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VOLODIN Alexander M.

( dramatist, poet.)

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Biography VOLODIN Alexander M.
photo VOLODIN Alexander M.
Alexander M. Volodin, was born in 1919 in Minsk. After graduating from high school and short-term rates went to work as a teacher in rural school. During World War II was a signalman, engineers, participated in battles on the Western Front and the Belarusian. Even in peacetime, graduated from the scriptwriting faculty of VGIK. He worked as an editor at the studios "Lennauchfilm and Lenfilm.
In the fifties began to write stories and plays. His first play "Factory Girl" (1955) was in theaters in Moscow, Leningrad and other cities of our country and abroad. Widely also play all of his subsequent plays: "Five Evenings", "elder sister", "Appointment", "not to part with loved ones," "Dulcinea del Toboso," "two arrows". By screenplay and plays a. Volodin delivered films: "People phone, open the door!" (director A. Mitta, 1965), "The Adventures of the dentist" (directed by E. Klimov, 1966), "Magician" (directed by P. Todorovski, 1968), "Mothers and Daughters" (directed by P. Gerasimov, 1975), "Five Evenings" (directed by H. Mikhalkov, 1979). The film, staged by director Mr.. Danelia scenario "Autumn Marathon", won the main prize at the International Film Festival in San Sebastian.
In addition to prose, writing poetry.
Died Dec. 16, 2001 83 th year of life.

Article C. Jurassic preceded by a book of works by Alexander Volodin Moiseyevich, published in Yekaterinburg in 1999.

Delicious MY FRIEND

... because it is vitally affect me.
And also all the other. But all pretend
it did not concern them. I do not want to pretend ".

A. Volodin, "Dulcinea del Toboso"
The words are listed in the epigraph, this is not copyright words, these are the words of one of the characters. And yet these are the words of Alexander Volodin. Do not ask him about it - it is not recognized. He will never beat his chest with his fist and say: "I do not like everyone else, I'm better!". Instead, blame someone else would see as their own sin. But what he really merge with his character, so it categorically: "I do not want to pretend!"
. That's already gone eighties host Alexander Moiseyevich in this world, and already more than forty years, I have the pleasure to know him, and I can assure - never, well, absolutely - never! - He is not "doing the form, has always been himself
. That is what determines the quality of originality, surprise, the intimacy of all his works - and plays, and prose, and poetry. It is this quality makes such a refreshing, enlightening personal communication with him. In our age a, . when it was proudly established itself a terrible profession "image-maker" - master, . whoever invent pretend client, . to appeal to the public, . public, . world, . - In our age a, . when advertising, . that is, praise yourself and your product takes more time, . than the activity itself, . suddenly meet someone, . which is equal to itself, . who lives in such, . how the Creator created him! The true face, . person without a mask - this is the first, . makes Alexander Volodin rare, . almost exclusive,
And second ... Second - is famous films, unforgettable performances at various theaters, as Volodin always said: "It's not me, it's because the director succeeded - BDT, Ephraim, Gerasimov, Danelia, Mikhalkov ... This remarkable artists - Kopelyan, Leonov, Smoktunovsky, Charcot, Evstigneev, Basilashvili ... "And yet very few have. And not in a secret that the author of all these works was the same A. VolodinN
And third. Strange prose - flowing in a comic, the tragic play. Or is ispovedN Or prorochestvoN Or completely confidential conversation, which happened in Russia only after another ... and not the first, and not the second ... Lyrics are not pretending to poetry. Poems, to which he secretly went all his life, because all of his plays and scripts chastely hid in a shell of domestic calls this modern piercing poetry.
Dear reader Look at the back cover of any of the current book. It says - this book has a huge success, read and do not tear, the author always known and loved by all ... Well, did I allow myself to so agitate you for VolodinaN Yes, in no case. I myself will (yet again!) With delight to read his works. And you, if you like, - join.

Moscow, August 4, 1999. Sergei Jura

Photo Volodin Alexander Moiseyevich

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VOLODIN Alexander M., photo, biography
VOLODIN Alexander M., photo, biography VOLODIN Alexander M.  dramatist, poet., photo, biography
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