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The animals Ephraim I.

( Vice-President of Russia Academy of Fine Arts, State Prize Winner)

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Biography The animals Ephraim I.
photo The animals Ephraim I.
Born February 1, 1921 in the village Nesterovo Tver province. Father, animals, Ivan Sergeyevich (1890-1942), worked as an inspector for the collection of medicinal herbs. Mother - Zverkov (Posadskaya) Maria Timofeyevna (1891-1963). Wife, Shirshov Lubov - art historian, Ph.D., a member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the International Association of Art.

In 1927 the family moved to Tver Zverkov. The house was a good library, the boy soon learned to read and a lot of drawing. 6-year-old Ephraim's father took to study painting to the artist N.YA. Borisov, a graduate of the Imperial Academy of Arts, a disciple of the great I.E. Repin. This determined his further fate. In 1939 he was admitted to the preparatory department All-Russia Academy of Fine Arts in Leningrad.

Soon he was drafted into the Red Army. Part, which got Ephraim Zverkov, located in Kharkov. Here, and found him a message about this war. Heavy running fight, the dismantling of.

Spring of 1942 Zverkov, Private 301 Infantry Division South-Western Front, took part in the battles of Belgorod. In June 1942, in critical condition nearly half a year goes to the hospital. Returned to the system and participates in the battles of Stalingrad. In connection with the acute shortage of drivers in January 1943 sent to the 17 th Battalion of a separate car.

The soldiers' fate will not be easy. Thousands of kilometers of roads front. Many losses. As the Great Patriotic War, E. I. Zverkov awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree, the medal "For Victory over Germany".

Contrary to the "ordinary horrors of war, the desire to become an artist strengthened. After demobilization in 1946, is engaged in painting in Moscow, in the studio academician B. V. Johanson. Graduated with honors from the Moscow Art Institute in. I. Surikov (1947-1953). Each new generation of artists is the art. Sixtiers so later called those in the late 50-ies came to the house of creativity, also located in the former estate of Academician D.N. Kardovskiy in Pereslavl on. This Moscow painters E.I. Zverkov, E.G. Bragovsky, VI. Ivanov, VE. Popkov, and the founders of the Vladimir school of painting KN. Brish, VY. Yoockin. Special place in the artist's life is celebrated Maslovka in Moscow. In the years of apprenticeship - is an unforgettable creative meetings in the workshops of the patriarchs of domestic art: I.E. Grabar, SV. Gerasimov, YI. Pimenov, A.P. Bubnov, NM. Romadina and AA. Plastova, which has become a truly spiritual mentor of a young painter then. Over time, the meeting with the AA. Reservoir developed into friendship that lasted many years.

At the beginning of creative way has been recognized as an author of genre works. Insight, sensitivity of the artist helps him to understand the new trends in art, 60-ies. However, the idea of time, refracted lyrical worldview painter, acquired a new meaning to his works became more poetic - "Anniversary teacher" (1954), "From a business" (1956), "In the native farm" (1957), "Lacemaker" (1964). Narrative paintings clearly revealed the gravity of their author to the art of landscape. Since the mid 60-ies E. I. Zverkov immediately drawn to landscape painting, travels a lot. In summer 1958, together with artists IA. Popov and I.V. Golitsyn, now an academician, makes first trip to the North. Later, together with VF. Stozharov known painter commits five lengthy trips to the northern rivers Mezen, Vaе║ko, Pysse, Pechone. Works on Etude in Moscow, Tver region, in Ryazan. On the basis of numerous sketches, . outline, . Etudes creation wizard born in the silence of the studio, . where he thinks himself alone with nature, . reviving the memory and relive the moments, . once struck with its beauty, . creating on canvas a sublime harmony of light and color,
. Loved the theme of the painter - spring and fall, time of revival and awakening of life and the golden age of extinction. It is the transitional nature of the change and the unusually rich shades of moods, especially spirituality.

Revealing his creative poetic and philosophical value of the opaque nature of Central Russia, elevates it to the aesthetic ideal. Celebrating the beauty of the pristine world, . contributes to the art of landscape nostalgic notes, . gently sounding in the contemplation of nature untouched by man - "The River Poveda (1967), . "Autumn time" (1970), . "Spring in the Forest" (1971), . "The Motherland" (1971), . "Morning in the field" (1979), . Blue April "(1971), . "Autumn Day" (1981), . "Flood" (1986), . "Thin Birch" (1991), . "Dubrava" (1997),

Responsive deep understanding of the lyrical beauty of Russian landscape was reflected in the creation of a series devoted to the nature of the North - "White Night" (1967), "Northern Spring" (1969), "Northern Spring" (1990), "Lake Onega" (1990), " Ice drift "(1995).

Landscapes E. I. Zverkov full of clean and quiet joy, touched by the nobility, subtlety of color. Driven to a high degree of pictorial perfection, they retain the freshness and passionate immediacy of a living perception of nature. The first major success abroad brought E.I. Zverkov landscapes, shown in 1972 in Italy and Germany in a joint with DD. е╫ilina, gm. Korzheva, VI. Ivanov, PP. Ossovsky exhibition. An article for the exhibition catalog in the Roman gallery Gabiano "wrote the famous writer Alberto Moravia. The exhibition made a strong impression on Renato Guttuso, who invited artists from Russia in his studio. In 1975 he held a large solo exhibition in Moscow, which resulted in E.I. Zverkov in the same year was awarded the State Prize of the RSFSR behalf I.E. Repin, the title People's Artist of the RSFSR and adopted in the USSR Academy of Arts.

Since 1946, E. I. Zverkov - a permanent member-Union, All-Russia, Moscow and international exhibitions. In 1975, 1993, 1996, 1998, in Moscow, in 1976 in the cities of Bulgaria held solo exhibitions of works of masters

. The artist's works are represented in major collections in Russia: the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, . in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, . in many national art museums, . in public and private collections in France, . Bulgaria, . Italy, . Belgium, . United States, . others,
. Continuing in his creative line of development of the national landscape, E.I. Zverkov significantly enriched him emotionally. Landscape painting is deeply original masters - a whole period of national culture. Through creativity Zverkov can talk about the uniqueness of the Moscow school of painting, establishing a peculiar direction of the national landscape in the 60's.

. Strong creative personality, a master of painting, well-educated, intelligent, subtle, charming man, he attracts the attention of many
. Deserved recognition more than one generation of artists brought him a long-term work of the governing bodies of creative organizations: since 1964 - in the Moscow Union of Artists, the first secretary of the Union of Artists of the RSFSR (1976-1986), . secretary of the Union of Artists of the USSR (1977-1993), . member of the Committee on State Prizes of the RSFSR (1977-1988), . Council of State Committee for Press at the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR (1978-1986), . Council art museums of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR (1976-1990), . International Council of Museums (1976-1990), . National Expert Council on monumental art at the RF President (1998),
. Since 1992, E. I. Zverkov - a member of the presidium of Russia Academy of Arts. From 1995 to 1999, led the re-creation of pictorial decoration of the church of Christ the Savior in Moscow. Since 1994, E.I. Zverkov led efforts to organize and unite artists, capable of high-level re picturesque decoration of the church of Christ the Savior. Participated in organizing and conducting the first and second rounds of all-Russia contest in 1996 for the right to recreate the paintings and ornaments of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. He worked on bringing together artists, winners of the competitions in the community of like-minded, able to cope with its ambitious targets. A lot of work put into the solution of a set of practical issues to work on the meaning and artistic integrity beautiful decoration of the temple, in the creation of coloristic and tonal unity of the whole system of painting. Supervised Arts Council Russia Academy of Arts. Since 1996, active and fruitful work in the Co-ordination team of specialists at Public Oversight Board to reconstruct Christ the Savior Cathedral, the Commission on the artistic decoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

The creative work E.I. Zverkov received high recognition: he was awarded the silver medal VDNKh, . Gold Medal Russia Academy of Arts, . Orders of Red Banner of Labor, . Honor, . awarded medals of Russia, . Order of Cyril and Methodius I degree of Bulgaria,

E.I. Zverkov - People's Artist of the USSR, . Laureate of State Prizes of the RSFSR and Russia (1975, . 1997), . Vice-President of Russia Academy of Arts, . Member of the Expert Advisory Board for the monumental and decorative art at the RF Government, . Academician of International Academy for Nature and Society, . board member of the Central House of Arts,
. His creativity monographs, albums, dozens of publications in various publications about it filmed.

In his spare time enjoys listening to classical music, choral singing, attending concerts of organ music.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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The animals Ephraim I., photo, biography The animals Ephraim I.  Vice-President of Russia Academy of Fine Arts, State Prize Winner, photo, biography
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