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Sobolev, Leonid

( Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, head of the Department of engines of automobiles and tractors, Kostroma State)

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Biography Sobolev, Leonid
photo Sobolev, Leonid
Born April 12, 1930 in g. Manturovo Kostroma region. Father - Michael Sobolev Fedoseevich (1892 - 1955 gg.). Mother - Barbara S. Sobolev (1891 - 1970 g.). Wife - Sobolev Claudia Andreyevna (1927. born.). Son - Sobolev Sergey (1955. born.).

He graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Agricultural Mechanization (1947 - 1952 gg.) By a mechanical engineer in thermal engines. Upon graduation he worked as a teacher, deputy director of the Novgorod school "4 mechanization of agriculture (1952 - 1956.). In 1957 - 1959 he. was trained in internal postgraduate study at the Department of engines of the Leningrad Agricultural Institute (formerly mechanization). After defending his doctoral dissertation in the year he worked in Central Research Institute of Fuel Equipment automobile and tractor engines (CNIT) at the senior researcher of the laboratory systems, fuel injection gasoline and forkamornogo - Flare Ignition (1960).,
. Then went to work in the Kostroma Agricultural Institute (now - State Agricultural Academy), where he held the post of associate professor, vice-rector for scientific work (1960 - 1967.). In 1965 - 1967 he. - Doctoral student at the Leningrad Institute of Agriculture. Currently heads the department of motor vehicles and tractors in the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy (since 1967).. Honored Worker of Science and Technology RF (1992). He was awarded medals for the transformation Nechernozemie "(1960) and" Veteran of Labor "(1986). In the period from 1976 to 1990. was a member of the Interagency Council on the engine of the USSR State Committee on Science and Technology, the chairman and member of several expert groups on internal combustion engines. In 1963 - 1992 he. - Actively participated in the All-Union Society "Knowledge": He was repeatedly elected a member of the presidium and a member of the plenum of the Kostroma regional branch of the society "Knowledge", was a delegate to the 8 th All-Union Congress of the Society. Registered about 30 scientific reports, prepared under the direction of Professor LM. Sobolev. Under his leadership, defended 12 theses in the field of internal combustion engines for the degree of candidate of science. He has 19 certificates of authorship, of which 7 are connected with the ways of the internal combustion engine. In the mid 70-ies has developed a new direction to improve the environmental and economic performance of petrol engines - the two-stage layer-burning, . which is due to efficient combustion of the poor and sverhbednyh mixtures improves fuel efficiency by 8-14% and 3-4 times lower content of the exhaust gases is the most toxic substances - nitrogen oxides, . whitedamp, . and eliminates pollution of lead due to high anti-knock qualities of the engine with the new combustion,
. Published more than 180 publications, including reference to tractors (1963), the monograph "Fundamentals of mixing in engines with prechamber torch-ignition" (1967), article in the magazine "Automotive Industry", N 12, 1981. "The engine with a two-stage combustion". Two articles of Professor LM. Sobolev published in the Proceedings of the international symposium "Motor-Simp" in 1986 and 1988. (One of them - "Improving the efficiency of gasoline engines by using two-stage combustion", Proceedings of Motor-Simp-88, Czechoslovakia). Several articles published in English in the materials of international symposium on combustion and explosion, . including the "Economic and environmental performance of the engine with a two-stage combustion sverhbednyh mixtures", . materials Russian-Japanese Seminar on Combustion (1993),
. In his student years, Professor LM. Sobolev fond of athletics. In 1949 he took 3rd place in the run for a distance of 10 km and 8 th place for skiing in the 30-km distance among the students of Leningrad. Then, a favorite pastime during the holiday became disorganized motor touring: traveled with his family all the republics of the European USSR. Like hunting and fishing, but when in shallow water fell through the ice and cold in the literal and figurative sense. Likes to read books and watch TV on the historical and documentary subjects of Russia. I read almost all the documentary and "lieutenant" literature of the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 1945 he. Musical preferences are wide enough: from the Tango "black eye" to the classic works. Does not like to read detective stories and inundated the screen to watch "soap operas".

Lives and works in g. Kostroma.
Address: Russia, 157930, g. Kostroma Karavaevo - 1,
Kostroma State Agricultural Academy

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Sobolev, Leonid, photo, biography
Sobolev, Leonid, photo, biography Sobolev, Leonid  Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, head of the Department of engines of automobiles and tractors, Kostroma State, photo, biography
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