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Ehrhart, Jakob Friedrich (Jacob Friedrich Ehrhart)

( Distinguished biologist)

Comments for Ehrhart, Jakob Friedrich (Jacob Friedrich Ehrhart)
Biography Ehrhart, Jakob Friedrich (Jacob Friedrich Ehrhart)
(4.XI.1742, Holderbank, Switzerland - 26.VI.1795, Herrenhausen, Germany)
Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart was a student and friend to. Linnaeus, as well as another son, Carl Linnaeus (1741-1783), who was his same age. Earhart was born in Switzerland in 1765. He studied at Nuremberg, and then, after several years spent in Erlangen - in Uppsala University. During the three years that he was in Uppsala (1773-1775), Erhard studied botany and collected herbarium under the leadership of Linnaeus. Then he returned to Germany and worked in Hanover.
Earhart was one of the first botanists who published eksikaty (lat. exsiccatae, ie. specially collected in several or many sets of herbarium collections of well-defined plant, equipped with printed labels intended for distribution to various botanists and / or organizations). Beginning in 1780, Earhart has issued seven series eksikat, containing about 1,620 species of plants. Five of the seven series (1, 2, 4, 5, 7) are stored now (with minor omissions) in the Herbarium of Moscow University (MW). They represent a great value because it survived only in a few herbaria of the world. Eksikaty contain standard material for a number of proposed species names Earhart. Many samples were collected in the vicinity of Uppsala and the Uppsala Botanic Garden, and perhaps they were compared to determine the samples from the collection of Linnaeus. It is possible that Linnaeus himself had studied some of the plants of these charges Earhart

. In the Herbarium of Moscow University, is stored as so-called "Common systematic collection" Earhart ( "Hortus siccus"), . which contains about 3300 species of plants, . not only collected by Earhart, . but he had received from other, . sometimes very well-known, . Botanists,
. G.F. Hoffmann (Hoffmann, 1824) published a catalog of this collection, which introduced the numbering in accordance with the "Systema Vegetabilium" K. Linne (Linnaeus 1774). It is important to note that the numbers in the directory does not correspond to individual herbarium sheets, and forms. In the numbering is omission, as part of the species included in the "Systema Vegetabilium", available in the collection of Earhart.

Earhart collection of special interest because it contained the samples received from famous teachers - K. Linnaeus. High-quality digital images of the samples included on the CD-ROM, which is soon to be published.

In honor of Earhart called the genus Ehrharta Thunb. (1779, nom. cons.; Poaceae) and Ehrhartia Wiggers (1780, = Leersia Sw.; Poaceae) and 10 species:

Bromus ehrharti Gaud.
Carex ehrhartiana Hoppe ex Boott
Dactylophyllum ehrharti Spenn.
Fritillaria ehrharti Boiss., Orph. et Turrill
Mentha ehrhartiana Lej. et Court.
Poa ehrhartiana E. Mey.
Salix ehrhartiana E. Mey.
Scrophularia ehrharti Stevens
Silene ehrhartiana Soo
Syrenia ehrhartiana Andrz. ex Besser
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Ehrhart F. Plantae Cryptogamae Linn. quas in locis earum natalibus collegit Fr. Ehrhart. [Ser. 2.] Dec. I-XXXII. Hannoverae. 1785-1793.

Ehrhart F. Plantae officinalis quas in usum Studiosorum Medicinae, Chirurgiae et Pharmaceutices collegit et exsiccavit Fr. Ehrhart. [Ser. 3.] Hannoverae. 1785-1792.

Ehrhart F. Herbae Linn. quas in locis earum natalibus collegit et exsiccavit Fr. Ehrhart. [Ser. 4.] Dec. I-XVI. Hannoverae.1787-1793.

Ehrhart F. Arbores, Frutices et Suffrutices Linn. quas in usum Dendrophilorum collegit et exsiccavit Fr. Ehrhart. [Ser. 5.] Dec. I-XVI. Hannoverae. 1787-1793.

Ehrhart F. Calamariae Gramina et Tripetaloideae Linn. quas in usum Botanophilorum collegit et exsiccavit Fr. Ehrhart. [Ser. 6.] Hannoverae. 1790.

Ehrhart F. Plantae selectae Hortuli proprii, quas in usum botanophilorum exsiccavit Fr. Ehrhart. [Ser. 7.] Dec. I-XVI. Hannoverae. 1792-1793.

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Ehrhart, Jakob Friedrich (Jacob Friedrich Ehrhart), photo, biography
Ehrhart, Jakob Friedrich (Jacob Friedrich Ehrhart), photo, biography Ehrhart, Jakob Friedrich (Jacob Friedrich Ehrhart)  Distinguished biologist, photo, biography
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