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Biography STALIN Stalin
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Childhood and adolescence

Joseph Stalin was born in Georgia 21.12.1879. Before his birth his mother had several children who died in infancy, for so little Joseph, who also did not enjoy good health, his mother followed closely.

Joseph's father was a shoemaker and his mother worked as a laundress. Joseph from an early age learned what poverty and deprivation. At age 7, he fell ill with smallpox, then on his face a lifetime spot that was the subject of ridicule among the other children in school.

Religiosity Stalin's mother and her constant trips to the church allowed it to easily arrange a son in the church school. Health problems gradually disappeared, Stalin was a good student, and immediately after school, he entered the seminary in the Church. He then engaged in advocacy, preaching the ideas of Marxism.

Stalin adhered to the Bolsheviks, not averse to any methods in order to obtain money to fund the development of Bolshevism. He and his associates robbed, attacked, killed, captured - and all this was done 'for the benefit of the people'.

Stalin was remarkable for his great loving even in the teenage years. He's always had very few women of different ages. On Stalin's adventures written books. His former mistress, also wrote memoirs.

At the end of XIX century, capitalism became quickly occupy the leading position in the Caucasus, adding to the national-colonial pressure. Especially vivid developed mining industry, oil refineries.

With the advent of strong roads, development of industry in the Caucasus, and was laboring class. Especially developed rapidly Baku - large Caucasian Center. The development of industrial capitalism to accompany the growth of the labor movement. At this time there was waged campaign exiles here Marxists.

Seminary, where he studied Stalin, showed a concentration of young people, inspired by different ideas and had a number of hidden societies. Reigned in the seminary ill-starred regime called Stalin's violent protest, fed and increase the location to the Marxists. So Stalin was their ally.

Stalin - the General Secretary of the CPSU

Stalin chose the Secretary-General in 1922. Initially the post claimed Leon Trotsky, but it was decided to appoint Stalin.

Initially, this post did not mean anything more than to guide the party organizations. The country is run by Vladimir Lenin, after Lenin's importance were Trotsky, Zinoviev, Bukharin and Kamenev. Stalin was assigned almost fictitious role.

However, in the near future, Lenin appreciated Stalin's ability. When Lenin attempted to do surgery to remove the bullet is in it, it is virtually paralyzed. Stalin had accidentally learned of the correspondence between Lenin and Trotsky, in which both spoke out against Stalin, and he made an ugly scandal wife of Lenin. After that Lenin had shown a desire to remove Stalin from his post, but after Lenin's death he was not accepted. Stalin allied with Zinoviev and Kamenev, attracting them to his side the idea of power. They were opposed to Trotsky. Trotsky tried to resist, but he and his associates was arrested.

Then Stalin took Zinoviev and Kamenev. He slandered them before the people. They tried to resist, but were convicted.

Since that time, began to create the preconditions for the cult of Stalin.

When approaching death of Lenin, Stalin conceived an unprecedented action, under the nickname 'Farewell to the Messiah'. He easily guessed this power, forever awaiting the governor - and in the old days, and now. And instead of 'forbidden' Lord, he decided to give the country of freshly baked.

Ritual farewell to Lenin was like a religious ceremony: make promises to workers retiring 'celestial' immortal continue undertaking.

Stalin also made a speech - while Lenin was still alive, which talked about an alleged real request, the Bolsheviks did not bury Lenin. People close to the authorities were horrified when they realized what lay behind those words - he decided to 'infidel' Lenin's turn to 'hallows'. Oppose it and the wife of Lenin, and others - in particular, Trotsky. However, Stalin had managed to make an immortal god of the Bolsheviks, and thereby to doom his soul to eternal wandering, and the body - a museum piece.

He followed, so that when the death of Lenin next to him there was no one. But Bukharin could be present at his death. Then Stalin and his cronies simply 'forgot' about this fact.

There were versions that blame for the death of Lenin, Stalin, but the doctors say with full authority that the cause of death was arteriosclerosis.

After Lenin's death

Burial ceremony 'leader' was carefully planned by Stalin. The remains were brought by train, who immediately afterwards became a monument. Selected followers of Lenin moved the precious body all over Moscow in the House of Unions. By the way, are killed almost all.

The body was placed in a large hall, and the Secretary General himself had spent the night above him in the guard of honor. All night people came to say goodbye to 'leader'.

The body was subjected embalming - initially it was done in order to be able to leave it for a few days is not buried and allow the country to visit idol. But Stalin was not put to it - he organized the 'referendum', and then decided to put the coffin on public display, and the capital to give a new name in honor of Lenin.

The result of subtle actions of Stalin was the emergence of enterprises, etc.. 'red corner' in the homes of the image were replaced by portraits of Lenin.

More needed to process the body so that it remained for many years - but how? The secret of mummification was abandoned along with the Egyptian pyramids, but Stalin had his scientists to find the right components for the composition. Then Mausoleum was built, in which the body and placed the 'leader'.

After the death of Lenin, Stalin began to fight for power. For this, they brought several colleagues, with whom he first got power, and later ruthlessly destroyed. Violence, for Stalin was absolutely normal form of behavior and way of influence on other people.

Stalin, having felt the power, I realized that almost all can. It is easy to rule the destiny of people, influencing their behavior and their minds. Enemies of the state declared all objectionable, and people blindly believed Stalin. His policy of repression has surpassed even the infamous inquisition. Eliminating their rivals, Stalin could not stop and continued to purge their ranks. Actively supporting Stalin's people can be persecuted because of his insane suspicion. Even in the organization of the NKVD, which is responsible for repression, were killed several thousand people.

However, people's faith in Stalin an uncompromised. Stalin was perceived not as a living person, but as a symbol and idol. It justifies all his actions, because the people thought the atrocities occurring enemy actions. But all were positive solely to Stalin. This turns it from an ordinary person into an idol and demigod.

Collectivization and industrialization

After these events, Stalin carried out further plans. As his colleagues are now performed Bukharin. He together with his associates advocated the further development of the NEP, against the war with the 'fist', drawing on the words of Lenin.

Soon Bukharin wrote to appeal to the peasantry, consisted in the fact that the villagers could get rich, work with the land and not to worry that they will have problems. Power received a brief respite - the people have decided that now really can not be afraid of attacking power. But the call Bukharin led the Bolsheviks in bewilderment - secured peasant is nonsense for 'party policy'. Stalin did not explained, occupying the position of observer. Then, some prominent party members have decided to act independently, hoping at the same time with Bukharin influence on Stalin.

They were openly declaring their opposition, but in the next Congress, Stalin 'eat' these speakers, but after a short time he continued their endeavor.

Lenin's wife launched an attempt to protect them, but Stalin easily made her a 'silly woman', know nothing about politics. Speaking in public, he created his image, kind-hearted and indulgent.

Soon, however, Stalin began to pursue the country's policy of collectivization. It is an amalgamation of scattered farms of the peasants into collective farms. People were deprived of property rights, all property belonged to the farm. Sure, . for needy people, . that seemed like the poor proletarians, . but often were simply lazy and alcoholics, . not willing to do anything, . Such a policy has been very attractive, . but for people, . who have long worked, . order, . to secure a good life, . this is clearly not suitable,
. All animals are selected and went to the farm. People experienced the loss of animals and the earth. Those who lived a little better than others, went into exile and their property taken and it became the collective farm, ie. essentially useless.

From farms require compliance with a plan of putting the resulting product, but this led to the impoverishment of the peasants.

Also industrialize. The emergence of new types of industry until its infancy, and the product lacked. Taxes on farms were taken in the form of money, equipment lacked. Therefore, all forces were thrown on the development of industry, and soon the Soviet Union was in second place in the world for the development of industry.

. Life of Stalin

. Stalin's first wife was a Georgian girl Ekaterina Svanidze
. Stalin was very fond of her, but soon after the wedding, the girl died. Stalin threw himself at her funeral in her coffin. From it, Stalin had a son, who then fell into German captivity and was in a concentration camp. The Germans tried to exchange it for a field-marshal, but Stalin refused to exchange. In camp, the son of Stalin and died.

Second time the wife of Stalin was Russia's Komsomol Nadezhda Alliluyeva. After 13 years of married life she had committed suicide. Her friends say that all the time while she lived with Stalin, in her behavior felt enormous tension. In connection with her death went to the terrible rumors - one of them hope is the illegitimate daughter of Stalin, and accidentally found out about this. Perhaps it was - Stalin's acquaintance with her mother is notoriously.

Stalin was careful to conceal such details of his biography. After Hope died, his 'boss' daughter was. She ruled her father, periodically shaking it for some reason: cook.

Also, Stalin was a lot of illegitimate children, but relations with them, he did not support.

After the death of their spouse Stalin - 'just in case' deprived of life or sent into exile relatives.

Stalin adhered to a strict parenting style. He beat the children for the faults, and expelled from the house. It is believed that such behavior is reigned in the house of the parents of Stalin. His eldest son even attempted suicide, but this only brought the stream of abuse from father. Another son, he actually made an alcoholic, from infancy treating him with wine.

Stalin was very messy in the relationship. The youngest of his mistress was 13 years old, and she also gave birth to Stalin's son. But all this was carefully concealed, as the image of folk hero must be blameless. In the former mistresses, Stalin did not pay attention, not helping them in any way.

On the newly-made Glavred K. Kuzakova, yavivshemsya on television in the 70's, immediately zashushukalis that his parents - Stalin. However Kouzakov long silence, saying they are related only in the late 90's. Kouzakov fell out of favor to Beria, Stalin, however, easily delivered him from death. The story and other similar stories.

Stalin's death

Stalin's death occurred in the evening 5.03.1953. He died of a brain hemorrhage, but the people decided that the death of Stalin to blame enemies. Were put forward different versions of the murder of Stalin, the most common of which was poisoning.

On the day of the death of Stalin was at his dacha. Beria knew Stalin was bad, but did nothing, hoping for his death. Stalin was dead, and Beria had hoped to avoid a penalty, but his hopes were dashed. Khrushchev - Stalin's successor, carefully collected information about all officials. Beria was at that time was already in second place after Khrushchev, when he was arrested.

Those present say that the doctors were afraid to do something with Stalin. He had been left in the country, where the duty of the Party, discussing the transfer of power in passing. In the body of Stalin to support life that was an opportunity to have time to discuss the fate of power to his death. However, his body had been completely devoid of reason. He died a long and hard.

First left of Stalin, Beria, and eyewitnesses say that his voice is clearly heard some gloating and celebration. Soon the body was taken for embalming, but the children and close cronies managed to say goodbye to him.

But just so the owner did not leave the people of the USSR. In Moscow, held a funeral ceremony, which gathered a lot of people. People have created an unprecedented crush that killed thousands.

The funeral of Stalin led to the deaths of large numbers of people. According to approximate estimates, there were more than 1500 people. People across the country plunged into mourning - the tears and sorrow were genuine, in fact, encouraged the cult of Stalin really led to what people perceive him as a demigod. Only after some time the country began to realize what he was doing this so-called idol of the people, and what led to his reign.

On the same day he died with. Prokofiev - the great Soviet composer, but his wife could not even buy flowers to put on his grave - all the flowers were bought for the funeral of Stalin.

Stalin's body was initially shared a room together with Lenin's body, but in 1961 it was decided that Stalin was not worthy to be there, and was buried near the Kremlin. It is said that when Stalin's funeral people saw it, could not hold back my tears - so it looked like a living thing.

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  • Stalin was actually born in December 1878 in the archives there is a metric and filled his own profile with the exact date of birth.
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  • Archive ... Today is written, the next day dostaali.
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  • I'm writing a paper on Stalin at the helm
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  • Perfect bred.Ochen interesting to know the name and telephone number of the author of this nesusvetitsy.Nelzya in this vein to write about the greatest of the rulers of the earth russkoy.Ili you are a follower of Khrushchev and his de-Stalinization? Shame on me for such as you, uv.avtor!
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  • Stalin is our leader and teacher. I come from Ukraine. Until now, our parents live in those houses that were built in Staline.Do still people working in factories, which were laid under Stalin. That is not enough?? Since independence, Ukraine was not built a single school, . kindergarten, . no development of production! So пҐп°я?я€п?пҐп°, . Tell me pozhayluysta, . us this kind of democracy, . when power climb some thieves and idiots. Glory to the great Stalin. THANK YOU FOR STALIN Happy Childhood,
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  • A lot of garbage thrown on the grave of the largest and most talented leader of the Soviet State. Especially politkorrektirovschikami Khrushchev. Unlike the revolutionaries for the sake of the revolution of the same type of Trotsky, Comrade. Stalin - a revolutionary because of the new nation-building, genuine democratic converter (cm. constitution 36 g.). But the hidebound party apparatus did not agree with this situation. They had to command, control, but - not to work round the clock. Learn from these leaders must present contemporaries - a first-class management!
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  • Carpet "Stalin at the map of Ukraine. Stalin in the form of Generalissimo of the Soviet Union is a map of the Ukrainian SSR. Look at stalin130let.ucoz.ru.
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  • stalin + hitler = putler
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