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Kiselev Pavel

( The Count, Russian statesman)

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Biography Kiselev Pavel
photo Kiselev Pavel
(1788 - 1872). Began service in the Cavalry Guards Regiment, which participated in the battle of Borodino and in foreign campaigns 1813 - 1815 period. Alexander I appointed him as his aide-de-camp and often pinned on him important assignments. In 1819, Mr.. became Chief of Staff of the Second Army, located in the town of Tulchin, Podolia. Under the command of Kiseleva served here future Decembrists Pestel, Burtsev, Basargin, Prince Troubetzkoy, Prince Volkonsky. All were in very good relations with Kiselyov, but the existence of a secret society Kiselev not know. Official position Kiselev Tulchin was very difficult. He had many enemies, who tried at every step hurt him. The main reason for this were the innovations, such as mitigation of corporal punishment - which Kiselev has made a second army, and who did not like many people, including Arakche'ev. In 1823, after the show army emperor, Kiselev was granted in the Adjutant General, and on the second army. With it, he took part in the Turkish war of 1828 - 29 years, after which it was entrusted with the organization of management in Moldavia and Wallachia. Kiselev stayed in Iasi to 1834, t. e. to the destination ports Sturdza Moldavian rulers, geeks - valahskim. In 1835, Mr.. Kiselyov was appointed a member of the State Council and a member of the Secret Committee on Peasant Affairs. Last appointment comes after a lengthy conversation with the Emperor Nicholas I, which demonstrated the necessity Kiselev free the peasants. This idea was met with opposition in the high society, resulting in a committee meeting boiled down to nothing, it was decided to only create for state peasants special administration, headed by Kiselev was raised. This control was first V Office Immediate Office of His Imperial Majesty, then the Ministry of State Property. In 1839, Mr.. Kiselev was elevated to the Count's dignity. His activity as a minister lasted 18 years and had a great fruitfulness, causing the intrigues against him, making him envious and enemies. When Nicholas I, the latter could undermine the credibility of Kiselyov, but at the very beginning of the new reign, when the direction it had not yet decide Kiseleva enemies had finally managed to achieve the goal. In 1856, Mr.. He was appointed ambassador to Paris. Emperor Alexander II asked him, however, to recommend a successor, called Sheremeteva Kiselev, who was appointed. Ambassador Kiselev became in his old age and in a very difficult time when Russia's relations with France were strained after the Crimean War, but he managed to maintain the dignity interests of their fatherland. In 1862, Mr.. troubled health forced him to resign. Retirees Kiselev stayed in Paris, as well as its immediate relatives in Russia died. When he was offered the presidency of the Council of State, he refused, feeling unable to engage in public affairs. Remaining faithful to the end to peasant reform, Kiselev very distressed that the conduct of its implementation has not been granted one of its main participants - N.A. Miliutin, nephew Kiseleva. Kiseleva thorough biography written A.P. Zablotskaya-Desyatovsky: "Count P.D. Kiselev and his time "(St. Petersburg, 1882). - See. also article NE. Gauthier, in "Emancipation of peasants, workers of reform" (Moscow, 1911). N. Vasilenko.

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Kiselev Pavel, photo, biography
Kiselev Pavel, photo, biography Kiselev Pavel  The Count, Russian statesman, photo, biography
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