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South Ivan Petrovich

( Director of the State Museum-Reserve 'Tsar's Village'.)

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Biography South Ivan Petrovich
Born September 16, 1947 in g. ESSR Tallinn in the family of military. In 1974 he graduated from Leningrad Engineering-Construction Institute, a specialty - the architect.
27 years of seniority Sautova п?.п?. relate to the practical and theoretical work in the field of protection and restoration of architectural monuments of St. Petersburg and its suburbs.
. Heading for 13 years the State Inspection for Protection of Monuments of Saint Petersburg, South п?.п?
. contributed greatly to the significant increase in the state list of protected monuments of the city, . in the development of protection zones and management of development, . in the management of new categories of records of buildings before they were taken under protection, . in improving the legislative framework for the protection of monuments of Russian architecture.,
. Head of GIOP, South п?.п?
. In 1984 he was awarded a gold medal VDNH.
The most complete talent of the architect and outstanding organizational skills Sautova п?.п?. manifested as director of the State Museum, Tsarskoe Selo, when in 1987 the general meeting of the collective staff of the museum-reserve, he was unanimously elected to this position.
With the advent Sautova п?.п?. GMZ Tsarskoe Selo is one of the largest facilities in Russia in terms of restoration and reconstruction, . concept which is Musefication restored sites, . infrastructure complexity and the introduction of the museum complex in connection with this new alarm system of the Catherine Palace museum and park pavilions, . the highest standards of original engineering design and modern element base with the use of computer and microprocessor systems.,
. To a large extent thanks to his inexhaustible energy, . dedication and focus is provided in our troubled times livelihoods Museum-Reserve: being put in place the restored objects, . opens new exposition area and hiking trails, . new exhibitions, . including foreign, . improving and introducing new forms and directions in the work, . including the previously alien to the museum - Commercial, . develop forms of international tourism and cooperation.,
. So, . among the last major events - the opening of the Alexander Palace, . last residence of Russian emperors, . where in the 12 rooms posted a new exhibition "Memories in the Alexander Palace, restoration of the complex" Chinese Village "in accordance with the contract with the Danish company TK Development Pushkin", . became the first and only of Russia's culture, involving 100% of Western's investment (the opening of the 1st stage of the complex "Chinese Village" was held in November 1998); signing of an agreement with German company Ruhrgas Aktiengesellschaft, funding of $ 3, . 5 million,
. dol. U.S. completion of the reconstruction of the Amber Room of Catherine Palace.
For services in the field of restoration and museum activities Presidential Decree South п?.п?. awarded in 1997 the Order of Friendship.
As Honorary Ktitorov Temples of town, South п?.п?. the first figure in Russia's culture and received high awards of the Russian Orthodox Church - the Order "Blessed Prince Daniil of Moscow II degree.
Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, professor of South п?.п?. is the advisor to the Governing Board of the President Russia, Russia Adviser Academy building and architectural sciences.
In 1997, South п?.п?. became a laureate of State Prize of Russia.
Activities Sautova п?.п?. recognized by many public organizations of Russia and St. Petersburg, foreign counterparts and experts: since 1974, has published more than 100 professional papers and more than 60 publications Sautova п?.п?. in Russia, the United States, Germany, France, Japan and other countries.
South п?.п?. is a member of the Board of the Union of Architects of Russia, . Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, . Presidium of the St. Petersburg Cultural Foundation, . Rossiyskogo member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and other community and professional organizations of St. Petersburg.,
. Pioneering work and selfless work Sautova п?.п?
. subject to high and eternal purpose: to preserve and transfer wealth to descendants of domestic culture.

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South Ivan Petrovich, photo, biography
South Ivan Petrovich, photo, biography South Ivan Petrovich  Director of the State Museum-Reserve 'Tsar's Village'., photo, biography
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