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Zakk Wilde (Zakk Wylde)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Zakk Wilde (Zakk Wylde)
Guitarist Zakk Wilde (Zakk Wylde) does not need any representations were

. Outsmart with such rock-idols, . as Ozzy (Ozzy), . Gregg Allman (Gregg Allman), and Axl Rose (Axl Rose), . to all his musical achievements, he still has a cinematic: the role in the movie 'Metal God', . of which was based on real events from the life of this singer 'Judas Priest' Tim 'Ripper' Owens (Tim 'Ripper' Owens),

After the departure of Ozzy Wilde can not only stubbornly driven by his own musical line, but also to avoid imitations of itself: whether it is soulful acoustic blues or zapilnaya Chord cacophony.

Debuting with the album 'Pride and Glory' (1994), the musician remains true to its roots: 'Skynyrd', 'Zeppelin' and 'Sabbath'. Nevertheless, in recent work - 'Stronger Than Death' - Wilde and his composition 'Black Label Society' favor in a few unusual Role issued for mountain melodic rock in a metal design with elements of grunge and acoustic spices.

Guitar.com: - After retiring from Uzziah, you just had to write something furious. But to do otherwise. What influenced your reshenieN

Zakk Wylde: - I think that we should only play the music that you like. I grew up on Neil Yanga (Neil Young), 'The Eagles', 'Skynyrd'. Very much 'Pissing Razors'. The last - the new 'Pantera'. I am a musician. And I do not care how it is. Here, for example, 'The Stones'. In Keith Richard (Keith Richards) ever not stood behind the wall of 'Marshall', but the eggs had more than an elephant. He just can play 'Start Me Up', and it will sound ofigenno hard. And it is half as him equipment.

In my opinion, it is in power, but not in the silly principle 'if-you-have-no-'Marshallov'-means-not-going-sound-hard'. Neil Young sings 'The Needle and the Damage Done', and it really fucking heavy song. All because there is enough space. There is a big difference between 'The Needle:' and, for example, 'Wanted Dead or Alive' 'Bon Jovi'. Or, for example, 'Sabbath' sing 'Changes'. Yes, this is the song played on a piano, but its weight! It should only play the music that you feel. When I recorded 'Pride and Glory', began to gain popularity grunge. I did not even realize that it is and why: you have to dress in baggy pants. A zachemN In order to be like someone toN..

Guitar.com: - However, when the 'Pride and Glory' was released, there have been groups that have continued to do their job, not looking around. And very successfully. You were an outsider, but you had a good company.

Wylde: - Something similar happened in the late 70's - early 80's. The emergence of 'Pistols' coincided with the release of 'tseppeliovskogo' album 'In Through The Out Door'. It is hard to imagine the Page and Plant, who would pose as a hooligan with earrings and pins in every conceivable part of the body, but only because the record company told them: 'That's the way'.

Guitar.com: - Will you once again to cooperate with OzziN

Wylde: - A couple of months ago I was at his house. We discussed the possibility of joint action. But really talk and could not, because I have 'burned' tour before the release of new album. If something was done with Ozzy, it will be just fine. But at the same time in the same 'BLS' I am my own master: producing a record, its design ... I do everything myself. No compromises and no democracy. And with Ozzy - like living in the parental home. You know their place and must strictly adhere to the distance. When you come home to their parents, it would not put his feet on the table or going to throw empty beer cans. This is not your house.

Guitar.com: - Album 'Stronger Than Death' for you is sort of starting point ...

Wylde: - In some ways yes. Gravity is always present in my music, because I learned to play hard, removing the 'Sabbath' and 'Skynyrd'. That's how I hear music. I try to play as soon as heavier.

Guitar.com: - The record is indeed very difficult. And most interesting is that it does not flirt with a new wave of heavy metal.

Wylde: - All these years I've been playing solely for himself and not for the charts. I like it when the music has a kind of fullness. Yes, every group wants to record a record, having sold its 5-million copies. But is money schasteN Without much effort I can give something fashionable, like 'Blink-182' or 'Third Eye Blind'. A smyslN

Guitar.com: - Are there any young team, you uvazhaeteN

Wylde: - п п╩п╣п╡п╟я▐ team 'Sevendust': a powerful guitar sound, catchy riffs and a good record. It was possible to hear a little 'Slipknot'. Craziness some.

Guitar.com: - Which of the artists as you do simpatiiN

Wylde: - The question, of course, interesting. Group may be more here and there, but there may be a guitar is simply amazing. Take the same Van Halen (Van Halen), which legitimized the guitar gymnastics. Once we talked with Dimebag Darrell (Dimebag Darrell), and then laughed. Sitting himself adults uncle (both of us for 33) and discuss how the 22-year-old boy copied him or me ...

Guitar.com: - Why is the recording of the album you will not be invited basistaN

Wylde: - For reasons of economy beer. Elementary arithmetic: two pack of beer - twenty cans of snout. No one else should share. If I played in 'Slipknot', it just would have killed a couple of guys in the group.

Guitar.com: - As you are invited to the shooting of 'Metal God'N

Wylde: - It was like. I and Duff (Duff McKagen, bassist 'Guns `n` Roses) recorded a few songs. Axl (Axl Rose) never heard them before. The song 'Black Petal Garden' was the last on the album 'Black Label Society'. I changed it a bit and sang vocals. Menezhderu Duff liked. Then he came to my studio and said that the movie was made, which need a man playing the guitar with the modest actor's instincts ...

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  • Zakk Wilde (Zakk Wylde)
  • Zakk Wilde (Zakk Wylde)

Photos of Zakk Wilde (Zakk Wylde)
Zakk Wilde (Zakk Wylde)Zakk Wilde (Zakk Wylde)

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    Zakk Wilde (Zakk Wylde), photo, biography
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