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Buriak Dmytro

( President of the Company `Vision International People Group`.)

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Biography Buriak Dmytro
photo Buriak Dmytro
Born Dec. 7, 1957 in Moscow. Father - Buryak Arkady Petrovich. Mother - Buryak Tatiana.

Since childhood Dmitry differed extraordinary curiosity and desire for the unknown. Even in the age of 10 he went alone into the geological expedition, where he felt his calling - the study of Nature

. After leaving school he entered the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute im.Sergo Ordzhonikidze, and after the interruption due to service in the army, graduating in 1985, becoming an engineer-geologist, specializing in exploration of rare and radioactive minerals "
. Then he worked at the Research Institute of the diamond industry, engaged in the introduction of new abrasive materials, from time to time, leaving "the field". On the job entered the Institute of Culture, where he received a new specialty - the director of cultural events.

Since the beginning of democratic changes in Russia Dmitry Buriak engaged in free enterprise. Collaborated with non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy.

In 1995, a successful businessman, he felt that he no longer fully realized its potential. He tried to understand how to build up their activities in order to be useful for people. In the same year Dmitry due to a car accident suffered a serious spine injury. Struggling with the threat of paralysis, he came to understand that the main value of human life - health and life itself. Due to the talent of doctors and their own fortitude completely overcome the illness and returned to normal life. At the same time decided: to devote himself and his whole life to people - their health and longevity.

Began the search for new business. Will the case of Dmitry Buriak met people who told him about the network marketing - a progressive system of distribution of goods and services through a network of independent distributors. Dmitry aware of all the great potential of this system.

Selecting a product for distribution to this point has already been predetermined - products associated with a healthy lifestyle. Organizational experience of previous years can not come as a way. Just a few months has been done enormous work on the creation and production of unique properties of biologically active additives to food. Parallel, formed a new company infrastructure and built distribution network. By the summer of 1996 D. Buriak has taken several steps to create a network company, then in Moscow, the official opening of "Vision International People Group". There were like-minded people who believe in the success of new business. It gave them strength to overcome all the difficulties. Began to take shape distribution network "Vision International People Group", now numbering only in Russia over 400 000 Distributors.

C the beginning of the main principle of the company's work has become a team for a common cause. And those people who stood at the origins of "Vision International People Group" has always adhered to this principle. It Dmitry Buriak, Jean-Marc Kolayanni, Roberto Peony, Aram Harutyunyan. Dmitry Buriak - President of "Vision International People Group". Today, "Vision International People Group" - an international networking company, distributing biologically active supplements, health and beauty cosmetics. Its products are distributed in many countries.

To promote a healthy lifestyle company and its distributors constantly organize sports, cultural, health and other activities. In cultural events "Vision" and involved prominent public figures, artists, musicians, famous athletes, doctors, fashion designers. For example, in 1998 in Russia, the Company was involved in organizing concerts Limes Vajkule, creative evenings Igor steep, round Eugenia Kemerovo, fashion week in Moscow. In addition, with "Vision International People Group" held a match veterans of the Soviet basketball and concerts in Kiev, Irina Blokhina, in Kyrgyzstan under the aegis of the Company held telethon, "Fill the heart with love for mothers and children".

Company and distributors are cooperating with the Red Cross, regularly hold charity events, and transferring products "Vision" needy. Children's homes, hospitals and the community of persons with disabilities in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine regularly receive the company's products on the amount of tens of thousands of dollars.

Dmitry Buriak - Academician of International Academy of Natural Products and Biotechnology, a member of the London Club Directors.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Thank you Dmitry Buriak for the company VISION. Excellent product, wonderful people.
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    Buriak Dmytro, photo, biography
    Buriak Dmytro, photo, biography Buriak Dmytro  President of the Company `Vision International People Group`., photo, biography
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