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FOOT Anatoly

( General Director of JSC `Ivan Fedorov`, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, Candidate of Technical Sciences.)

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Biography FOOT Anatoly
photo FOOT Anatoly
Born in 1939. G. Veneva Tula region. Labor way in printing began in 1956, a student retoucher at a factory offset N1.
. After serving in the Navy on the job successfully graduated from the branch of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, and then graduate school in Moscow.
. At various times he served as master, deputy chief of technical department, chief engineer, deputy director of the publishing house, director of the factory.
. Following the appointment of a
. B. Peshkov as director of offset printing factory N1, he promptly implemented technical re-equipment of production and brought the company into one of the leading printing companies in the country. For the first time created a specialized manufacture of electronic color separation, developed scientific direction of technology in printing large format reproduction. For gains the factory was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor ", and A. B. Peshkov - Order of Honor.
Since 1986, A. B. Peshkov is the general director of "printing" Ivan Fedorov ". On the basis of printing and offset printing factory established publishing and printing complex, worthy of the best traditions of the domestic printing industry by producing highly artistic books and magazines. One of the first in the industry he was able to transform the company into a corporation. In 1991. A. B. Peshkov awarded the title "Honored Worker of Culture of Russia".
With deep knowledge and extensive practical experience, and. B. Peshkov pays great attention to the development of production, preparation of engineering and technical personnel.
A. B. Peshkov - Associate Professor of St. Petersburg Polygraphic Institute, Moscow State University Press, . member of the International Academy of Informatization in the department of publishing and journalism, . Corresponding Member of the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy,
. One of the founders of the Federation office space in our city.
A. B. Peshkov - President of the North-Western Association of Printing and Publishing. In 1997. A. B. Peshkov was devoted to the Holders of the International Order of St. Constantine the Great.
. In 1998, the Presidential Decree of Merit for the state, a great contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples, many years of fruitful work in the field of culture and art A
. B. Peshkov awarded the Order of Friendship ". He is fond of hunting, fishing and amateur photography.
In JSC "Ivan Fedorov" has three printing plants, located in different areas of St. Petersburg. In each of the printers have their technological features that enable them to have their person and produce products which meet modern requirements.
. Repro JSC "Ivan Fedorov" carries out all services in prepress, producing a scan, and output from floppies
. Production of color separations slides on equipment company Crosfild from the originals (slides, photographs, prints), production of films on the Image Setter Hypen ULTRE 2400. The company is equipped with printing machines "Planet", "Roland", "Zircon" that allow a full range of printing services. Bookbinding equipment firm Kolbus lets you perform all kinds of binding processes. The company provides services for the purchase of paper, cardboard, bookbinding material. It offers the possibility of delivery of finished products to their transport.

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FOOT Anatoly, photo, biography
FOOT Anatoly, photo, biography FOOT Anatoly  General Director of JSC `Ivan Fedorov`, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, Candidate of Technical Sciences., photo, biography
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