quick step closer to Marciano and set to work.
A minute later he hit tight Marciano, and he fell to stand up to the "four". The audience was in shock, many mentally parted with their money.
The second and third rounds are not looked, except that all increased in the eye after sliding Marciano Walcott strike. Soon melee Jersey Joe again put the applicant in a difficult position, but again, Marciano got up quickly. He frowned, as clearly dissatisfied with oneself.
The ninth round - the most severe and persistent. Charlie Goldman, in his famous hat, gave Rocky the Council to adopt a lower rack. Rocky sat down, and at some point Walcott struck his elbow on the top, which opened an old wound. However, there is a loss and a champion, and Vail now and then resumes debate on a big bandage under his eye Walcott, which, in its opinion, contrary to the rules imposed. But seated judges' tables so passionate about what is happening in the ring that dismiss him as if he importunate fly, and insulted El threats stepped aside. This ominous Marciano won the round, but with a slight advantage. However, heading in a corner, the first time he smiled.
In the interval seconds Rocky found a way to stop the bleeding ... Very lively eleventh round. Are exchanged sharp blows. Wolcott, realizing that the forces leave, boxing is very strongly. Even with a long series of shows that Rocky dangerous gap nose and a bruise under his left eye all the more like a plum. All admire his indifference to pain.
Decisive Moment. After the twelfth round, Charlie Goldman, his coach, healing the gap now between the eyes, said to his disciples: "Now you have to blame Joe, otherwise you'll find a guide". Rocky nodded.
In the thirteenth round, Marciano long maneuvers, and how to evaluate the state championship. Then he pushes Jersey Joe in the corner and causing a short kick left, but failed. Walcott tries to leave the middle of the ring, but the terrible right hook to put the world champion to his knees. The tense silence in the hall. Some moments Walcott is not moving. Then falls with widely outstretched arms. Referee Charlie Degert announces Marciano Nineteenth champion.
Walcott was quite bad in itself, he came after five minutes. All agreed that he was courageous, but this time was faced with an even greater willingness to go through. Charlie Goldman, in his joy threw his hat into the crowd on his side it was the greatest victim.
After that, Rocky Marciano five times to defend his title. By the time he became a family man, and Barbara, his wife, along with in-law began to beg Rocky to leave the ring. One day he received a letter from them an ultimatum: "You go out to fight, and we look forward with horror the worst. Stop excite us. Our family is falling apart, and you have to reason. We need a son and husband, not his money mutilated body.
He was a true Italians: family - a sacred thing. Apparently, Marciano, and he was tired of boxing. April 27, 1956 he announced his retirement. He became the second heavyweight champion who voluntarily fled the ring undefeated: the first was Gene Tunney, and none after.
The bank account Marciano lay more than 4 million. Now he tried to properly dispose of. Marciano is a businessman and a very successful. But his mother and wife were quiet: now he was returning from a broken face.
Alas, it is in the new life has been spared the fate of his. In 1969, his small private plane crashed in a field near the village of Newton. The next day, Rocky was supposed to celebrate its 46 anniversary.

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Rocky Marciano, photo, biography
Rocky Marciano, photo, biography Rocky Marciano  OUTSTANDING BOXER, photo, biography
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