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LAVROV Tatiana

( Actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR (1988))

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Biography LAVROV Tatiana
Tatiana Lavrov was born in Moscow,. Father - Eugene N. Andrikanis, and her mother, Galina Kuzminichna Pyshkova were cameramen.

In 1959, Tatiana Lavrov graduated from high school-studio of the Moscow Art Theater. In the film debuted in 1959, playing the role of Varya in the film Song of Koltsovo. The great success she found out after the movie 'Nine Days of One Year'. And the country - that the Soviet Union is not only women - the Kuban Cossacks, tractor driver, partisan. Some women seemed to be a foreigner - beautiful, with graceful fracture, charm. And the way they are not bright, as in the painting of the same name with a movie star Orlova, and full of tragedy, complexes: This appeared on the screen Tatiana Lavrov, adding just the small number gallery of non-Soviet heroines.

. In 1959-1961 played in the Moscow Art Theater, in the 1961st year went to the theater "Contemporary"
. Theater-goers realized that on the stage has another star - Lavrov - after the American premiere of the play 'Two for the seesaw'. She played Gitel, funny girl, without a man is incapable of understanding her feelings. Performance of 1961, on the stage Lavrov and the Cossacks, the hall director - Volchek. Galina, who is receiving treatment in Israel, remembers that the rehearsal of the legendary performance came in an atmosphere of continuous search. And this search was a joy.

- It was her first job and my. And that means we both had to win. I have many penalties, I'm on a role the actress took the former ballerina with such data. 'With these legs, she can not play a ballerina' - tell me. And it was not quite in the legs. I remember Tanya at Moscow Art Theater School: girl ran through the corridors with huge eyes and a thin neck deer. And it gave me a reason to call her for the role of Gitel. And I know that'll do her.

Achieved - the role Gitel in 'Two for the seesaw' has become a real star for Lavrov. Then there was Nastyona in a unique performance 'at the bottom'. Then 'The Cherry Orchard', where she began to play brilliantly Ranevskaya, but because of the absurdity of the conflict with the administration went out of 'Contemporary'. Since 1978, Lavrov reiterated played at MAT (1989 - namely a. P. Chekhov).

Art Theater - another stage in her life. And just remember her Arkadina in 'Seagull', in a brilliant duet with Alexander Kalyagin. Lavrov was very fond of Ephraim as a director, as a man. When he passed away, inwardly cringed, went into the inner emigration, little has appeared in the theater. The latter role - very small - in the play 'Zeroes'. The latest film role - 'The crisis of middle age'. Once upon a fairly closed, often ill (problems with the spine), the theater appeared less frequently, but, despite this, Oleg Tabakov, who led after Ephraim Moscow Art Theater, went on to take care of her.
. The last years of life - hospitals, talking with friends mostly call
. A few weeks ago she went on 'emergency' clinic in the area of Red Gate. Where she was taken to a hospital in Izmailovo. Evening, May 15, 2007, she called her friend Natalie Zavalniuk.

- Her voice was sad. Tanya said that she feels bad. With her temperature, but that nevertheless finally she was diagnosed - heart failure. We have agreed to ring tomorrow.

But tomorrow Tatiana Lavrova will no longer. Will the memory of an amazing actress with big eyes deer, which she recently covered the big points. The actress with unique, God-sent data, but fate, not the usual way as we do not like to dream. In the summer of the year 2008 the People's Artist of the RSFSR would be 70 years
. Filmography

. 2007 Alternate
. 2003 Transformation
. 2003 Another Life
. 2002 Movies about movies
. 2002 Diary killer
. 2001 Detectives
. 1998 Chekhov and K
. 1997 Midlife crisis
. 1993 Cherry Orchard
. 1990 System 'Nipple'
. 1988 tragedy in the style of rock
. 1983 The long road to a
. 1982 Maigret varies
. 1982 Vote
. 1979 Second Spring
. 1979 active zone
. 1976 Etsitony Burchelli
. 1976 Fact biography
. 1976 Days of the surgeon Mishkina
. 1976 Night Train
. 1975 Change a dog on a locomotive
. 1975 Escape of Mr. McKinley
. 1974 Departure delayed
. military interpreter
. 1974 Point of No Return
. 1971 All the King's Men
. 1969 Wolf Island
. 1967 Mysterious Wall
. 1965 Time, forward!
. 1962 9 days to one year
. 1961 Song of Koltsovo
. 1960 probation


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Photos of LAVROV Tatiana
LAVROV TatianaLAVROV TatianaLAVROV TatianaLAVROV Tatiana

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LAVROV Tatiana, photo, biography
LAVROV Tatiana, photo, biography LAVROV Tatiana  Actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR (1988), photo, biography
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