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Aleksandr Petrovich Shirokov

( Scientific and pedogog)

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Biography Aleksandr Petrovich Shirokov
photo Aleksandr Petrovich Shirokov
Blessed memory
. Aleksandr Petrovich Shirokov
. White shroud the snow on the green grass,
. In the empty fields, the green foliage,
. Funeral candle in a series of woeful
. Golden birch sad faces.
. Fast train to Kazan domchit me
. But I do not see much more than you ..

. As the head of the snow, the news of the mountain came
. Heart of ice frozen - can not wait!
. Have you been modest and quiet, very polite you were,
. And enough for all you kindness ....
. They put you where the mother and father,
. And hysterically huddled dozens of hearts.
. It became quite clear only when you do not,
. How have you been enormous: you gave people the light!
. A light, lit you - the light of goodness and Sciences --
. Will sweep through the year and colleague, and a grandson.

. OV
. Pogorelov. 2 October 1998.
Shirokova Olga
Associate Professor of the Kazan Pedagogical University,
daughter AP Shirokov.

He was a remarkable shyness and sensitivity. And once said not to go, but thinking through, and sometimes slowly pronouncing the words, as if putting them additional meaning.

. He had a deep encyclopedic knowledge in various fields of mathematics and other sciences, wrote competent and deeply-designed guest on numerous dissertation
. He wrote a lot of reviews and book reviews, working many years in the magazine "Mathematics". Great help he provided the university museum, university archives, and much enjoyed working for them, participating in the search for artifacts and documents.

He was always interested in developments surrounding people sincerely rejoice in their successes. Valued and cherished donated by the authors of. In particular, we - her daughter in-law - with pleasure gave him our thesis abstracts, monographs, seeing him a grateful response. He always informed about the necessary literature. When he died, we found the folder, signed by "Ole," Lena, "" Nadia ", with a list of relevant literature and offprints of articles.

Dad had a rare mental qualities. He was always willing to help people in difficult situations, but did not show, and intelligently, wisely and unobtrusively, because I always gave his help to further overcome the incentive and self -. His willingness to help, to do good should focus not only loved ones but also distant relatives and acquaintances. Many of them felt his real help in difficult moments. He is particularly sensitive to the elderly. I well remember how casually read the letter sent to him an old woman, a relative with gratitude for the purchased wood, which said: "You are a good Santa Claus ..." His kindness was manifested in the love of little children, animals. But even in a small child he saw a person, always talking to him as an adult, finding a common topic of conversation.

He loved people, animals, nature. In our old house have always lived animals. Younger sister Nadia, inheriting from his father's love for our younger brothers, always been able to bring, or bring into the house dog, a cat, a sick crow, rabbits, turtles ... Dad always approved of this attitude. A lot of the time he devoted work in the garden, with pleasure labored dacha, lovingly caring for apple, cherry, raspberry. He loved all the plants, know much about them, and taught us to love and understand the nature. He taught me many subtleties in the cultivation of the garden.

But, despite the external softness, the pope was a man of high dignity, duty and firm convictions. He was a proud man, not to crouch, not become a slave of others' opinions. I think that the bright memory of him will always be my guiding star.

. Aleksandr Petrovich Shirokov - scientist and teacher
. Department says

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Aleksandr Petrovich Shirokov, photo, biography
Aleksandr Petrovich Shirokov, photo, biography Aleksandr Petrovich Shirokov  Scientific and pedogog, photo, biography
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