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Fomichev, Sergei

( Scientific Secretary of the Commission Pushkin Russia Academy of Sciences, professor, doctor of philology.)

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Biography Fomichev, Sergei
photo Fomichev, Sergei
Sergei Alexander Fomichev HIV Pushkin studies administered by the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House), is chairperson or member of numerous societies, commissions, committees, councils, associations connected with Pushkin. Comes to him a lot of people. Some, few friends, confusing the name and patronymic, called "Alexander Sergeyevich". Fomichev, smiling, corrects: "No, I do not Pushkin: I have another ..."
Fomichev was born June 14, 1937 in the city of Gorky, in a teacher's family. Six years (January 1944) lost his father, who was killed in war. Childhood in a bitter past in the house at the corner of Pushkin (which defined the terms of the interests of the scientist) and Kulibina (urging it to act in the science thoroughly, devise innovative ways to address the complex issues simple, but very effective).
. Since 1947, when the family moved to the city of Pushkin, he studied at the 406-th school, after which (in 1954) joined the Faculty of the Leningrad State Pedagogical Institute
. AI. Herzen, where three years later was used-keys "for breach of academic discipline."
"Breach" was as follows. Student Fomichev excellent student, active in scientific work (was faculty chairman of SSS) - but too carried away by that time, Khrushchev's thaw ". In philosophical circles was declared the dispute "Socialism and the personality"; Fomichev student volunteered to make "sharp" report;
This idea seemed suspicious superiors. Announcement dispute removed - a student Fomichev stubborn - a student expelled. This was the first "violation of academic discipline, the first test. When Sergei became a member of the Academy of Sciences, then opened successfully continued the tradition of "breaches", pledged during his student years. However, pay for it dearly at times accounted for.
But always there were those who had been second-ing help in difficult times. With NG. Gubko expelled student LGPI able to settle in Glazov Pedagogical Institute. Recycled student carefully attended lectures, and at the same time found in the local library many rare (just was not written off) books that have been successfully read.
. From Glazov Pedagogical Institute Fomicheva expelled just before the state exams: he became the first student in the history of the institute, got in a detoxification center
. Get all simple: the latter passed the course exam, received a scholarship, drank, went to dances, ran into a "people's militia '. Before exceptions, probably it would not come, if not in nature: receiving the selected documents, the student discovered a lack of scholarships Fomichev (40 rubles) and loudly resented. "Oh, yes!" - Said the police captain and designed the business "at full steam, after which the student Fomichev stopped being a student.
. Secretary Glazov Komsomol Frol Vasiliev (later known Udmurt poet) helped draw him Komsomol in trust "Karagandashahtstroy" - dismissed the student was a laborer at a construction site in Kazakhstan
. Soon became a brigade-rum diggers, then "promoted" to the masons: in a small village Shakhan built two houses. Elected secretary of the Komsomol organization, . Sergey found, . that in the village of Shah-three thousand people there is no school for working youth, . - And then showed the Initiative: the school opened, . Fomicheva appointing its director and teacher of the Arctic Ocean-vesnosti,
. This noble work, however, was soon interrupted: the fall of 1959. Director of the newly landed a regular army and the call went to the place of service. Naturally, ordinary Fomichev soon promoted to sergeant. In the second year of service, got a leave, he goes to the city Glazov, takes the remaining public examinations and receive a diploma with honors.
. In 1962, Sergei married-is remarkable for a woman, returned to the city of Pushkin, and settled literature teacher in high school
. Following five years of his life remained in the memory of the endless stacks of school essays and many grateful students.
However, in the thirtieth year of his life he himself decided to learn by doing (in 1966) graduate of the Pushkin House. He came, as they say, "with its theme" - with Griboyedov. Subject of the future thesis argued in the Scientific Council on three occasions, at that time prevailed in the firm conviction that on Griboedov - there's nothing to write (after NK Piksanova, MV Nechkina, Orlov - not to mention the S . Tynyanov). The third time, the academic council surrendered. The result was not only successfully defended dissertation, . but also well-known commentary on the "I'm burning from the mind", . and the book "ASGriboedov in the memoirs of contemporaries", . and the book "Griboedov in St. Petersburg, . and several editions of works Griboedova (including - a new academic-cue three volumes), . and four "Griboyedov" collection, . and the opening of a memorial museum Griboedova hops,
. And most important: in science appeared firm conviction that Griboyedov still far from stud-Dowa, that found otkommentirovat, publish, write WMS-but still far too much. SA Fomichev here violated the academic discipline and academic silence.
SA Fomichev in 1972. took the chair trained for the First Secretary IRLI, and later - even a chair and head of the Pushkin Group. Has struck with the VN. Baskakov in long-term plan IRLI, . instead of the usual collections of articles, . series of "Dictionary of Russian Writers - multidifficult, . but so necessary in a serious science, . found the opportunity to publish workbooks Pushkin, . making them accessible units not, . and thousands of researchers, . began a new academic edition of collected works of Pushkin.,
. In 1980, in the midst of the famous "stagnation", SA Fomichev was fired from all his posts for "an attempt to send manuscripts anti-Soviet foreign nationals"
. "Attempt" was the following. He arrived in the Pushkin House American researcher and offered to exchange its existing photocopies of letters to Leo Alexei Remizov Shestov on a copy of the response messages stored in the manuscript department IRLI. The exchange was clearly benefit-nym, head of the Manuscript Department K.D. Muratova readily agreed, and the Deputy Director VN. Baskakov and scientist Secretary shall SA Fomichev - allowed ... The ever-Party Steering-tion "used the opportunity to remove unwanted" violators "and organized a" signal "to the higher authorities. Then there were the "commission", the proceedings in the District Party Committee. Most of the work is not expelled, but the above formula "removal" of the governing posts in those days sounded very ominous.
For "bezdolzhnostnoe" time SA Fomichev doctorate (brilliant book "Poetry of Pushkin. Creative Evolution "), prepared for print publication Krylov Ryleeva Decembrists, Grechischev Pushkin's manuscripts, became editor of several anthologies, wrote a lot of interesting articles.
. Fomichev not tolerate any "futlyarnosti" - no external or internal, it is essentially "open" - and all in all, and always extremely energetic
. Department of Pushkin studies, . he re-directs, . has grown fourfold and now engaged in the most diverse and very hard work: a new academic edition of Pushkin's works, . Pushkinskaya Encyclopedia, . periodic Pushkin edition, . Collections, . Conference, . Thesis, . numerous inquiries, . Articles and t,
. d. and t. n.
Sergey least similar to the "venerable" academic Worker-To. His scientific work, even those that are devoted to the seemingly "boring" and quite "special" textual problems (clarification of dating, description of litter on the manuscript and t. n.), with the undoubted academic, are internally very lively, light, witty. Once in his company, wants to be the same as it is: the able interpreter, archival lucky prospector, researcher thin fine detail of the text, biographies, literary polemics.

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Fomichev, Sergei, photo, biography
Fomichev, Sergei, photo, biography Fomichev, Sergei  Scientific Secretary of the Commission Pushkin Russia Academy of Sciences, professor, doctor of philology., photo, biography
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