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John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

( 35y U.S. president)

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Biography John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
photo John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 in Brooklyn. He was the second child in one of the most famous and influential families of the U.S.. His father, Joseph Patrick Kennedy, was a multimillionaire owner of the diverse businesses from banks and shipyards to movie studios as well as a prominent functionary of the Democratic Party USA. The future president's mother, Rosa, was the daughter of John F. Fitzgerald, in his time mayor of Boston.
When in 1938, Kennedy received the U.S. Ambassador to Britain, John spent six months as his secretary. The result of this work was the best-selling book, "Why Britain has fallen" (Why England Slept, 1940).
Fall of 1941, Kennedy enlisted in the Naval forces of the USA. In 1945 he was discharged and was going to continue the academic and journalistic career. But since the war killed his older brother, Joe, John, by tradition, had to inherit the political career of the Kennedys.
John Kennedy did not disappoint his family - he practically never has lost none of the elections, in which participated. The first victory he won in 1946, when at age 29 became a congressman, and in a primary election among the members of the Democratic Party, Kennedy received nearly twice as many votes as any other candidate.
During his stay three terms in Congress, Kennedy has proven himself as a liberal politician who defended the right of workers to increase wages, pensions and benefits, fought for lower commodity prices and housing. However, in foreign policy, he was one of the first to support the development of the Cold War.
In 1952, Kennedy was elected to the Senate. As a senator, he became a well known fact that almost always responded to requests and demands of their voters, unless jeopardized U.S. national interests.
In 1953, Kennedy married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier (Jacqueline Lee Bouvier), who was 12 years younger than John and came from a distinguished family. This marriage greatly added popularity of Kennedy as a public policy.
In January 1960, John F. Kennedy formally announced the beginning of the struggle for the presidency. Candidate for Vice President was Richard Nixon. Kennedy served as the official candidate of the Democratic Party. After winning the election, John F. Kennedy became the youngest U.S. president and the first Catholic that have made this post in the history of the United States.
At 1037 days of his presidency of John F. Kennedy dropped some of the worst pages of world history of the twentieth century. - Berlin and Cuban crises, when the USSR and the U.S. were on the brink of nuclear war. Largely thanks to the brilliant political gift Kennedy then managed to save the world.
Great importance is the name of John F. Kennedy and the history of American space. He put much effort for the development of the Apollo program, which culminated in the first in the history of man's journey to the moon.
Kennedy believed that his main rival in the elections in 1964 would be Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona. To secure victory in the southern states, he decided to win over supporters of the governor, a Democrat, Connes and Democratic Senator Yarborough. In 1963, President Kennedy and his wife committed tour of four southern states, to demonstrate that union.
The murder of John F. Kennedy officially considered to be cleared, but the real causes and the organizers of this crime are still unknown. The tragic death of 35go U.S. president still remains one of the mysteries of the history of the twentieth century.

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  • Max for John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
  • Article, of course, an exhaustive ... It is a pity that there is nothing in the library. If anyone can help with network editions of books on biographies of JFK, would be very grateful.
  • hadzheya for John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
  • I am from absolutely love it in all respects
  • Tims for John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
  • Arathor is a genius of his time if all presidents were such that our planet has not experienced problems! I respect this man, he lived not in vain.
  • -= Paradox =- for John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
  • A sensible U.S. presidents, who, true,, the decision got rid of nuclear war. In this respect him. If someone would write his speeches in skinte please email.
  • Vladimir for John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
  • Thank you all very interesting, but we have nesklolko other information regarding proishozhdeneiya President. Type the address-secretussr.blogspot, com This page's blog. We are still in this form are beginning to publish materials on the topic. In 1970 the U.S. turned to the USSR with a request to find from the territory of the Union near JFK, . all that came out of it described on this page. Yes, and it gibel linked apparently to the fact that he had rodsitvenniki in the USSR, . and it is for American "security officers" were at the level of betrayal.,
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    John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy), photo, biography
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy), photo, biography John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)  35y U.S. president, photo, biography
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