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Petrova Tatiana

( Folk singer in Russia.)

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Biography Petrova Tatiana
Born September 19, 1957, Mr.. in pos.Bulanash Artemovsky district of Sverdlovsk region. Father - Sysomyatin Yuri (rod.14.09.1939), the native of the peasants, was a miner, 25 years spent under the ground. Mother - Galina Istomin (rod.17.08.1936), in the past worked as a projectionist. Spouse - Vasilyev Anton (rod.15.06.1953 city) - poet and director, Daughter - Petrova Ekaterina V. (rod.28.11.1976 city) - a student of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Relations.

Love for the Russian national culture originated in childhood. Little Tanya is always surrounded by songs, tales, beliefs. The family all sang. Then my aunt Tatyana was advising her granddaughter: "Do not sing a bad song good people!". Since then, the singer should this covenant.

Fifteen Tatiana restrain competition in the State Ural Folk Choir (1972-1974 gg.) Sang it forgotten grandmother songs. Then went to study in Moscow, where he consistently finished music school, department of folk song at a music school teacher Ippolitov-Ivanov (1974-1978 gg.) Musical Pedagogical Institute. Gnesinyh (1978-1986 gg.) And post-graduate studies (1986-1988 g.). In parallel with studies in the college worked in the ensemble of folk music under Dmitry Pokrovsky, and in 1978. became a soloist 'Mosconcert'. Along with the concert activity since 1986. present Tatiana Petrova teaches at the department of folk song in Russia's Academy of Music Gnesinyh.

Tatiana Yuryevna very lucky in life, because at the time noticed her and warmed her spiritual word, the late Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga, John. He foresaw the appointment of a young singer, said to her: 'Do not zovis artist, zovis folk singer. Because you are not artist, you, when you sing, every time worried '. And then he added: 'You should not entertain, and comfort the people'. The motto of every singer's performances were the words: 'The harder the times, the tender song'. Listening Tatyana Petrova in large metropolitan halls, and in forgotten rural clubs, people rejoice, and weep, but never remain indifferent to her songs.

Her repertoire - old Russian songs and ditties, recorded in different regions of Russia, romances, author's songs on poems Klyueva N., S. Esenina, N. Rubtsov, A. Pushkin, F. Tyutchev, M. Tsvetaeva, K. Skvortsov.

Singing, to convince the singer - is a big job. Therefore, Tatiana Petrova went on the principle - the voice does not need pity. She always sang without a microphone, putting in every execution all his soul. In February 1998, Mr.. in the State Central Concert Hall "Russia" held a jubilee concert Tatyana Petrova on 25 years of her creative activity. This sold-out, according to press reviews, concert hall "Russia" did not know. When the capacity of two thousand and it was attended by three thousand (!) Fans of the singer's talent.

Creativity Tatyana Petrova takes a truly popular love in all corners of Russia. Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II has given her such an assessment: "... Creativity folk singer Tatiana Petrova, Russia has a high spirituality, commitment to the folk-song tradition and the highest talent '.

In recent years, Tatiana Petrova often performs with superb instrumental ensemble 'City of Kitezh' by the People's Artist of Russia Yuri Rechetov. She has recorded 4 records and 4 CD-ROM, . recently co-starred in one of the main roles in the feature film 'All ahead', . delivered by director Nikolai Burlyaev for similar work Vasily Belov, . participated in the musical film 'Portrait of a black background "(rezh.A.Vasilev), . TV concerts,

In 1979. T. Yu Petrov became the winner of the All-Russia competition of folk music (II prize). In 1982, Mr.. for maintaining the traditions of song and concert work, she was awarded the prize of the Moscow Young Communist League, becoming one of the latest winners in the history of this high at the time awards. In 1992. She was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of Russia, and in 1997. - Honored Artist of Bashkortostan. In 1996. 'for the invaluable contribution to the art of Russian folk songs and for the preservation of traditions of national culture', she was awarded the Order of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First Russian Orthodox Church.

Of great importance in the life and work of Tatiana Petrova plays spirituality, faith, the Russian Orthodox Church. Often, the singer can be seen in Boris and Women Glebskii Anosinoy monastery near Zvenigorod, which was founded by Princess Evdokia N. Meshcherskaya, aunt of Fedor Ivanovich Tyutchev. Here she helps novice - and the household, and choral skills to comprehend, and even money to get. Near the home of Tatiana bought a small cabin, which holds together with his family all the Orthodox holidays.

Such a heartfelt love of the old Russian monasteries, around which was going to Russia, not accidental. However, from the cathedral by the 'guardians of the Russian Land' Tatiana plotted to carry out charity evening at the St. Daniel Monastery. Annual program 'Monastery in the evening' received the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II. Party guests, among whom there are many wealthy people, have helped to get up orphanages, monasteries Cyril Belozersky, Hotkovskomu and Anosinoy monastery.

Tatyana Petrova is an academician of the International Slavonic Academy (1991), a member of the International Association of Cinematographers Slavic Orthodox peoples (1997) and the Federation of Astronautics (since 1996).

Favorite performers are singer Fyodor Chaliapin and Nadezhda V. Plevitskaya. Her dream Tatyana Petrova - play the role of the famous singer (10 years ago the husband of Peter Anton Vasiliev wrote the screenplay). From the stage performers Tatiana Petrova recognized as outstanding, only Edith Piaf and Claudia Shulzhenko.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Photos of Petrova Tatiana
Petrova Tatiana

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  • Hello, . Tatiana! This artist Katya Severgina.Ya live in Krasnoyarske.U us with Denis born daughter Alenushka.Ey year from now nebolshim.Denis working musician in the Philharmonic ensemble of Russian song "Red." Vanya finishes shkolu.Vse we have good, . Thank God, I would like to return to the topic of your portreta.Mozhet, . send photos via e-mail? "I want to contact you, . one word. I wish you good health. Lord keep you!,
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    Petrova Tatiana, photo, biography
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