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Biography MAN SOUND
. Vladimir Trach - Tenor
. Yuri Romensky - Tenor
. Vladimir Mikhnovetsky - baritone, artistic director
. Vyacheslav Rubel - baritone
. Vladimir Sukhin - tenor, director of the group
. Ruben Tolmachev - bass
. "Everything gonna be alright in Christ"
. "Silent night"
. "Oh, Polechka-field
. The vocal sextet Man Sound was established in Kiev in 1995
. In the first year of its existence, the group worked for several months in the U.S., giving dozens of concerts in the six states of the West Coast. Speeches of the team in Russia - III and IV Festival vocal jazz "Jazz Voices" (1997, 98), at the festival "Jazz Province-98" - brought the Ukrainian ensemble well-deserved popularity in Russia. In February-March 2000. group in the changed composition undertook an extensive tour of North-West United States, which included a very successful performances at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival (the band members in the society 91-year veteran of jazz - at the top of the page). In May-June 2000. Man Sound successfully performed at "Jazz Province" in 2000.

On the history of Man Sound told Vladimir Mikhnovetsky (BM), Ruben Tolmachev (RT) and Vladimir Sukhin (CS). The interview was taken in 1998, so it did not reflect the current changes in the group - the arrival of a new baritone Vyacheslav Rubel and a new singer-tenor Yuri Romny (instead Ilchuk and Pony, respectively).

. When and how was formed Man Sound?
. VM
. Before Man Sound, I worked five years in the Jazz Expromt and went from there to create a men-only groups. Group members changed several times, and today it is:
. - Vladimir Mikhnovetsky - leader, graduated from Kyiv Institute of Culture.
. - Ruben Tolmachev - bass, graduated from the conducting and choral faculty of the Kiev Conservatory, except Man Sound works in the "Choir kapeli hlopchikiv ta yunakiv" Dzvinochok. "
. - Konstantin Pona - tenor, graduated from the Kiev Conservatory, before Man Sound worked in many musical groups.
. - Vladimir Sukhin - tenor, graduated from the Institute of Culture, lived in Anadyr, was a legendary music director of the Alaska Eskimo-national ensemble "Ergyron"
. He returned to Kiev shortly before the creation of Man Sound.
- Paul Ilchuk - Baritone in Man Sound recently arrived from Tallinn, and after his first concert with the group to leave Kiev was unable.
- Volodya Trach - tenor, in Man Sound as long, studying at the Institute of Culture.

In your team there are differences?
VM. Naturally, there are differences, we are all people. But they are short-lived, and only in respect of our work. We find compromises, and, moreover, very much appreciate the friendship.
R.T. Life teaches us to appreciate what we have.

Do you have any idols?
VM. There is a group called "TAKE SIX", the best in the style of black music, she has a lot to learn. By the way, when you create Man Sound, I was guided by the Take Six.

You remember your first gig?
VM. Yes, the first major speech was on the eve of Christmas in Kiev Palace of Pioneers. There we took very well.

What the public would prefer to see at their concerts?
VM. Any contingent, regardless of age and sex.

So, your music for everyone, or not everyone can understand it?
VM. I would like to perform music so democratic to bring different audiences.

What is the impact you have on listeners?
VM. This is better to ask themselves the spectators. We try to give the audience a sense of harmony, give them joy and good feelings.

Do you believe in God?
Yes. Our repertoire includes a lot of spiritual music.

Did you have a sense of discomfort from the audience reaction to your speech?
R.T. Yes, it was in Nizhny Novgorod. We spoke before the disco. Naturally, people came to relax, and before them a jazz band. Nobody really listened to us, and part of the public still behaved appropriately. It was very unpleasant.

. You work in nightclubs? What grounds do you like music?
. Man Sound: Sometimes we are invited to work, we agree, but only when the program is carefully planned, when people know what they are
. Just for entertainment and dance program, we do not come. And as for concert halls ... We prefer a small intimate rooms.

What are you most afraid of in the Ukrainian show business?
R.T. Lack of competence of our show business.

Vladimir Mikhnovetsky Question: Is there such a person with whom you could share their joys, sorrows, successes and failures on the stage?
VM. This Man Sound. Nobody, except us, do not know what we could do better, but that was on the cheer. Moreover, success in our imagination - is when we do not have to his claims. Therefore the most stringent critic for me - the group itself. This is a general opinion.

You cooperate with the Ukrainian performers, and what are your plans for the future?
VS. Yes, with so many. For example: with Ani Lorak and Dima Klimashenko, professional exam for them, Malyshev, etc.. Mainly as a group backing vocals. A Mikhnovetsky we wrote the music.
We are going to execute things with instrumental accompaniment, and record new clips. Planned a new project with Dima Klimashenko.

What do you think is worthy of love?
Man Sound: Beauty, harmony, perfection. Love worthy people. Everything!

. On the changes in the composition Man Sound (online journal "Complete Jazz", N19-2000):

. Our long-standing favorites from Kiev again experienced a change in the, . so that the Moscow of their fans once saw two new faces - baritone Vyacheslav Rubel (he appeared as part of a year ago and has traveled with a group of States, . quite successfully added onto shestigolosie Man Sound) and tenor Yuri Romny,
. Yes, alas, Man Sound left a vivid and artistic soloist Konstantin Pona. And if in vocal terms of the new tenor, . introduced into the repertoire of literally a couple of weeks, . no worse (and, . probably, . even better - because more accurate and smoother), . then in terms of theatrical, . artistry something clearly went, . and now Mansound (they themselves are now insisting on such a spelling of their name) will have to find a new balance of technical and stage, as the Americans say - a new identity,
. While clearly highlighted another tenor - Vladimir Trach, the youngest member of the group; a bizarre numbers like "Java Jive", apparently, until completely gone from the repertoire. Let's see what happens. Sami veterans groups - Vladimir Sukhin leader Vladimir Mikhnovetsky and bass Ruben Tolmachev - confident that these changes for the better.

. You heard the song of "Man Sound"?
. Interview participants Man Sound was published in the magazine "Jazz-Kvadrat" N 4-99 and relates to performance of the group at the IV Festival vocal jazz in Moscow (December 1998):
. IV Festival vocal jazz in Moscow is not the first time took this excellent team from Ukraine, and we have repeatedly referred to them in different coverage of the story, but then came the talk in detail, and "heart to heart ...

. "We do not sing backing vocals, no matter who asked."
. Well, still not enough! Of the boys' vocals on "mensaundovtsy have long grown up - if it ever were good for this
. The resonance of their statements in the press is kept stable at the level of: "a genuine opening of the festival", . "workers of applause", . "sophistication of voice", . "perfect technique", . "unusual arrangements", . "strong power", . "Artistic, . natural, . with ideal systems ", etc.,
. Admire the "Man Sound" has already become commonplace in discussions of jazz in Russia.

. Yet behind the scenes - a vast region, there is a lot of things different to hear, you can:
. - "Rent" good? So these "Take 6" is still better ...
. - Well, they sing Ukrainian songs - so where do jazz? ..
. - Six men without accompaniment - is "Georgia" ...
. Well, why - without accompaniment? Here's to us all-conversational writer bezel is a kind of verbal accompaniment
. To each his own: to whom - to sing, and to whom - to discuss. Both sides need each other, and more than a second, so, therefore, a significant first.

"Man Sound" is widely discussed. Not know, . as evolved in this respect, the situation in all four-plus years of existence of the ensemble of Kiev, . But now Vladimir Mikhnovetsky (tenor), . Vladimir Sukhin (tenor), . Constantine Pona (tenor), . Ruben Tolmachev (bass), . Paul Ilchuk (baritone) and Vladimir Trach (tenor) become heroes for all the concerts with their participation.,

. Six male voices - it is not just an imitation of "Take 6"
. To "Man Sound" its leader Vladimir Mikhnovetsky worked in a mixed vocal ensemble "Jazz Expromt", then probably come to the conclusion that "without women to live" in the world can be, yes! In any case - to work better without them.
. Well, as you saw that in the men's team is really less of a problem?
. - Yes, in this sense, we simply
. But among men there are many people with the character inappeasable. Musicians - people are talented, they can throw anything you want.
However, since you rarely change the composition?
- We consider ourselves a fairly stable group. We have the discipline for which we are respected, many organizers.

"Man Sound" for each of its members - a hobby or main job?
- It's our bread. In life, of course, is hardly enough. But there are some underworking, promotional activities.
Arrangements are you doing yourself?
- There are works that we sing the notes on the brand - from the repertoire of "Take 6", "Manhattan Transfer". There are many of my arrangements of jazz standards.
. Apparently, you do not have a clear stylistic direction: here and jazz themes, and spirituals, and Ukrainian songs, and songs of the Beatles?
. - Yes, the target of building repertoire we do not - rather, spontaneous approach.

. In his compositions do not leave room for improvisation?
. - We do not practice, although we have a couple of improvised moments
. We are not classic jazz band, and have a look at jazz, and the lyrics as a whole.
. What appeared in your repertoire of Christian music?
. - We sing the song "Take 6", but they have only Christian music.
. Your appeal to folklore, this is - a manifestation of patriotism, the desire for the highest individuality or lack of thematic material?
. - We live in Ukraine and Ukrainian songs to sing, it would be disrespectful to the country
. On the other hand, we like it, because the songs are very beautiful. That is, nothing artificial, we do not do.

... It is difficult, of course, immediately cease to lay out all of "genre" shelves, or at least cease to believe this draft to other. That's just believe that people do not move the art, and simply sing what they like.
But if each musician is playing and singing necessarily require new, then we deprive ourselves of opportunities just enjoy the music. That she has not lost for us its aesthetic purpose, can not miss the opportunity to get pleasure from it.
. And what can compare with the sounds of live music, and - most "live", without the mediation of instruments? "Man Sound" as if created for a "live" hearing - ie, "viewing"
. I think if you look only in the eyes of members of the ensemble, then and there you will see the sounds - thoughtful, heartfelt.

. When people, . creating music, . in love with her, . professionally educated and have a fine musical taste, . that any segment of the composite fabrics "plays", . none of them does not become just a bunch of "between", . unison profundity, . triad - an aesthetic revelation, . alterirovannye complex harmonies sound so saturated, . what, . seems, . maximum fill all your creature, . longing for beauty,
. And nice ritmizirovannye Ukrainian songs - not so much a step toward relief, as the embodiment of its own internal rhythms ...

Each participant "Man Sound" - a beautiful voice, everyone can make their own careers. Why are all stick together?
. - I do not know whether this is the rest, but I'm sure: what we do together, a hundred heads above what we would do individually.
. Apparently, most often you speak up on jazz festivals?
. - Yes, it's more like us than poppy hangouts
. Pop "salad" - it is not ours, because between any, even the best, pop singers and us - a huge gap. It is impossible to compare the efforts expended by one singer and vocal ensemble to achieve the artistic results. Vocal Ensemble - insanely hard work.

Maybe you all - perfect pitch?
- Fortunately, no. Absolyutniki often suffer: and sing themselves unclean, and others falsity hear. And we have already a lot of problems, one can find fault with the purity of intonation, etc.
. Do you already have a clear understanding: what is your audience?
. - These are people who want to listen to good music in a good performance to be developed, for which they walk, for example, in a museum
. It is unlikely that we will listen hard worker, who came from the factory, Nakhamu wife, etc.. While Ukrainian songs, probably, and he would have liked ...

... Here there is a contradiction. In one interview, Volodya said that he wanted to achieve democracy in the performance accessible to all. Another noted that among the tracks "Man Sound" declining share of pop and Christian music (as too simple). And the new arrangement the theme from the repertoire of George Benson, presented at the festival "Jazz vote-98" in Moscow, clearly indicates a tendency to complicate the texture, that is - to the elitism. It is unlikely that this will make the ensemble closer to the people.
Moreover, the "fiasco" in contact with him has lived through - one of the speeches in Nizhny Novgorod before disco taken to put it mildly, ambivalent. Everything, as they say, their place, and any democracy should have limits. Although, . frankly, . in conscious democracy "Man Sound" Somehow I do not believe it: it is difficult to, . that musicians with such a sense of texture, . sense of harmony and the ability to convey the essence of music in its present time will be spent on a serious compromise with his taste and intelligence for the wide popularity,
. But wait - we shall see ...

Have you changed as a life of your team during these four years?
- Probably not. The problems are the same: while we can not boast that we earn enough in their work. She feeds us - and all.
And you have a lot of concerts?
- No. It happens a whole month without concerts.
But you have a person who deals with you, the administrator?
- In general, there. Volodya Sukhin performs the role of manager, but organize their own concerts, we can not: no money. Although the number of visitors to our performances can be judged on what kind of audience we are able to collect.
And with Alexei Kozlov you did not plan to continue to cooperate?
- No. We just met. Performed with one product. But he - in Moscow, and we - in Kiev, that's all.

If your situation does not change for the better and more money will not, you will not throw this thing?
- We have great faith in the team, and then, this is the case - now, replace it with nothing. Go sing in the pub - too expensive fault.
You agree that the vocals in this jazz can not be primary, and always - to copy the American way?
- To some extent, yes. Whether we like it or not, we'll work something borrowed from the Americans, because until we have a lot has already been established. Not just because we suddenly have and sang, first listened to a lot of music, formed the taste, to something we have become close, and gradually developed a creative way of collective. Of course, we borrowed - from "Take 6" try to borrow as much as possible - not ashamed. But we understand that as they do not sing, but that is nowhere. We just want to take from them what we need.

How do you take in America?
- Remarkable. But we were there as a Christian group, and we listened to religious people, so on competent feedback is difficult to speak.
Well, you've you know a price.
Yes, we know how we sing. You can praise and glorify, but if you want some progress, you need to see their mistakes and soberly assess themselves.

. ... Let us and we will listen to "Man Sound" soberly: stop greedy, . large pieces to swallow these lumps of succulent harmonic, . but we relaxed to flow after it is natural rhythms flying, . Hold your breath, . more frequent when looking at these selfless, . full music person, . attempt to critically.,
. Oh ...

Anna Aladova

Speech Man Sound on the festival "Jazz vote-98"

... Many waited for it is their performance as the main event of the festival - and has not lost. For your correspondent, . true, . there was no opening in this speech, . because listen to this band live for the year has at least ten times, . but in Moscow, during which time they sang only twice (a year ago on III-x "Jazz Voice and summer - on the finale of the festival" Jazz Province "),
. So for the vast majority of those present was all like the first time. Purists who hardly perceive something other than their own dogma, of course, scream that "it is not jazz, but what's the difference? This classroom live music, including those based on jazz material. This is certainly the best on the entire territory of former USSR vocal group (except that the St. Petersburg "digest" can be placed next to them). Over the past year, the dynamics of power and sophistication of voice-Man Sound'a reached incredible heights, and now they simply have no competitors. Well, is that the execution of Pop and Ukrainian folk songs arranged by slightly less than mellifluous (though the audience there just starts screaming with delight), the rest is the same - and gospelz, and the Christmas repertoire and jazz standards - just a very good. In addition, they are cool "doing the show and the general appearance is very attractive to the public, especially for female part of it ..."

. "Review of the jazz life"
. "Jazz in Russia", 23.12.98.

. "... And yet another" workers of applause "- Kiev vocal ensemble" Man Sound "
. Remember this name. It appeared on the jazz horizon recently: Alexei Kozlov and Viacheslav Gorsky saw the guys in Kiev last December and brought to Moscow for vocal jazz festival, where they made a real sensation. Six male voices. By order and style strongly resembles "Take Six", but not until the end: "Take Six", in the first place, in general, black, and secondly, do not sing Ukrainian folk. "Man Sound" - sing. Gospelz sing, sing the repertoire of "Manhattan Transfer". All sing. And as they sing! After the presentations, you understand why in tsarist times for the choir traveled to the Ukraine. I understand that any vocal ensemble in Russia - may be, except for St. Petersburg "digest" - simply, they say, rests. Artistic, natural, with perfect systems, "Man Sound" literally enchanted the audience with the first powerful vocal chords - from the fantastic bass Ruben Tolmachev to "black" tenor soloist Constantine Pona. Remember "Man Sound", director - Vladimir Mikhnovetsky. "

. Cyril Moshkov, "Flags on the map thicker"
. magazine "Jazz-box", N 7, 1998 (published with the permission of the publisher of the journal)

. Speeches Man Sound on the festival "Jazz vote-97"

. "Concerts of vocal group Man Sound (Ukraine) and Camerata (Belarus) took place in a live program" Moscow swing "radio station" Perspective "on December 20
. Both the concert, together lasted about one and a half hours, were announced as a special issue of the Moscow Swing "on the III International festival of jazz vocals, jazz voice-97", and were included in the festival poster. Ukrainian singers, . led by Vladimir Mikhnovetsky, . sang a half-hour program in the style of modern gospelz, . demonstrating advanced technology, . unusual arrangements (in the ensemble - six men's voices, . analogues of such composition in the world is very small) and a powerful energy,
. Their performance led to an unprecedented influx of visitors at the radio station - in the air and sound engineering hardware, . where usually during the concert is only ethereal Brigade, . crowded two dozen came to listen to jazz critics Man Sound, . musicians (including Vyacheslav Gorsky, . satisfied by their visit to Moscow), . and, . apparently, . potential sponsors,
. After the concert Kievites with terrible speed raced off to the concert hall "Russia", which also had to make ... "

"... on the club scene came Ukrainian vocal sextet Man Sound. All the concert was the ensemble of Kiev, perhaps, the best of their three performances at the festival. And club president Alexander Eidelman, . who conducted the concert, . and the initiator of the arrival of Man Sound Festival keyboardist Vyacheslav Gorsky in one voice told a InterMedia, . that this ensemble - the real opening of the festival and their first trip to Moscow is clearly the latter would not ",
. Themselves as singers, headed by its leader Vladimir Mikhnovetsky reported that, of course, stunned by this success, but in principle, expect him and were convinced that "God helps them". Mr. Mikhnovetsky told that the group had already received an invitation to participate in two joint projects. Alexei Kozlov suggested that staff do vocal transcription of academic works, in which the alto saxophone would sound equally among human voices. Viacheslav Gorsky going to do with Man Sound album together in the jazz-rock spirit. "

Photos of MAN SOUND
  • Man Sound
  • Vyacheslav Rubel - baritone
  • Yuri Romensky - Tenor
  • Vladimir Trach - Tenor
  • Ruben Tolmachev and Paul Ilchuk
  • Vladimir Sukhin - tenor, director of the group
  • Vladimir Mikhnovetsky - baritone, artistic director

Photos of MAN SOUND

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  • listen to the album with the Ukrainian songs. Unable to break away. This is a real song and wonderful music. Thank you.
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  • I just loved you guys! Sam playing some musical instruments, but never occurred to him that such votes can make! Thank you.
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  • In Tolmachyova - just fell in love with the first song! Guys - you're the best!
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