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Anatoly Shishkin

( Director of the State Memorial Museum of Defense and the Siege of Leningrad)

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Biography Anatoly Shishkin
photo Anatoly Shishkin
Born April 29, 1945 in Belarus, in g. Grodno, family officer, a member of the Great Patriotic War. Childhood was carefree, life was difficult, but from an early age I was overcome by a thirst for knowledge, a desire to know the world. When it came time to choose a profession, was at a crossroads - are equally attracted by military service and love for history, art, Literature.
In a number of reasons it was chosen first. Entered and successfully graduated from Omsk tankotehnicheskoe School, was appointed deputy commander of a tank company in the technical part. Service was held in the Arctic, Siberia, the garrisons of the Leningrad Military District. Teachings, . Marches, . studies time-consuming, . unless, . find the hours to read your favorite writers - Alexei Tolstoy and Theodore Dreiser, . enthusiastically recited Sergei Esenina, . Edward Asadov, . involved in the music school and led an ensemble of accordionists,
. Winner of three All-Union competitions of amateur arts groups.
. The desire to replenish the knowledge has never held, . and AA Shishkin entered the correspondence department of the Leningrad State Institute of Culture, . finished it and was qualified as a theater director, . and parallellno finished, . Again absentia, . Lviv Higher Military-Political Academy.,
. Since 1969, all activities of AA Shishkina linked to cultural and educational work to which he devoted all his strength, experience, knowledge and energy
. As head of the department that political control of the Leningrad Military District, was in charge of cultural and educational work in parts of the district, the work of officers of the garrison houses, museums of military glory.
. His career from cadet to colonel, deputy chief of the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps on scientific work.
. In 1988 he was in the operating parts of the Armed Forces of Russia in Afghanistan, . in the cities of Kabul and Kandahar, . where he organized, . from the funds of the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, . Engineers and Signal Corps, . Exhibition for the personnel of our troops, . dedicated to fighting glory of Russian arms, . heroism of Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War.,
. Since 1995, following his discharge from the Armed Forces of superannuation, is Director of the State Memorial Museum of Defense and the Siege of Leningrad.
. Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, retired colonel, academician of International Academy for Nature and Society, a member of the International Council of Museums ICOM, members of creative unions museum workers of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.
. Also very proud 14-th state awards, realizing that this is evidence of its modest contribution, which has dedicated his life.
. Work at the museum brings great satisfaction
. It became necessary to replenish the knowledge of the history of the Battle of Leningrad, cooking exhibitions, publish scientific articles and reports, and all in the name famous warriors - the defenders of our city - Lennigrada - St. Petersburg.
. In the harsh everyday military life has always been a faithful friend and trusted aide's wife Valentina Andreyevna, which inseparable now for 33 years
Both - travel lovers. Not only that, because of army movement was able to visit different regions of the former Soviet Union, wanderlust has always prevailed, and they were everywhere from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, as well as in many foreign countries.
. The work takes a lot of time and energy, but, nevertheless, finds time to travel and loved the "quiet hunting" - knows the glorious mushroom places and visit them every year.

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Anatoly Shishkin, photo, biography
Anatoly Shishkin, photo, biography Anatoly Shishkin  Director of the State Memorial Museum of Defense and the Siege of Leningrad, photo, biography
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