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Kiselev Valery

( Moscow-jazz saxophonist and clarinetist.)

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Biography Kiselev Valery
photo Kiselev Valery
In the 70's - 80-ies. He was a leader saxophone section in Moscow's leading orchestras, among them - jazz orchestra by Oleg Lundstrem and Anatoly Kroll, and the Great Concert Orchestra of Radio and Television. Since 1998. - Soloist Rossiyskogo State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography n / Sergei violins.
Valery Kiselyov participated in numerous jazz festivals in Russia and abroad. In 1992 he was the leader of the saxophone in the orchestra Natalie Cole (Nathalie Cole).
Valery Kiselev graduated with honors from the Moscow Conservatoire. PI. Tchaikovsky as a clarinetist Professor Vladimir Sokolov.
From 1989 to 1992. taught at the Music College. Gnesinyh. In 1991/1992, he also taught at the Summer Conservatory of the city of Klagenfurt (Austria).
In 1992. Valery Kiselyov created a jazz quartet, led to the present.
From 1993 to 1998. Quartet Valery Kiselev was a staff team of the State Television and Radio Company Ostankino. Ensemble has actively participated in studio recordings for radio and television and in concerts.
From jazz programs Valery Kiselyov introduce his listeners to Ekho Moskvy radio station, Radio Russia, Mayak, "Youth", "Orpheus" and others.
In 1996, the company "Russian CD" in conjunction with the company "SONY" has released a CD - ROM Kiseleva quartet called "Russian Lullaby" (RCD 24101).
"Lullaby of Birdland" (George Shearing)
- Record 1995
. "Russian Lullaby" (Irving Berlin)
. - Record in 1995
. Valery Kiselyov - clarinet, Fedor Andreev - drums, Boris Kartovitsky - bass, Victor Agranovich - piano

. Today in the repertoire of the quartet of Valery Kiselyov about 700 works, most of whom are the best examples of jazz classics, arranged by the leader of the team
. The ensemble also performs popular music, world hits 20-70-ies.
Valery Kiselyov played on all types of saxophones: soprano to baritone from, as well as the clarinet and bass clarinet. The programs on the French light music and Argentine tango, Valery also plays the accordion-Knoop.
. In a quartet act known Moscow jazz musicians: pianist Evgeny Pechnikov, drummer and bassist Fedor Andreev, Igor Ulanov.

. In 1997, based on the quartet formed duo: Valery Kiselev (clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone) and Eugene Pechnikov (piano)
. Eugene Pechnikov in 1992. Rossiyskuyu graduated from the Academy of Music. Gnesinyh on saxophone professor Alexander Oseychuk. Winner of 1 st prize nationwide contest saxophone (1994). For many years he worked in the ensemble pianist Alexander Oseychuk and, moreover, participated in the joint project "Characters" with guitarist Alexander Kostikov as a saxophonist, pianist and bass player (bass guitar - hobby Eugene). Since 1996. working pianist in the quartet of Valery Kiselyov.

Duet In. Kiselev - E. Pechnikov recorded two albums. One of them ( "Keykuok" ( "Cakewalk")) has not yet been issued, and recorded to the 100 th anniversary of Duke Ellington album "Echo of Harlem" ( "Echoes of Harlem") was released in October 2000. on the label "Landy Star / Jazzland - Russian series.
. "Sheik of Araby" (Smith, Wheeler, Snyder)
. Valery Kiselyov - clarinet, Eugene Pechnikov - piano
. "Limbo Jazz" (Ellington)
. Valery Kiselyov - bass clarinet, Eugene Pechnikov - piano
. Valery Kiselev demonstrates not only an enviable virtuosity, but also deeply contemporary musical thinking, which puts it today out of competition among our jazz clarinetist. "

. Abstract to drive "sign blues," the firm "Melody"

. "For the orchestra Oleg Lundstrem was lucky to be composed of such great musicians as Valery Kiselev ..."

. Magazine "Passport to the New World"

. Valery Kiselyov - a musician with a fine ensemble flair, and his improvisations marked by good taste and sense of proportion
. He's just a wonderful clarinetist. "

Alex Batashev

phone (095) 596-4883
Fax: (095) 596-2181

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Kiselev Valery, photo, biography
Kiselev Valery, photo, biography Kiselev Valery  Moscow-jazz saxophonist and clarinetist., photo, biography
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