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Igor Boyko

( Guitarist)

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Biography Igor Boyko
Igor Boyko was born on 30.06.1961, Mr.. in Sumy (Ukraine). His professional career began in 1980, work in the Philharmonic, Mr.. Sumi as a guitarist. At this time, keenly aware of affection for jazz and improvisation. First idols - George Benson, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery.

1981-1985,. - Work in a military song and dance ensemble (r. Budapest). The ensemble consists of committing a tour of Hungary and Austria.

In 1984. took his first steps as a singer-guitarist, speaking in the jazz clubs of Budapest.
1985-1989 gg. - Study at music college im.Gliera (Kiev) on guitar. Under the guidance of renowned jazz guitarist, teacher, Vladimir Molotkov mastered the basics of modern jazz improvisation. In these years, speaking at jazz festivals with various musical compositions, polishing technique and performing skills sharpened.

1990-1992,. - Work at the Moscow Concert Orchestra conducted by maestro's jazz Anatoly Kroll. At the same time formed a creative alliance and collaboration with jazz singer and composer Sergey Manukyan.

In 1992-1993. Igor Boyko worked in Amsterdam. The accumulation of the artistic heritage also contributed to the visit of European jazz festivals and experience of working with musicians of America and Europe.

Since September 1993. has lived and worked in Moscow. A busy concert activity with Sergey Manukyan, . participated in jazz festivals, . held in the cities: Tallinn, . Nizhny Novgorod, . Ufa, . Odessa, . Moscow (second and third International Jazz Festival), . as well as concerts in Kiev, . Tomsk, . Novosibirsk, . Rostov-na-Donu, . Yerevan and other cities of CIS,

Since 1995. Igor - guitar show party held by "MUSIC BOX". Has been released videotape guitar show called "Washburn Days In Russia".

Since 1995, Mr.. begins a creative alliance with Vyacheslav Gorsky (group "Quadro"), which is accompanied by active performances in Moscow clubs, as well as at various festivals.

In 1996. According to the poll music magazine "MUSIC BOX" in the column RESULTS OF THE YEAR in the category "electric guitar" Igor Boiko, one of the three best guitarists in Russia.
Since 1997, Mr.. constantly performs in a trio with Sergey Manukyan and drummer Vano Avaliani.
. In 1997 the PRESTIGE RECORDS label, Studio Soyuz "in a series of instrumental music, the best guitarist, released his first solo album, Igor Boyko called" dare surprisingly easy "
. Album wholly author and decorated in the style of fusion and jazz-rock. Took part in recording the bass guitarist Eugene Sharikov, keyboardist Vadim Naumov, drummer Andrew Shatunovskii and American percussionist Dave Graut.

. Press release studio "Union" on the album "dare surprisingly easy"
. Album on CDru.com

. Also in 1997, Mr.
. Igor Boyko was invited to the group "Valery Syutkin and Co.". During this time the group had recorded two albums, where Valera performs several songs written by Igor Boyko.

In 1998. in St. Petersburg hosted the third International Festival of Jazz guitar "Baltica 98", where Igor Boyko spoke with his new solo program.
In 1999. worked in a group of Arsenal saxophonist Alexei Kozlov.

In September 1999,. by S & B Recording Company released her second solo album, Igor Boyko, entitled "Time of inspiration". Helped create this album, pianist-arranger Vadim Naumov and bassist Eugene Sharikov. It includes nine tracks, six of which were written by Igor. The album's producer - Eugene Sharikov.

In January 2000, Mr.. released videotape "MUSIC BOX & FORTE CLUB presents" IGOR BOIKO & FRIENDS "live at Forte club", containing a recording of a concert by Igor Boyko, held in club "Forte" under the name "Igor Boiko and friends". The project involved: Igor Boyko - guitar, Vadim Naumov - keyboards, Michael Savin - saxophone, Eugene balls - bass guitar, Yuri Semyonov - drums. The program sounded pieces from the solo albums, I. Boiko, "dare surprisingly easy" and "Time of inspiration."
A tape can be purchased at the club "Forte".

In September 2000, Mr.. released videotape of Six strings Igor Boyko. The cassette contains a video on the creative activity guitarist Igor Boyko from 1994 to 1999. using video clips as solo performances of Igor, and concerts together with Sergey Manukyan and a group of Alexei Kozlov Arsenal. In addition to musical numbers, the film includes an interview with Anatoly Kroll, Sergey Manukyan, Alexei Kozlov and Valeria Syutkina.

Book by Igor Boyko

In March 2000, Mr.. published by "Hobby Center Igor Boiko's book" Improvisation for electric guitar - Part 1: Supporting notes and deviations in improvisation ". Announcing this, of course, extremely useful for young guitarists book publisher, in particular, wrote that she "was the result of reflection by the author for its rich concert and pedagogical practices. Proposed reader material belongs to the most modern and advanced ways of improvised music. However, the underlying theoretical principles can be applied in virtually any of the existing musical movements. The book is addressed to the widest range of music lovers, students of music schools, as well as professional musicians and teachers. "

In August 2000, Mr.. came the second part of the book "Improvisation on electric guitar". This part is devoted to chord playing, and continues the story begun by the first part of the theoretical foundations and practical techniques used in modern improvised music. It deals with the specifics of harmonic and applikaturnyh constructions for electric. The book can be recommended to the widest range of guitarists - from teachers to start (for the latter even before tablature table in case they are not free to read music).
. The book (like the first part), released by "Hobby Center and is equipped with audio applications on a CD with examples of exercises from the text.

. October 9, 2001, Mr.
. published a new book by Igor Boyko - "Improvisation on electric guitar, part IV:" pentatonic and its expressive possibilities ". Publisher - KO Smolin, "Hobby Center.
The book is a 4-th part of a series of publications devoted to the art of guitar improvisation. In it the author shows various ways to use the scales at pentatonicheskih NCCA plays chords and harmonic sequences.
. The book comes with audio applications on the CD.
. At the same time was reissued in the new design part II - "Fundamentals of chord technique.
. The second edition of "Fundamentals of chord technique", . and part I ( "Support music, and deviations in improvisation"), . Part III ( "Progressive method of improvisation") and Part IV ( "pentatonic and its expressive possibilities") can be purchased by mail 121248, . Moscow, . POB N26 or by e-mail - hobby-centre@mtu-net.ru, . as well as through the Internet-shop "Bolero".,


. The last few years, Igor Boiko, many written in the studio with various musical projects as a guest musician.
. In addition to intense concert activity, Igor Boyko engaged in pedagogical work
. Since 1998. the magazine Music Box columnist master class on improvisation on electric guitar called "Tips guitarists from Igor Boyko.

Musicians of Igor Boyko:

".... a very active and intelligent musician with excellent tact in the arrangement. He plays as much as necessary. As accompaniment, I do not know a brighter guitar. Anyway, in my life - this is the most brilliant guitarist, with whom have worked.

Valery Syutkin

... Igor made a surprise right choices in life and in music. Intelligent, courageous enough people. I think over time we will see how the enormous potential in this wonderful musician "

. Anatoly Kroll, Central House of Arts, May 20, 1994.

. "For me the important thing was the fact that Igor was impressed very precise, sober and a real person, which, unfortunately, is a rarity in our Russia Program."

. Alexei Kozlov

. Musical equipment, which applies to concerts Igor Boyko:

. Guitars:
. Fender Telecaster (custom made from FODERA)
. Preamp: Mesa / Boogie TRIAXIS all tube preamplifier.
. Amplifier: Mesa / Boogie Fifty / Fifty stereo tube power.
. Sound processing: TS
. electronic G-Force.
. Acoustics: Mesa / Boogie Extension Cab, 1-12 "W/evm12 - 2 columns.
. HUGHES & KETTNER TUBEMAN guitar recording station

. Discography Igor Boyko:
. "Dare surprisingly easy, Igor Boiko, SZCD 0775-97" Soyuz
. "TIME OF INSPIRATION, Igor Boiko, SBCD 0002-99 S & B Recording Company
. So What
. Time Of Inspiration
. Express 01
. "LIVE AT THE FORTE CLUB", Alexei Kozlov and Arsenal, 024-00 MGTS Monolith Studio Muzprom
. "004", Valery Siutkin, NOX-026-CD
. "SECRETS" Sergey Manukyan SLR 0090 Solyd Records 1997
PRESTIGE-1: Christmas Night "Collection. MC / CD, SZ 0881-97 "Soyuz
"Not all ..." Valery Siutkin SZCD 0921-98 "Soyuz
"RCD" MC "FONOGRAM" Kiev 1999.
"NEW ROMANTIC JAZZ" Vyacheslav Gorsky CDGOR 901053 IF & M 1998.
"THE TALE OF LOVE" Alexander Basilaya 1998
. "YOUR SMILE" Serguei Manukian SLR 0211 99 Solyd Records, 1999

. Igor Boyko: an interview with Music Box, 1996

. More information for guitarists (interviews, equipment and lessons) - visit to Russia's Igor Boyko guitar portal.

. Igor Boyko and Arsenal

. Interview magazine, In / Out 2001

. Site Ofitsiallny Igor Boyko

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