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KOGAN Pavel Leonidovich

( People's Artist of Russia, Academician of the Academy Rossiyskogo art, artistic director and chief conductor of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra)

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Biography KOGAN Pavel Leonidovich
photo KOGAN Pavel Leonidovich
Pavel Kogan (genus. 06/06/1952), the distinguished conductor of Russia, worth continues the tradition of his family: his mother - a professor of the Moscow State Conservatory, Elizabeth G. Gilels (genus. 30/09/1919), the father - the great violinist Leonid Kogan (genus. 14.11.1924 g.). He has a son - Kogan Dmitry Pavlovich (the genus. 27.10.1978 g.)

. A graduate of Moscow State Conservatory (1969-1976 gg.) Majoring in violin (class of Professor Yuri Yankelevich) and symphonic conducting (class of Professor Leo Ginzburg), . Pavel Kogan began his brilliant career as a violinist, . won 1 place in the competition im.Sibeliusa in Helsinki (1970),
. For this victory was followed by intensive touring activity the young musician, sweeping dozens of cities of the former Soviet Union, as well as many countries. Almost simultaneously opened and the conductor's career Pavel Kogan. Since 1972, he was a lot of interesting and works as a guest conductor with such renowned domestic groups, . as the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of the USSR, . Radio and Television Large Symphony Orchestra, . Academic Symphony Orchestra of Moscow State Philharmonic, . Honorary staff republic Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad State Philharmonic and many others, . collaborates with leading international orchestras - Philadelphia, . Los Angeles Philharmonic, . Munich Philharmonic, . Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, . Orchestra Romance Switzerland, . National Orchestra of France and Belgium, . Orchestra of Radio and Television of Spain and other,

In 1986, Pavel Kogan, receives an invitation to become artistic director and principal conductor of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra (SFRY). Working in Zagreb, . musician considerable time and creative energies gives the home country, . regularly speaking in Moscow, . Leningrad, . Baltic capitals, . Sverdlovsk, . Novosibirsk, . Krasnoyarsk, . Kiev, . Odessa, . Chisinau, . Thule, . Gorky, . Yaroslavl and other cities of the former USSR,

In 1987, for his bright, active conductor's work, he receives the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. A year later as a conductor raises the Bolshoi Theater "La Traviata" by Verdi

. In 1989, . the wave of restructuring, . the first time Russia has held democratic elections artistic director and principal conductor of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra - Musicians unanimously elected as their leader Pavel Kogan,
. Subsequent years were characterized as unusually intense and fruitful work with the orchestra, . enrich and expand his repertoire, . triumphal tour in the UK, . France, . Germany, . Italy, . Spain, . Switzerland, . Austria, . Australia, . Turkey, . Poland, . Slovenia, . Croatia, . Czech, . Japan, . Korea, . Thailand, . Singapore, . Taiwan and other countries.,

. Conductor repeatedly became the first performer of works by A. Petrov, E. Denisov, M. Weinberg, G. Dmitrieva and other Russian artists
. It connects the creative friendship and numerous joint appearances with such outstanding soloists, . as Arkhipov, . V. Tretyakov, . Igor Oistrakh, . E. Virsaladze, . Petrov, . M. Pletnev, . Vadim Repin, . Natalia Gutman, . D. Bashkirov, . Gavrilov, . S. Mintz, . M. Rud, . B. Douglas, . P.Badura-Skoda, . H. Schiff, . F. Gulli, . U. Ughi, . Francis Yu, . Ya Shtarker and many others.,

. 1994 brought Pavel Kogan title of People's Artist of Russia
. Notable achievements was the last time execution cycle Symphonies of Tchaikovsky "(1993) in Australia and the cycle of Symphonies of Beethoven" (1995) in Moscow with the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra - this work is entirely recorded Rossiyskim TV, . that has enabled millions of people in the most remote corners of the country to enjoy the great music of Beethoven in an impeccable interpretation Pavel Kogan.,

. Moscow State Symphony Orchestra have also performed and recorded all the orchestral works by Rachmaninov.

. Conductor with the openness and creativity is pleased to support interesting ideas and initiatives, often inventing itself and carrying out the brilliant projects
. One of the last such project - the performance at the Great Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory, the cycle of concerts "All the symphonies and vocal works of Gustav Mahler" - was conducted over the past and present seasons. This ambitious project is unique: in Russia the entire Mahler in a consistent performance sounded the first time.

Season 1996-1997 estimates. Muscovites gave another series of concerts - "All the symphonies of Brahms and Beethoven concerts all fortepioannye" (with Nikolai Petrov as soloist). In response to the cycle of concerts "All the symphonies and vocal works of Gustav Mahler's" Pavel Kogan was awarded the State Prize in 1997. In 1997 he became a full member of the Academy of Rossiyskogo art.

Hobbies: literature, classic jazz, cars, retroavtomobili, piloting small planes.

Pavel Kogan is full of creative forces and energies. His talent, his art rightly appreciated by music lovers and professionals both in Russia and abroad.

Lives and works in Moscow.

Address: 107009, Moscow, Spartakovskaya Sq., 1 / 2, p.1

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KOGAN Pavel Leonidovich, photo, biography
KOGAN Pavel Leonidovich, photo, biography KOGAN Pavel Leonidovich  People's Artist of Russia, Academician of the Academy Rossiyskogo art, artistic director and chief conductor of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, photo, biography
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