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Melodinsky Leonid

( ACC Navy veteran, former chief of ACC BB, a member of the club submariners, Captain 1 rank in retirement.)

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Biography Melodinsky Leonid
photo Melodinsky Leonid
Born in 1935 in Mr.. Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkaria). In school, lived on the construction Tsimlyanskoe Bawwabat in the Rostov region. V1953, he entered the Faculty of Shipbuilding VVMIU them. Dzerzhinsky in Leningrad, from which he graduated in 1958, specializing in military shipbuilding submarine. Trained in a submarine "P-265" of the Baltic Fleet, commanded by a famous submariner-atomist later Rear Admiral Sysoev. By limiting doctors to serve in submarines was assigned to the division of emergency service (ACC) in g. Liepaja (Libau) of the Latvian SSR.
Passed all levels, from the captain of ship raising funds to the Chief Engineer of the same division. In 1962 he was appointed a senior officer of the ACC of the Northern Fleet, Mr.. Murmansk. During this period, participated in the drafting of documents for the search for the sunken submarine S-80, which was raised in 1969 from a depth of 200m.
In 1966 with the rank of lieutenant-commander transferred to the Chief Engineer rescue service of the Baltic Fleet, Mr.. Kaliningrad Region. In the period from 1966 to 1978 he was actively involved in finding and raising sunken vessels after rocket firings of the target, aircraft, helicopters and wrecks.
In the summer of 1968 in the center S.P. The Queen and the Aral Sea was instructional and practical training to rescue the astronauts and maintenance of re-entry spacecraft.
In 1970, as an expert adviser involved in the raising zemsnarada "Dvina" in n. Klaipeda and the dredger "Neva-4" in n. Ventspils by "Ulrich Harms" (Germany). The results of the report was purchased one used in these studies floating cranes "Magnus-111, capacity 800 tons. (in Russia it was called "Sudopodem-1").
In 1972, the Atlantic Ocean on the rescue ship SS AGATAN was involved in providing assistance and towing of the nuclear submarine K-19.
In 1976, the rank of captain 1 rank appointed Deputy Chief of Auxiliary vessels and ACC - ACC chief of the Baltic Fleet.
In 1978 he was transferred to 40 NII MO. In 1981, as a representative of the Soviet side took part in the expedition to raise the gold with the British cruiser "Edinburgh", 180 miles north of Murmansk. Was raised from a depth of 250 m over 5tonn gold, of which the share of the country amounted to more than 1,6 tonnes.
In 1983 he took part in the rescue of the crew and in the rise of the nuclear submarine K-429 "on the Kamchatka with the depth of 43 meters.
In the same year in the Northern Fleet on the rescue ship ship-raising "Carpathians" participated in the rise of a torpedo boat from a depth of 120 meters.
He left the reserve in 1988.
Author of the book "Operation" gray dog "- ed. KultInformPress g. St. Petersburg 1998god.
Author of several articles on divers and rescuers in newspapers ( "Red Star", "Guardian of the Baltic", etc.) and magazines ( "Typhoon", "submarine fleet," "Miracles and Adventures," "Soviet warrior" "Arms and equipment" ).
Member of the St. Petersburg club submariners since 1997, Secretary of the Section rescuers.
Actively serves on television and in the press on matters relating to the tragedy of Kursk.
He is fond of the work on the computer and photography.
After demobilization he worked in the military receiving the West PKB.
Currently working in the Baltic Sea Rescue Department of the State Maritime Rescue Service of Russia.


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Melodinsky Leonid, photo, biography
Melodinsky Leonid, photo, biography Melodinsky Leonid  ACC Navy veteran, former chief of ACC BB, a member of the club submariners, Captain 1 rank in retirement., photo, biography
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