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Pat Martino (PAT MARTINO)

( Outstanding jazz guitarist)

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Biography Pat Martino (PAT MARTINO)
Known worldwide as an outstanding jazz guitarist, Pat Martino, creates its own characteristic sound full of soul and energy in its electrified new album Live at Yoshi's. Without resorting to tricks such as priglashennnye star, recording with many duplicates, Martino, in all its splendor, while recording played with a young titan Joey DeFrancesco on organ B-3, and Billy Hart on drums.

"All the songs have been selected for the Live at Yoshi's, a famous jazz club in Philadelphia, were written primarily for different projects at different times over the years," says Martin. "I thought it would be interesting to write them all at once during a live performance, nominate them out of the past in real time

. PAT MARTINO was born with the name Pat Azzara in Philadelphia in 1944, and was converted to jazz by his father, Carmen "Mickey" Azzara, who sang in local clubs and took a quick studied guitar with Eddie Lang.

. He took Pat to all yakrie events, where he heard and met with Wes Montgomery and other musical giants
. "I always admired my father and myself wanted proizvezti impression on him. As a result, it forced me to get serious with my writing and music. "

He began playing guitar when he was 12 years old and finished school he devoted himself to music. During his visits to his teacher Dennis Sandole, Pat met another gifted student, John Coltrane, with whom he spent time over a mug of chocolate and talking about music.

Besides first-hand `Trane and Montgomery, whose album Groove Brothers had a tremendous influence on Martino, he also cites Johnny Smith, Stan Getz, as the early inspiration. "I thought the child that he knows everything about music," says Pat.

Martino became actively involved with early rock scene in Philadelphia, along with such stars as Bobby Rydell, Chubby Checker and Bobby Darin. His first tour was with jazz organist Charles Earland, another on high school.

His reputation soon spread among other jazz players, he was recruited by bandleader Lloyd Price to play on stage hits such as "Stagger Lee" with musicians like Slide Hampton and Red Holloway.

Martino moved to Harlem in order that would pogurzitsya in soul-jazz who performed Earland and others. First, I heard all that regards white man's jazz. I never heard another part of this culture, "he recalls.

The organ trio concept had a profound influence on the rhythmic and harmonic approach Martino, and became his means of expression, as well as playing with Jack McDuff and Don Patterson. In twenty years, Pat was signed as a leader on Prestige Records. His seminal albums from this period Strings!, Desperado, El Hombre and Baiyina (The Clear Evidence), were the first successful jazz issedovaniyami into psychedelia.

In 1976, Martino began experiencing the excruciating headaches that were diagnosed as symptoms aneurizma. After treatment and recovery, he resumed his career in 1987 in New York, a concert that was released on CD and have the corresponding name, The Return (Return).

Then followed a pause associated with the illness of his parents, and he did not record again until 1994, when released Interchange and then The Maker.

Today, Martino lives in Philadelphia again and continues to grow as a musician. As the recent New York Times, "Martino returned and began to move in new musical directions, adding new layers to his myth."

. Musicians flock to his door for lessons, and he offers not only his musical knowledge, but also the philosophical insights of a man who has faced terrible obstoyateltstv and won their.

"The guitar has no importance to me," he muses. "People are mean to me more. They I'm extremely grateful for the fact that they are with me. The guitar is just an apparatus. "

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Photos of Pat Martino (PAT MARTINO)
Pat Martino (PAT MARTINO)

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Pat Martino (PAT MARTINO), photo, biography
Pat Martino (PAT MARTINO), photo, biography Pat Martino (PAT MARTINO)  Outstanding jazz guitarist, photo, biography
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