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Tsarev Victor G.

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia)

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Biography Tsarev Victor G.
photo Tsarev Victor G.
Born June 2, 1931 in Moscow. Father - Tsarev Grigory Ivanovich (1890g.rozhd.). Mother - Karavaeva Maria G. (1899g.rozhd.). Wife - Tzareva Svetlana G. (1936g.rozhd.) Education mathematician-programmer. Daughter - Olga Panova (1960g.rozhd.), Economist, graduated from the MGIMO.

Tsar's family was a small. When Victor was born, his mother was a 5-year-old son from a previous marriage - her first husband, George Karavaev Ermolaevich by the time he died. Mother worked at the knitting factory "Red Dawn", located on Semyonov Square. When the Great Patriotic War, 10-year-old Victor studied at the 3-grade 618-Secondary School of Moscow. Mother continued to work at the knitting factory, and Victor - to study at secondary school. Mary Grigorievna it was difficult to raise two sons, and she devoted 13 years Viktor FZO in the factory "Red Dawn", where the fed, clothed and educated the love of work.

. Future Captain Dynamo graduated with honors from college and stayed to work on the native plant repairer knitting machines
. They did the same first steps on the football field - it was next to the "Red dawn", and young workers in their spare time - during lunch breaks, after work - chasing a ball on it.

Victor was not just an active participant in these meetings: although children's age, he willingly invited into their teams more adult children. But those were friendlies, without strict observance of the rules - when the "Red dawn", in contrast to other factories, there was no football team, speaking in the regions or urban competition. But Victor wanted to play the championship in Moscow in obtaining the card party, the inclusion of his name in the official record. In search of such a team was on Tsarev Taganka club "Flame".

During a friendly match with Dynamo coaches noticed him from the opposing team and invited to a. Tsarevo lucky with coaches. At first he worked in a group of Ilya Vasilyevich Bizyukova, playing in the prewar years, the last war, who became coach after demobilization. A year later, Victor was in the youth team, which coach Arkady Chernyshev, in the future, the famous hockey coach.

Arkady Ivanovich saw Viktor Tsarev talented footballer, and accurately identified and Role: "You are tenacious pick the ball - once said Tsarevo Chernyshev - and not easy to beat your rivals. So to start going to play defender, but if and midfielder. In the future, his life is closely connected with the names of MI. Yakushina and G.D. Kachalina, which determined his future in football.

Until 1951 Viktor Tsarev, playing in the Dynamo continued to work at the factory "Red dawn". Then in the life Tsareva came a very important point - he was drafted into the Soviet army, and he had to start the service, as all new recruits: a full course of a young soldier who run hundreds of miles of rugged terrain. But all these difficulties ordinary Tsarev moved easily - said good physical training in "Dinamo".

In 1953, Viktor Tsarev concluded the service with the rank of sergeant and returned to Dynamo officer rank of internal troops. Along with him in this team came and other strong players from the Army Clubs - Vodyagin, Rodionov, Petrov, and Ryzhkin, Kuznetsov and others. Viktor Tsarev not immediately found a place in the starting lineup - the competition was too high, so at first had to play a take,. And only in 1955, he has finally taken hold in the first team "Dinamo" (Moscow) and won its first gold medal of the USSR Champion. In the same season meant out in Cup final.

In the second half of the 50-ies it was time the Dynamo won: in 1957, Vladimir Tsarev again became the champion of the country, and even after 2 years and won a third gold medal.

Finally, the fourth gold medal Viktor Tsarev received in 1963. In his collection of awards is also 3 silver and 2 bronze medals. Graduated play Tsarev in June 1966. Total in USSR championships Viktor Tsarev played 278 matches and scored 11 goals that the central defender could be considered a good result

. For five years, Victor Tsarev was a player national team, . participated in the World Cup in 1958 and the first European Cup in 1960, . and in 1957 was captain of the USSR, . which won the III International Sports Youth games and has won the gold medal.,

. After many years of performances in the big football Viktor Tsarev deserved prestige of the outstanding defender
. With fighting spirit, . He served in every game a lot of work, . strictly observed discipline game, . following the directives of trainers, . perfectly played against many Soviet and foreign stars: Brazilians Pele, . Amarildo, . Montuori, . Skyafino, . and Russian forwards Ivanova, . Streltsov, . Salnikov, . Isaeva et al,

. "Dynamo long have not won the gold medal champions of the country largely because, . that the team is no longer a captain and leader, . how was Tsarev - defender, . who knew within the rules to neutralize any opponent, . competently supervised playing partners on the field ", . - This characteristic has given his team-mate one of our best coaches Konstantin Beskov,

The share of VA Tsarev mission is indeed a privilege. As soon as he finished playing, he invited the assistant head coach of the country, famous Mikhail I. Yakushin. Under the guidance of coach of the USSR into the final European Championship held in Italy in 1968. In the semi-final soccer team of the USSR played a draw with the Italians. To identify the winners of the judge drew lots as a "coin" (if such were the rules). Alas, captain of the Soviet Union Albert Shesternev not guess "eagle" and ultimately the winners were the masters championship. In the match for 3rd place, our team lost to England and eventually finished fourth. Coaches Mikhail Yakushin and Victor Tsarev were released from work.

From 1973 to 1975, Victor G. native coached Dynamo. His team won two bronze medals at the USSR Championship. Four times the team youth team CA Dynamo led by V. Tsarev won the traditional international sports days "Dinamomiady" - competition among teams of internal troops of the socialist countries. V. Tsarev headed the youth team of the country, which in 1976 became the champion of Europe, for which Victor Grigorievich was awarded the title of Honored coach of Russia.

For many years, VA Tsarev busy bringing up young players, he leads a children's youth sports school "Dinamo", from which came many great masters of popular game.

Starting in 1951, served in the Soviet Army private, in 32 years Viktor Tsarev rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In addition to the school coaches in the Institute of Physical Education, he graduated from the Higher Party School and the correspondence department of the Saratov Higher Military Command School of Interior Dzerzhinsky.

V. Tsarev - Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia. He was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples, many medals.

In his spare time, Victor G. loves ballet, theater. Suprugov tsar's can often be seen in Moscow's dramatic works, especially in their favorite theater Mayakovsky.

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Tsarev Victor G., photo, biography
Tsarev Victor G., photo, biography Tsarev Victor G.  Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, photo, biography
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