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Dementiev Andrei Dmitrievich

( State Prize laureate, writer.)

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Biography Dementiev Andrei Dmitrievich
photo Dementiev Andrei Dmitrievich
Born July 16, 1928. in Tver. Father - Dmitri Dementiev Nikitovich (rod.1901 g.). Mother - Orlova, Maria G. (rod.1908 g.). Wife - Anna Pugach Davydovna (rod.24.06.1957 g.). Children: Marina Demchenko Andreyevna (rod.25.10.1954 g.), Dementieva Natalya (rod.1.09.1960 g.), Dmitri A. Dementiev (rod.4.09.1969 g.).

For many years, the poet's life connected with the land and the city of Tver Tver (formerly Kalinin). Here he was born, graduated from high school, he studied at the Kalinin Pedagogical Institute. After completion of a literary education in Moscow, . in the Gorky Literary Institute (1949-1952 gg.), . returned to his hometown, . where he worked in the offices of regional newspapers "Kalinin truth" (1953-1955 gg.), . "Change" (1955-1958 gg.), . then on the radio, . was editor in chief of the regional book publisher (1958-1961 gg.),
. The first poetic publication took place in December 1948 in the Kalinin anthology "Native land" and in the regional newspaper. Here he became the first laureate of Lisa Chaikinoi. Love for their land transferred in many works of the poet, such as the well-known all over the country song "Father's House," I'm not the Volga just can not "," Alenka ".

In the poems of the poet written dozens of popular songs - "The Ballad of the mother," Father's House "," Swan fidelity "," Apples in the snow "," Alenka "," And I do not need from you "," Seagulls over the Water "," Stuntmen ". All of these songs, since 1974, became the winners of television competitions in Russia and abroad. Co-authors of AD Dementieva are well-known composers - R. Pauls, . A. Babajanyan, . E. Martynov, . E. Doga, . N. Theological, . V. Miguli, . P. Aedonitsky, . A. Horalov, . A.Kovalevskiy.Sredi numerous books of poetry, . issued by the distinguished poet: "Native" (1958), . "The sun in the house,
. Favorite "(1985)," Excitement "(1985)," Disaster Time Love "(1996)," Poems "(1988).

Andrew D. Dementiev is the author of thirty books of poetry. His poems have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hindi and other languages. Books by Dementieva out in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Bulgaria and other countries.

Over 20 years Andrei Dementiev gave the magazine "Youth" (1972-1993 gg.). Last 12 years he was chief editor of the popular publication, which has a circulation when it has reached 3 million. 300 thousand. copies. By publishing in the Journal of Young, he has trained and helped to get up many talented poets and prose writers. Three years A. Dementiev was chairman of the State Examination Commission at the Literary Institute. Participated in all the major poetry workshops, and the All-Union conference of young writers - as head. From 1981 to 1991. A. Dementiev - Secretary of the Board of the Union of Soviet Writers. At the present time - co-chair of the Commonwealth Writers' Unions

. Andrew D. has been active in social activities: worked as an instructor, . head of the propaganda department of the Central Committee of Komsomol (1967-1972 gg.), . twice elected deputy of the Moscow City Council (1985-1989 gg.), . was Deputy Chairman of the Soviet Peace Committee (1985-1990 gg.),
. Now he - Deputy Chairman Rossiyskogo Peace Foundation (since 1987).

More than 20 years Andrei Dementiev associated with television. In the 80 years was the leading program "Good Evening, Moscow. He participated in many literary programs, spent his poetry evenings on TV. In 1995-1997. was the author and presenter of TV programs "Family Channel", held a series of transfers of copyright "How you live, his father's house ..."," Sunday's meeting ". During the period from 1992 to 1996. created three TV movies about Israel, which were shown on the 1 st and 2 of Rossiyskim TV channels, as well as in Germany and the U.S.. From 1991 to 1993. and 1997. present - RTR bureau chief in the Middle East.

For a selection of artworks in 1981, won the Lenin Komsomol. In 1985, a book of lyrics "Excitement" was awarded the State Prize of the USSR. For creative achievement was awarded the Order of Lenin (1988), the October Revolution (1984), Labor Red Banner (1984), Honor (1970).

He loves reading, classical music and songs, historical films. He is fond of soccer, swimming, gymnastics.

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Dementiev Andrei Dmitrievich, photo, biography
Dementiev Andrei Dmitrievich, photo, biography Dementiev Andrei Dmitrievich  State Prize laureate, writer., photo, biography
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