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Sergei Trofimov

( President ZAO Exhibition Association `` `Restek.)

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Biography Sergei Trofimov
photo Sergei Trofimov
Born February 15, 1957 in Leningrad in a family of engineers.
In 1978 he graduated from the Leningrad Forestry Academy named after SM. Kirov, specializing in furniture production ". He began his career at the Leningrad Furniture Factory N1, renamed in the future in a furniture factory "Baltika", where from 1978 to 1980gg. went all the way from technology to master. Then went to the elective Komsomol and party work in Kolpinskiy executive committee. In the period from 1989 to 1993 he worked as chief of the organization and manning exhibitions VAO "Fairgrounds". Then within five years as head of the exhibition company "Petersburg Express.
Since 1997, Mr.. present - President Restec "
. Mr. Trofimov is Vice Chairman of the Board of the RF Government on exhibition activity, the President of Association of Tourism Exhibition, . Chairman of the Exhibition Committee of the Association of economic interaction between the territories of the North-west; deputy chairman of Russia's office of the Asia-Pacific Tourism Association, Vice-President of the Academy of Tourism, vice-president of the Association of tourist and excursion companies, . hotels and restaurants of St. Petersburg,
. Board member of the Association of Russia sporting goods manufacturers and a member of the board of the Committee on Tourism and Resort Development of St. Petersburg.
In 1999, Sergei Trofimov and received his Ph.D. in economics. Almost all free time paid work. Sergey married. Has daughter.
Many of the scientific works of Sergei Nikolaevich been published, including such publications as:

Trofimov S.N. Exhibition activity and its regulation - St.-Petersburg: Izd-vo "Nevsky Fund, 2000.
Trofimov S.N. The exhibition as a marketing tool. / / Economics: Theory, methodology, development directions. All-Russia scientific. Conf. St. Petersburg, May 16, 1998. - SPb.: St. Petersburg State University, 1998.
Trofimov, SN, Aleynikov VP, Birzhakov MB, Bogdanov E.I. etc.. Tourism in St. Petersburg / Travel firms. Directory. Vyp.7. - SPb.: TOO Olbis ", JSC" Satis ", 1995.
Trofimov, SN, Ivanova LI, Karpov GA. Autumn International Tourism Exchange INWETEX-CIS. TRAVEL MARKET IN FIGURES AND FACTS / Travel firms. Directory. п?я?п©.12. - SPb.: TOO Olbis, 1997.
Trofimov, SN, Birzhakov MB, Ivanov LI, Sokolova VE. How to prepare to participate in the tourism exhibition / Travel firms. Directory. п?я?п©.13. - SPb.: TOO Olbis, 1997.
Trofimov S.N. Exhibitions as a means of advertising in the tourism business. / Investment Policy of Russia in modern conditions. All-Russia Conference. St. Petersburg, 15-17 May 1997. - SPb.: St. Petersburg State University, 1997.
Trofimov S.N. Trends in the exhibition market in Russia. / / Actual problems of management in Russia at the present stage: the path of economic growth. Nauchn.-Practical. Conf. St. Petersburg, 9-10 June 1998. - SPb.: St. Petersburg State University, 1998.
Trofimov, SN, Birzhakov MB, Ivanov VE, Nikiforov VI. Problems in the theory and practice of promoting tourism product / Travel firms. Directory. Vyp.17. - SPb.: TOO Olbis, 1998.
Trofimov, SN, Ivanova LI. Results of the international tourism exhibition INWETEX - CIS / TRAVEL MARKET-98 / / Travel firms. Directory. Vyp.18. - SPb.: TOO Olbis, 1999.

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    Sergei Trofimov, photo, biography
    Sergei Trofimov, photo, biography Sergei Trofimov  President ZAO Exhibition Association `` `Restek., photo, biography
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